April 20, 2021


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AGON PD27 Porsche Designed co-branded eSports Display Review: Fusion of Super-racing Genes to Return to Pure “Driving” Fun”

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Esports games and racing cars are extreme sports which are loved by most young people. The reason is basically the competition process that makes one’s heart races, let the hormone that release. What kind of chemistry would be triggered by combining sports cars with eSports? I think the new AGON PD27 Porsche co-branded eSports display will give us the answer.

Porsche Design is a design company under the Porsche Group. The purpose of Porsche Design is to extend the Porsche spirit of pursuing excellence and continuous innovation from the automobile field to other fields, in order to establish a new luxury lifestyle for some people. The first moment I got this co-branded eSports display, I could feel that it has achieved breakthrough and innovation, which perfectly integrates the spirit of Porsche with its products.

For a really good product, the experience must not be limited to the product itself. For example, from the moment you started AGON PD27, your experience has already started.

After opening the package, the first thing that catches your eye is the accessory box with the simplest design style. The pure black color matching texture is full, and the large area blank design highlights PD27 as a customized brand of Porsche design and AGON, which perfectly explains “Less is More”.

The package also included a Porsche Design customized USB flash drive with a very beautiful Design. The Porsche design logo is printed on both sides of the front and back, and the black appearance is also very textured.

As is known to all, in pursuit of extreme speed, Porsche sports cars adopt a lot of aerodynamic design based streamlined design on the body, which not only brings a smoother and more beautiful appearance, but also reduces air resistance, achieving faster speed and more stable handling.

AGON PD27, as a co-branded display designed by Porsche, has a lot in common with Porsche sports cars. At the first sight of the display itself, you can feel the strong Porsche design concept, which also makes its appearance design won the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar” in the design industry.


On the front, a 27-inch curved screen with a streamline shape is selected to fit the curvature of the human eye, reducing the visual transformation of the picture into the human eye and bringing a more comfortable viewing experience. It has a curvature of 1000R, a more pronounced curved surface, an unparalleled sense of surround immersion, and a more realistic gameplay experience.

The higher curvature display also reduces the visual loss of the edges of the picture, providing you with a more complete picture rendering effect and making the picture wider when used. In addition, only 0.08inch of the narrow frame, so that it has a very high screen proportion, the use of visual impact.

The main color on the back of the display is composed and atmospheric black, the overall shape continues the front panel mellow streamlined design, the complete machine is of full completion. The vents on the top are arranged in a neat, orderly fashion, like the intake columns of a Porsche. The Porsche design and AGON LOGO are printed on the left and right sides of the center using polishing techniques to highlight their “special” features as co-branded displays.

Another highlight on the back is the same concept as the racer’s anti-roll stand. This lightweight design in addition to provide high strength, high stability of the support, in daily use is also lighter, there is no sense of heavy and miscellaneous. The most outside of the narrow line design also has a binding effect on the display wire, making the desktop more concise.

AGON PD27 provides a multi-directional adjustment support of 5.9 inches up and down, ±15° from left to right, and -5~23° from front to back pitch, bringing you a comfortable viewing experience.

The display offers a wide range of interfaces, which makes it much more versatile. On the bottom right is its video interface area, with two HDMI2.0 ports and two DP1.4 ports, plus a 0.14inch audio port. It can be used not only with PC, but also with PS, Xbox and other devices, bringing high-definition entertainment experience.

At the bottom left of the display is its data connection area, with a USB uplinked interface and four USB3.2GEN1 interfaces. This interface has high transmission speed and is very efficient when used. The yellow interface also holds fast charging, which can supply power to mobile phones, pads and other devices.

The OSD button of this eSports display is located at the bottom left back of the display position, using a five-dimensional joystick type button, this adjustment mode is easy to operate, very convenient to use. It is worth mentioning that AGON PD27 not only uses the joke-stick button to adjust the screen, but also has a more convenient adjustment method.

Like a Porsche sports car, it has a “car key”. Players can use this wireless remote control to adjust the display panel. As you can see, the remote control has not only direction keys, confirm and return keys, but also 1/2/3 quick switching keys preset by players. In the game, the screen display effect can be quickly switched to seize the opportunity.

In addition to controlling the panel of the monitor with the “car key”, the AGON PD27 can also be adjusted by downloading g-Menu adjustment software on the official website. Players can import/export the parameter configuration documents of the monitor through this software, which is very convenient to share parameter configuration with friends.

This software also provides a lot of humanized functions, bring you a more intelligent use experience. Through g-Menu setting, the display will automatically switch the presets of the panel when opening different games; which can set the display automatic switching time, reduce the power consumption when not in use; The Screen+ partition splits the Screen into separate display areas, allowing you to use it more efficiently.

Both the display and the sports car need to be measured in terms of user experience. AGON PD27 display can be distinguished as a joint brand from the moment it starts up. At the moment of starting the display, the brand logos of Porsche Design and AGON are revealed, along with the start-up sound of AGON’s initiative. Each start is like a sleeping beast slowly wake up which is full of rituality.

After lighting up the display, apart from the amazing images provided by the 27-inch 2K resolution screen, the most eye-catching thing is probably its light show. The lighting system of this display is divided into projection lamp and atmosphere lamp. The projection lamp can project LOGO designed by AGON and Porsche on the desktop, and players can switch the display effect with the paddle after the projection lamp.

The Ai-powered Light FX Dazzle System is even more cool, which offers 13 Light shows and more than 100,000 color displays that you can set to your heart’s content. Ambient lights can also be changed to follow the rhythm of music. Both the rear case and the bottom of the display are inlaid with beads, which together make the experience more immersive.

We can adjust the lighting effect and screen display effect in the OSD menu of AGON PD27. It is commendable that Porsche Design has redesigned the OSD menu interface of PD series. Each functional option turns into a well-arranged square, which is very artistic.

The flagship eSports display offers many features in the OSD menu for a better gaming experience. Such as: let you know the working status of the screen real-time refresh rate; Adaptive Sync to solve tearing and dislocation of game screen; Help you in the FPS game more precise aim of the one-button game; Get better color adjustment for the game screen; It is easier to find dark enemy’s dark field control; Low input delay that reduces output delay; Quickly adjust the one-key setting function of the game screen.

The display has a 240Hz refresh rate, a grey-scale response time of 1ms, and can be raised to 0.5ms with over-frequency to give a clearer picture. Simply turn on the “Over Drive” function in the OSD menu of the monitor to increase the voltage in the LCD panel and make the LCD molecules deflect faster, thus reducing the gray-scale response time of the monitor.

With a high refresh rate and a low response time, AGON PD27 is a very competitive game that requires a sharp and sharp turn of perspective, and it’s also a game that requires a lot of skills. In the game against the process I did not feel a bit of jam, the experience is very smooth, there is no tearing problem caused by the quick switch screen, the game is very smooth.

To get a further feel for the 240Hz smoothness, after playing a first-person shooter, I turned to League of Legends, a game with a lower configuration and a higher frame rate. As a game that is easy to play and difficult to be master at it, the use of hero skills is very important. When playing the game with AGON PD27, you can obviously feel that the hero ability release becomes smoother. At the same time, dragging the map to see the overall battle situation is also smoother.

Through the game experience above, I found that AGON PD27 was extremely fast at displaying dynamic game scenes, and the color rendering effect of game scenes was also very real and amazing. It uses a wide-angle VA panel with a 2500:1 static contrast and 178° visual Angle. The 2560×1440 HD resolution can present the picture details with sharp clarity, allowing you to enjoy the new vision of lifelike images; With VESA Display HDR™ 400 certification, the details in the light and shade are richer and the overall picture is more realistic.

The HDR technique works by capturing multiple images with different exposures and extracting and merging the best performing details from each image to obtain more dynamic range and detail of the HDR image. To have a successful HDR experience, you need to support HDR certification in addition to the monitor, as well as source files, graphics output cards, operating systems and players.

This monitor not only supports HDR display, but also has HDR Mode. After being turned on, you can optimize the effects of ordinary sources. Algorithms are used to improve the color and contrast of bright shadows of the picture, so that you can have a visual effect similar to HDR when viewing ordinary sources.

As you can see, the display is either landscape, still objects, or abstract art, it can restore the color in the picture very well, will not appear partial color, white and so on. It is a bit too hasty to judge the color performance of AGON PD27 only by the image effect. Next, professional testing instruments were used to conduct color tests on it, so as to obtain real and objective data.

The Spyder X Elite colorimeter is used for this test. The test items include gamut, tone response, color temperature, brightness uniformity and color accuracy. Restore the monitor to factory Settings and warm up the monitor for one hour before testing.

In terms of gamut coverage test, AGON PD27 display has 100% coverage of sRGB gamut, 86% coverage of Adobe RGB gamut and 92% coverage of P3 gamut. Such gamut coverage can meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

In terms of tonal response, the measured black curve should be as consistent as possible with the light blue “luminosity 2.2” curve. It can be seen that the measured black curve and the “luminosity 2.2” curve almost overlap, and AGON PD27 performs very well in tonal response.

In terms of grey scale, the display is stable at 38%-100% brightness, with the overall color temperature around 6300K and slightly cold color temperature.

In terms of color temperature consistency, the white dot color temperature of this monitor is stable between 6300K and 6500K, with a small difference. The display factory color temperature is too cold, if you do not like it, you can adjust to the warm color temperature display in the OSD menu.

In the test of color uniformity, it can be seen that the no.1 area in the upper left corner of the display is the closest to the standard of D65. The color temperature in the no. 5 area in the middle of the display has a certain difference from the standard color temperature value, which is 4.1.

In the brightness uniformity test, the brightest spot on this monitor was in the center area, with a maximum brightness of 382CD /㎡, and the brightness difference was in the lower right corner, with a maximum brightness difference of 14%.

Color accuracy, we tested 48 kinds of color of the delta E value to an average of 0.80 of the display, the biggest difference is 1.70, the minimum is 0.16, 1.6 or less when Δ E value of 3.2 or less, the human eye is basically could not tell the difference between the color difference, AGON PD27 color restore ability is very powerful.


Evaluation summary:

AGON PD27 Porsche designed the co-branded eSports display with excellent test and experience in aspects of appearance, function, experience and color, which well demonstrated the spirit of Porsche in pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation. The appearance of the fusion of supercar gene and luxury temperament, bringing a very textured experience; The screen is smooth and clear, which is very suitable to show the quick movement of the game screen. It achieves professional color effect, so that you enjoy a more realistic, immersive visual sense. Everything was perfect.

If you’re an eSports enthusiast looking for extreme results and want to lead the game to a perfect victory, you also care about the look of the display, or have a strong affinity for the Porsche brand. AGON PD27, with its super-racing genes, will be your best weapon in battle.

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