March 4, 2021

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About Logitech G733 game headset, starting from KDA

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I didn’t expect a good song since the K-POP group “Girls generation” was released but then its KDA’s ‘MORE’.

Oh, don’t you know KDA? To be reasonable, in the beginning I didn’t realize that they will be honored as the official virtual women’s group of the League of Legends. Although they are all virtual, behind each member of the virtual women’s group are influential female singers, and they have quite good production standards. The first single has been played more than 400 million times since its release, and every song that has been released since then also has good results.

Maybe it’s just because it’s the official virtual group of the League of Legends, and it’s also a singing group with real influence. I’ve listened to this song more than ten times. Therefore, after years of exclusive collaboration, Logitech g and League of Legends launched the first officially authorized peripheral series, inspired by KDA.

And will take the G733 wireless game headset, G304 wireless gaming mouse, G840 game mouse pad, and G333 game earphone as the prototype to integrate the iconic design of KDA into it. The last three models paint design looks like  painting of old trees. To be honest, It is not attractive to change the version by painting. On the contrary, G733 and KDA complement each other.

I even have the feeling that Logitech designed G733 because of KDA or related attributes. The reason is straightforward, that is, G733 has a feminine lightness. It seems a bit politically incorrect to say that men can’t be light, but G733 appears to be more popular among females players.

Let’s take this color matching as an example. G733 KDA limited edition is no longer the firm black used by the Logitech G series. Rather, it’s all white, and there are decorative designs of “G” and “KDA” on the left and right sides, respectively. I may not feel much when I describe it like this, but my friend Rachel, gives much high rating and preferences than other game headphones.

It’s not just because of white. After all, in addition to the KDA limited edition, G733 game headphones are available in four colors: black, white, blue, and lilac. The latter is particularly special  and eye-catching the gaming peripherals, and these two colors will make female players highly like it.

Besides, In my opinion, G733 KDA limited edition or, more importantly the G733 game headset is suitable for female players. Because Logitech’s G has a lot of customized and decorative attributes. For example, take this headband. Every color of G733 has its specially headband of different colors. Each color is unique.


And for this design feature, the official also launched a separate sale of different replaceable headband colors, convenient for players to choose and match. More interestingly, Logitech g also designed a sponge cover for the G733 game headset. This is not a black one in traditional design, but a sponge cover with different shapes and colors. It’s fascinating to watch.

The two accessories can be easily replaced, For these small accessories people should have more choices. (by the way, the earmuffs of G733 gaming headphones can also be easily removed and replaced, but Logitech G does not seem to introduce more color matching, otherwise there will be more personal customization choices.)


Different people have different opinions about the design. My friend especially likes the G733 KDA limited but I feel that color and headband designs are fascinating.

However, the G733 game headset is “light” in weight. It’s a real thing. After all, its body weight is only 9.8oz. Compared with most of the headphones, it’s light in weight. Because of the headband design and the soft knitting flexibility, I feel that my neck is much comfortable when I use G733 instead of G Pro wireless.



As the game headset’s primary accomplishment, the light is necessary, which also looks decorative. That is, Logitech G did not make the light visible or more open, nor did it make the light with two-side cavities. Instead, it’s a square strip shape and located in the front. In this way, when wearing the G733 gaming headset, the lighting and light effect can be clearly seen, especially in the live broadcast or streaming.

Another essential accomplishment is endurance. Although G733 game headset is light, its persistence is very strong. Its built-in battery can provide up to 29 hours of battery life and 20 hours after turning on the light effect, which is enough for gamers to have fun for a few days. And Logitech G finally uses the USB-C interface for the headset, which is much more convenient when charging.

By the way, Logitech G also equipped the G733 game headset with LIGHTSPEED wireless connection technology. Microphone and DTS HeadPhone: X 2.0 7.1 surround sound are related to our flagship, namely G Pro X wireless game headset. We don’t introduce much about the game experience.


As for the experience of using G733 game earphones, there are not many, so it’s easy to say. After all, it has the same technical blessing as the flagship model, ensuring that the experience will not overturn. Because this earphone is so popular with girls, the G733 KDA limited edition didn’t stay in my hands for long, so my family expropriated it.

I often ask when I can replace the orange headband and the unique microphone sponge cover, sold separately. It seems that Logitech G’s design this time is quite successful and in place, and the cooperation with KDA can be said to complement each other.

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