April 19, 2021


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All for Business Travel – Level 8 Business Carry-on Suitcase Experience

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Comments: 1. It is convenient to fetch stuff with the easy opening section in the front. You don’t have to carry a backpack with it; 2. USB charging socket is also a very practical design, everything is for convenience; 3. Simple design and good-looking appearance which looks classy for travel; 4. Four-gear pull rod + mute universal wheel, which makes it smooth to go.


1.Needs for suitcases

When traveling for business or for travel, it is necessary to take luggage with you. Compared with a backpack or even a bag, a wheeled and portable suitcase with rollers can greatly reduce our travel burden. At the same time, it also has the features of large capacity, light weight, anti-extrusion and neat storage.

Suitcases also have a long history of development, from heavy wooden cases and trunks to more lightweight and durable plastic materials and even more advanced materials such as aluminum alloy. From the suitcase without wheels at the beginning to the two wheels can be pulled to the current four wheeled push-pull, the development of luggage can be said to be more and more convenient for our travel. At the same time, in order to meet various needs, intelligent luggage and bags with various functions such as cycling, automatic following and GPS have emerged. The Level 8 front door opening and boarding suitcase that has been widely tested today can be said to have fully considered the needs of business travel while having a simple design, including the design of one-button front door opening and mobile power charging interface. Are these designs gimmicks or practical? Come experience it with me.


2.Unpacking & Details

The outside of the corrugated suitcase will not be displayed here, the courier makes it a little too dirty. It’s hard not to recognize a single Level8 and brand Logo suitcase at the depot.

▲ Open the suitcase, outside there is the bag cover, which prevents rubbing from the process of transportation. With the cover on can also prevent dusting when you not use it often. This is quite particular.

▲ The exterior design is a quite simple suitcase. It comes in two colors – grey and blue. The one I got is a grey case. But it also shows a little blue in the sun, which is very textured.

▲ In addition to the opening and closing gap of the front door, there is only a Level8 brand Logo in the middle of the upper half.

▲ The back is very simple except that there is a pull rod groove on the top.

▲ One side with side handles.

▲ Corners have radians. I like this design style very much.

▲ The suitcase uses PC material which to ensure the strength at the same time can effectively reduce the weight. And the use of scratch – resistant design, not easy to produce scratches.

▲ The top is relatively also very simple design, handle + pull rod + password lock, no excess decoration. There is a yellow sign on the handle.

▲ The TSA password lock at the top.

TSA lock, commonly known as customs lock. Since 2003, the TSA has required that all luggage entering U.S. airports be opened for inspection, so luggage equipped with TSA-certified locks can be spared the fate of being forced open. Therefore, TSA locks can be said to be necessary to go abroad. As for security, a suitcase is not a safe deposit suitcase, its main function is to store luggage. The existence of locks is also more inclined to prevent mis-opening and prevent the thief. So, the equipment is perfectly adequate.

▲TSA lock on the left side of the posting of the way to use the reminder: including the front door of the way to close and the secret way to use. It’s friendly for the first time user.

▲ The pull rod button is slightly concave design, this design can prevent accidental touch. There is a QR code below, after scanning the code registration, others picked up after scanning the code can contact you to return the suitcase, this design is also good.

▲ Press the top of the pull rod to pull back the pull rod. The tie rod is made of aerospace grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is three times the life length of ordinary tie rod. The lever is stable and the sway is within 0.1inch, giving people a sense of security. Before the suitcase may be a low grade, it is too shaken, every time you use it might lead concerns about halfway down.

▲ Pull rod support four gear adjustment, according to their own needs to choose the appropriate length.

▲ The bottom four universal wheel, using a super silent universal wheel damping structure. The wheels are printed with two yellow circles, which are actually the two wheels in the lower half of the Logo of Level 8. The wheels are printed with the Logo. There is nothing wrong with that. Plus, it feels good to turn around.

▲ The suitcase rotates so smoothly that it is impossible to stop.

▲ Dial to the correct password, a push to the left can pop the pull piece, then you can open the zipper, open the suitcase.

▲ Internal main space. For a 20-inch suitcase, the overall storage space is fine. The official parameter is 35L, but because the front door will take up a certain amount of space, so the main space is still slightly smaller, which more suitable for short business trips.

▲ The left side is used for placing small items, and the upper part is a net. Choose the right one according to your needs.

▲ Open the side zipper, there is a certain storage space behind. However, there is only one cloth between the door and the front door, so there may be space during use. I think it is better to use hard partition to separate stuff.

▲ The right side is used to receive large clothes. And it has a buckle for securing the clothes, so as to avoid getting scattered during the implementation process.


3.Special experience

In addition to the basic appeal function, this business boarding suitcase also has two features that fully consider business needs. It is the front door and external USB charging socket.

▲ After dialing the correct password, gently push the unlock button to the left to open the front door (the front door faces forward, the above GIF shows the front door facing me, so it faces right).

▲ After opening the front door, it is convenient to place the laptop and some small things, avoiding the need to take some commonly used things “put down → unzip → open the suitcase → close the suitcase → zip → lift the suitcase” this complicated step which is troublesome.

▲ At the same time, in order to meet different needs, the front door has a zipper, which can be opened to achieve greater opening and closing. Nevertheless, the use that opens the door before still is clearer, put notebook computer and other small thing for convenience, so general small open the state that close is enough.

▲ The front door of the laptop protection compartment according to the official description can accommodate 15-inch laptop. So, I dug out the antique in my home deliberately — the laptop of 15.6 inches — to see if I could receive it normally. As shown in the figure above, it can be put into the protective compartment, which is almost full of space. It would be difficult to put it into the larger size. Moreover, it has Velcro fixed strap for fixation. The elastic strap can hold all kinds of notebook sizes well, and the design is very reasonable.

▲ The second feature is the external USB charging port. As a suitcase, of course, it doesn’t come with a portable power supply, but it allows you to easily charge it in a way similar to providing an extended portable power outlet to the outside of the case. As shown in the figure above, put the mobile power into the storage bag at the bottom of the laptop protection space, and insert the internal USB connector into the output point of the charger.


▲ External USB charging Port.

▲ Mobile phone Charging. Unfortunately, there is no indicator light to indicate the status, we cannot figure out the power situation. If one of the lights lit up after it was connected to the charger, it would be more high-end.

▲ Before opening the suitcase cover operation is also convenient, one hand can easily operate, operation is quite easy.


4.Practical experience

▲ First it is good-looking. Full of business style, it can be applied in both travel or business trips.

▲ The ultra-quiet and smooth wheel is also effortless. Plus, four – speed adjustment rod, which greatly reduces the burden of travel.

▲ The top handle and side handle are also convenient for short distance lifting in an inconvenient carrying environment. Although there will be some deformation when the handle is lifted when the suitcase is heavy, the strength of PC material is still sufficient, so there is no need to worry too much.



At the end of the report, as usual, I am going to make a summary of the product, which to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the product (or suggestions).



1.Open the door before taking the bag for convenience. With it, you don’t have to carry a backpack;

2, USB charging is also a very practical design. Everything is designed for convenience;

3, Simple design with good-looking appearance. Classy for travel.

4.Four-gear pull rod + mute universal wheel, smooth and smooth without hindrance.


Deficiency or suggestion:

1.It is suggested to separate the front door and the main warehouse with hard board, so as to avoid the situation of competing for space.

Above all, I think the Level 8 case is very worthy of a trunk, excellent level and work design in appearance, especially the design of the front door and USB charging socket I know it is very practical function, which can save a backpack, to a certain extent, very suitable for short-term travel business people, 20 inches can also carry-on without being consigned, everything makes it worth buying.


6.The end

This is the end of this article, thanks for reading it.

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