April 19, 2021


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A good partner for iPhone 12

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What’s the major update of the iPhone 12? In addition to the A14 chip and angular design, it is MagSafe magnetic wireless charging. This technology is entirely wireless

The previous wireless charging can be described as convenient and troublesome. The shackles of the charging cable are thrown away, and the charging is convenient. When the device can be charged, the device moves slightly, which will cause the charging device and the charging device to be not “concentric,” or it cannot be charged. Otherwise, the charging efficiency will decrease, which will lead to increased charging heat and slow charging. The emergence of MagSafe magnetic wireless charging has changed all of this. With a snap of the magnetic suction, the above problems have been solved.

At present, many accessory manufacturers are launching wireless charging devices that support MagSafe technology. Today I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the Baseus MagSafe magnetically-absorbing wireless PD power bank. Let me take a look at the performance of this product. Whether it can become a good partner for iPhone 12?


Simple Unpacking

The outer packaging of Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank is a simple technology model. The front of the gray technology package is printed with the power bank’s icon. The upper left corner is the product’s brand logo, and the main characteristics of the product are printed on the upper right corner. Wireless charging, 20W fast charging.

The package’s side is the product feature of the product adapting to the magnetic charging of the iPhone 12 three.

The back packaging is the nameplate information, such as the charging performance of the product. A hanging loop is set on the upper part of the package.

Not much to say; let’s look at the connotation of the product

Open the outer packaging, the inner packaging is made of transparent plastic packaging, and the accessories can be seen at a glance.

It includes the body * 1, USB-CtoA charging cable * 1 and manual * 1.

Next, let’s take a look at Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD charging treasure body. Most of the body is made of dark blue frosted material, with a 20W charging power logo printed on the front and a circle logo; here is its MagSafe magnetic wireless charging Charging center. There is no black mirror display area on the front to display the battery percentage and charging status. This area is recessed to the charging area, which can accommodate the iPhone 12 raised camera during magnetic charging to ensure the magnetic’s full-fitting stability.

The power bank’s upper side is equipped with a USB-A output charging port and a Type-C input and output charging port, and an LED indicator.

The power bank’s power button is arranged on the right, and the charging power information is on the left.

Having said so much, let’s use Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank.

Since Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank focuses on MagSafe, we must start with the wireless charging experience of iPhone 12. This power bank MagSafe has an excellent experience, and it can truly automatically charge the center magnetically. The iPhone series wireless charging power is 7.5W. The shape mentioned above design can ensure that the iPhone series mobile phones fit the power bank nicely, and the magnetic charging is very stable.

For other Android devices, the wireless charging power can reach 10W. There is also a low current mode, which provides 5W wireless charging, and supports charging of low current wireless charging devices such as iWatch and AirPods Pro.

After talking about the Baseus MagSafe magnetic PD power bank’s wireless charging experience, let’s look at its wired charging capabilities. The USB-A port of this power bank supports 18W fast charging.


Type-C port supports PD 20W fast charging and QC/PD 18W fast charging. I need to make a complaint here, there is no PD fast charging line randomly distributed, and I have to buy it myself.

The charging ability of the power bank itself is also essential. The Type-C port of this power bank is QC/PD 18W charging. With a charger of 18W or above, it can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank has three charging methods: USB-A port, Type-C port, and MagSafe magnetic wireless charging can charge three devices simultaneously.

Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank also has excellent weight control, with a battery capacity of 10000mAh and a weight of only 9oz.



If your mobile phone is an iPhone 12 series, this 10000mAh Baseus MagSafe magnetic wireless PD power bank is your best choice for purchasing a power bank. It supports MagSafe magnetic wireless, stable fit can help you iWatch, AirPods Pro wireless charging, and supports 20W PD fast charging, which is fragrant for Apple users. But for Android users, choose other products that charge more quickly.


  1. Support MagSafe magnetic wireless, wireless charging is no longer tasteless;
  2. Support 20W PD, which is suitable for iPhone 12 users;
  3. Support charging three devices at the same time and low current mode.


It supports 20W PD, but it is not equipped with a PD charging cable

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