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A Model Work of Performance and Endurance – Acer Swift 5

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On 21th October, Acer announced the next generation of the Swift 5. It carries features such as a complete antibacterial design scheme, Intel core processor of the 11th generation, Intel Evo platform certification, FHD IPS screen and long-term endurance, which refreshes many historical records and innovative changes of The Acer Swift family. The Acer Swift series, which has been competing with the HP Spectre, Dell XPS, Asus Ling Yao and other thin and light laptop products, is taking advantage of the Intel Core 11 platform. What kind of surprise will the Swift 5 bring? As soon as the product arrived at the MC review room, I couldn’t wait to try it on. After using it, I want to talk about it with you today.

Swift, thin and light style of inheritance

In fact, speaking of Acer Swift series, I believe that the first feeling of many users is the limit of frivolity. Indeed, I believe including me, everybody feels the Swift has the feeling basically of “extremely light to extremely thin”. I still remember that in late 2016, Acer released its new Swift series, and the debut of the Swift 7 set the record for the first laptop to break a 0.39inch ceiling, bringing down what appeared to be the leading slim book of the day, the HP Spectre 13(FYI, not so sure).

In the following four years, while the Swift family has largely followed Intel or AMD’s processor platform updates with innovative products, and each generation of Swift products has featured lightweight, each has its own unique innovations. Or using firmness as it’s the most obvious features, or using efficient office processing as a highlight, or excellent screen quality to attract the attention of consumers… In 2020, along with the Intel Core 10 generation, the Acer Swift family also ushered in another new generation. The Vivac S5 I have is a new product that adopts the new Tiger Lake Processor Core I5-1135G7.

Picking up Acer Swift 5, the first feeling is light, especially light. I actually weighed it on the electronic scale, 2.32 pounds, which is basically 2.2pounds, which is a step further than the limit of about 2.4pounds of previous generations of Swift products. Perhaps I am used to the color of black, aureate, argent conventional notebook computer match color scheme, the match color of this S5 lets me have one of bright feeling at the moment. This is a deep emerald green – The emerald green. Not bright, but very elegant. There is no common kind of green frivolity, but there is showing grace and noble temperament composed. The fine frosted texture of side A and Side C is also very comfortable. In my use during this period of time, it will not be easily infected with fingerprints, nor will it appear too thick and make my hands uncomfortable. Everything is just right.

▲ The weight is only 2.32pounds

▲ The thickness of about 0.59inch

▲ The profound color of green, the matching of a golden waist at the back, large words of SWIFT show its lineage.

▲360 degrees no dead angle antibacterial design logo

▲ The B-side touch screen is fitted with Corning Gorilla glass, also with a comprehensive antibacterial treatment.

One point that needs to be highlighted separately is that Acer S5 is equipped with antimicrobial design. The body surface, keyboard, spindles, fingerprint readers, screen glass, machine label surface coating and rubber floor MATS are all made of silver ion antibacterial ingredients that comply with the EU biocide Product Regulation (BPR) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. According to Acer’s data, the reproduction inhibition ability of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria reached more than 99% of the killing percent. Of course, as an ordinary user, we really have no way to test S5 antibacterial design ability, but for people who are often in contact with the hands of the laptop, the design of this antibacterial coating, is very human and intimate.

Talking about the EVO

Acer’s S5 has an obvious Intel Evo logo on its C-side, top left, and I’d like to start with the Evo.

The Evo is actually based on Intel’s Athena Program, and having this certification mark means that a laptop based on the Intel Evo brand is certified by the Athena Innovation Program’s second edition specifications and key experience metrics. Laptops based on the Intel Evo brand feature an 11th-generation core processor with an Intel Torch Xe graphics card and are highly certified. Intel says that by measuring real-world tasks, assessing device consistency and battery life, Intel’s unique testing and measurement methods can help us predict how well our laptops will perform on a daily basis. Only laptops that consistently meet or exceed the KEI goals and specifications can be certified to use the Intel Evo logo.

The KEI objectives are minimum requirements, including:

  • Consistent response time when battery powered
  • Wake up the system from sleep in 1 second
  • In real life, a system with a full FHD display can achieve 9 hours or more of battery life
  • Quick charging. The system equipped with FHD full HD display can get up to 4 hours of battery life after 30 minutes of charging

The sleek lightweight laptops based on the Intel Evo platform deliver first-class wired and wireless connectivity, including integrated Lightning 4 universal cable connectivity and Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) as well as high-end audio, cameras and displays that power the device to deliver a premium experience.

Obviously, Acer S5 is an Evo certified ultra-thin laptop, so does its actual performance meet Intel’s requirements for Evo certified laptops? What is the performance of the 11 generation Core with Torch video card in daily work and life? If you’re an office or SOHO person like me, Acer S5 is on your plate, right? I have some experiences to share with you.

Acer S5 product information

Processor: Intel Core I5-1135G7 (maximum 4.2ghz)

Memory: 16GB LPDDR4 4266(dual channel)

Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD

Screen: 14-inch FHD IPS multi-touch screen

Extension interface: USB 3.2 Gen1×2, HDMI×1, Type-C×1(Lightning 4, USB 3.2, DP, charging), headphone/microphone 2 in one, computer keyhole, power interface

Wireless network: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1

Weight: 2.32 pounds (excluding power supply)

Size: 12.55 inches x 8.15 inches x 0.59 inches

Reference price: 999 dollars

Note: Acer S5 has different reference prices according to different configurations. The price of 999 dollars specifically refers to the configuration price of this product I experienced this time. Please refer to the relevant sales platform for other specific prices.

It’s easy to deal with all kinds of applications

I have always been concerned about the actual performance of the laptop, whether it is a slim and light laptop for office use or a high-performance laptop for games. If it cannot meet my practical application needs, then all other designs are meaningless.

The Acer S5 laptop is paired with Intel’s newly launched Core I5-1135G7, a next-generation Core processor. Intel’s 11th Core processor, code-named “Tiger Lake,” features a new CPU+GPU architecture with an Iris Torch Xe graphics card.

Acer’s S5 is paired with the Core I5-1135G7 processor, a clear successor to the previous generation i5-1035G7. According to THE CPU-Z data, this processor is configured with 4 cores and 8 threads, and can reach the maximum speed of 4.2ghz, which should be enough for a slim and slim original in terms of performance. Meanwhile, the new Acer special S5 is equipped with 16GB of LPDDR4 memory and up to 4266MHz (equivalent frequency).

▲ In the Cinebench R20 test, the core I5-1135G7 processor obtained excellent scores of 520pts single core and 2164PTS multi-core.

▲ In the CrystalDiskMark test, Acer Special S5 with a 1TB NVMe SSD continuous read and write performance of around 2000MBps, performance is normal. However, in 4K reading (which is directly related to game performance), 84.77MBps is a relatively good performance. After all, many NVMe SSDS test scores in this category are only around 50MBps or lower.

▲Winrar compression performance test is close to 10000KB/s, good performance.

▲ In the PCMark 10 test, Acer SPECIAL S5 achieved a score of 4618, which was significantly improved compared with the previous generation core I5-1035G7 platform.

▲Acer Special S5 is equipped with 16GB dual-channel LPDDR4 4266 memory

With the support of the New Tiger Lake Core processor and the Torch Xe graphics card, the graphics performance of the new Tiger Lake Core processor is more than 80% higher than that of the previous generation products. The 3D graphics performance can be said to surpass most of the thin and light products on the market today, no matter the single display or the integrated display configuration. In fact, when I used it, it was clear to me that both 3DMark’s theoretical test scores and the actual performance of the game, the Torch Xe improved performance by at least 40% or more over the previous generation’s Torch Plus core card. I was able to run overwatch, League of Legends, CS:go, and other games at 60+ FPS in 1080p/mid to high picture quality Settings, even on this extremely light to thin Extraordinary S5.

▲GPU-Z Screenshot shows the core I5-1135G7 integrated Torch Xe graphics card with a maximum Boost frequency of 1300MHz. According to Intel, however, the Core I5-1135G7 integrated Torch Xe graphics card should have 80 EU units instead of the 96 gPU-Z units. Therefore, this should be the result of GPU-Z display error.

Of course, it’s the core graphics card, and don’t expect to be able to play those demanding 3A games with 1080p resolution. For example, I would like to try to play Survive the Jedi: Escape, Assassin’s Creed: Odysseys and other games on the Extraordinary S5, but in 1080p/ medium image setting, the game frame rate is less than 25FPS, which has a great impact on the fluency, so it is not recommended to try. If you really want to play, it is recommended to lower the picture quality and get a frame rate of 30FPS +. But for a super-slim, 1kg model, I’m happy with the 3-D performance of the Torch Xe card.

▲3DMark theoretical performance test chart

Watching movies and videos is one of my pastimes after work. Acer S5 naturally responds to network video with 1080P resolution and below without any pressure. Even with 4K high bit rate video, the Acer S5 can play smoothly and has a CPU utilization rate of less than 5 percent. In addition, I have to admit that Acer S5 is also very excellent in the light and light laptop products, and the professional DTS certified sound effect gives me a very clear and transparent feeling with a strong sense of three-dimensional. So, in this period of experience, I watch the video is basically using S5 with its own sound, the effect is really good.

▲ Even if it plays 8K videos with high bit rate, the occupancy rate of Core I5-1135G7 is below 50%. When 4K video is played, the CPU usage is kept under 5%.

Speaking of video playback, Here I would like to mention the screen quality of Acer. According to Acer, the Viva S5 USES a FHD IPS multi-touch screen. This screen gives me a good feeling. The color in the video playback is real and gorgeous, without any phenomenon of color deviation. The viewing angle of this screen is also excellent. Thanks to the features of IPS screen and Acer’s post-tuning optimization, I can see the screen content clearly at an Angle of 180°, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for applications requiring multiple users to share.

▲ Test results show that the screen’s sRGB gamut volume is 103%, sRGB gamut coverage is 97.4%, DCI-P3 gamut coverage is 72.3%, almost 100% OF the sRGB gamut coverage, the performance is relatively good.

▲ From the first generation of Swift, narrow frame is the standard configuration of this family product. The S5 screen of this update exists only about 0.1 inch frame, the overall screen accounted for more than 90%. This is also the main secret of a 14-inch screen on a 13-inch body.

▲Acer’s  S5 touch screen makes it very convenient for me to carry out operations such as picture modification and optimization in daily office applications.

Writing should be my daily use of S5 the most common application scenario, and I work on a laptop on the keyboard feel requirements is very high. Acer’s S5 keyboard was basically satisfactory to me, with moderate tapping feedback and a slightly longer keypath than the usual thin and thin ones, which was exactly what I wanted. Acer also backlit the Keyboard area of the VDA S5, which has no impact on normal office work even in relatively dark environments.

▲ The keyboard and trackpad feel very good in operation

▲ Under the balanced mode, Acer S5 achieved an uninterrupted office application performance of 9 hours and 41 minutes in PCMark 10’s Work battery life test. In quiet mode, the test reached 13.5 hours, which is pretty good and fully meets the Evo’s certified battery life requirements.

▲Acer S5 offers “quiet”, “balanced” and “high performance” models.

Acer S5 offers players three different working modes through the Fn+F key combination. In the “quiet” mode, the system achieves the maximum power saving while guaranteeing the basic performance; in the “high performance” mode, the ultimate performance of the hardware is fully turned on, and the application performance such as the best game, graphics and image processing is rapidly improved, while the “balance” mode is between the two. From my personal experience, if you don’t play games, but I recommend you use “quiet” model, in this mode has no influence on office application performance, and battery for office life can reach more than 13 or 14 hours, it is customized for the application of the traveling, so I particularly recommend it.

Another thing that impressed me very much was that the S5’s boot/wake up speed is very fast. It only takes about 5 seconds from pressing the power button to entering the system under shutdown. While in standby/sleep state, the wake system is almost instantaneous, from sleep to boot in 1 second. It feels like flying and very comfortable.

Next, I want to talk about Acer’s S5 extensibility. For a working laptop, I would have to use at least one USB port for a 2.4G receiver for a wired mouse or wireless mouse, and at least one other USB port for a copy of the data to move the hard disk. Acer S5 special extension interface consideration is more in place, in the left side of the machine provides A support for mobile devices such as the USB 3.1 Type – A quick charge standard interface, and A support thunderbolt four Type – C interface and an expansion of the HDMI interface to an external monitor display – this meeting in my usual used in projector to share and display data is indispensable. In addition, the left side is also equipped with a power interface for laptop charging.

On the right, Acer S5 is equipped with A laptop keyhole, A USB 3.1 Type-a standard interface (which is very convenient for external mouse) and A headphone/microphone two-in-one interface.

Finally, let’s talk about my feelings about the cooling design of this laptop. If the full mark is 10, I personally think S5 heat dissipation effect can be given to 9 points. Similar to the design of the previous Swift product, this generation’s S5 also has a “nice butt” in the shaft section. When turned over, the shaft will support Surface C and D about 1cm away from the desktop. Obviously, this design can effectively enhance the cooling effect and avoid the heat accumulation at the bottom of the laptop. In fact, in my daily use, I hardly notice any temperature change in the C-plane operating area, or even feel as if there is no heat accumulation. On the lower part of the screen, when 3DMark or PCMark were running high load tests, the maximum temperature was only about 41℃ at room temperature of 23℃.

▲ Cooling air outlets

▲ The rotating shaft tilted at an angle, lift D side from the table, can effectively assist heat dissipation.

▲ After 30 minutes of games, the temperature of Acer S5’s C-plane operating area is only about 33℃, which makes it feel very comfortable without any discomfort. And the highest temperature point is no exception in the upper right near the air outlet, but also only about 41℃. Overall, Acer’s Non-Fan S5 has excellent heat dissipation performance and temperature control.

Write in the last

In fact, after nearly 10 days of use experience, I personally am quite satisfied with Acer Special S5. With the EVO platform certification, it has great performance in terms of battery life, fast response, etc., and with the addition of the core processor and the Torch Xe graphics card, I think it’s a great thin laptop with a perfect combination of performance and battery life. Of course, I have written a lot about my personal experience. At the end of this article, I will briefly summarize the highlights of Acer S5. If you want to find a suitable lightweight notebook computer in the near future, I think it will be a very good choice.

  1. The weight of about 2.2 pounds will not bring any burden to daily mobile use;
  2. The battery life of the balanced mode is over 9 hours, and the battery life of the quiet mode is over 13 hours;
  3. Very fast startup/wake up speed, 1 second wake up;
  4. 16GB LPDDR4 4266 HF memory;
  5. The 11th Core I5 processor delivers great performance with the Torch Xe core graphics card, easy video playback, easy graphics and graphics processing, and no problem even playing some large 3D games with 1080p resolution and medium to high picture quality. But as a thin laptop, it still isn’t suited to the big, TRIPLE-A games that require more graphics;
  6. Excellent heat dissipation design, no obvious temperature rise can be felt in surface C operation area; The CPU frequency will not decrease in all kinds of heavy load situations.
  7. The innovative anti-bacterial design of the whole machine can bring better care to players.

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