Written by AndrewH

It’s Friday and therefor it is time for another round-up of Android games for sale at this time with this weekend. It is a holiday weekend and like most holiday weekends, there is a lot of games on sale already. There’ll be a lot more of the following 24-48hrs, so we is going to be trying to keep this list updated over the weekend.

There is pretty much every type of game on sale right now, from RPGs to strategy, puzzle games to arcade games, and all things in between. So without further delay, here is the listing of games currently for sale at this time.

Rebuild (Playboard) | Rebuild (Play Store)
Home Design 3D (Playboard) | Home Design 3D (Play Store)
Lightbot (Playboard) | Lightbot (Play Store)
battlestation: Harbinger (Playboard) | Battlestation: Harbinger (Play Store)
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 (Playboard) | Knights of Pen & Paper 2 (Play Store)
Knights of Pen & Paper +1 (Playboard) | Knights of Pen & Paper +1 (Play Store)
Doodle Devil HD (Playboard) | Doodle Devil HD (Play Store)
Questlord (Playboard) | QuestLord (Play Store)
Available: Omega Edition (Playboard) | Available: Omega Edition (Play Store)
Mahjong Artifacts (Playboard) | Mahjong Artifacts (Play Store)
Spirit Walkers (Playboard) | Spirit Walkers (Play Store)
The Cursed Ship (Playboard) | The Cursed Ship (Play Store)
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (Playboard) | Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (Play Store)
Heroes of Might & Magic III HD (Playboard) | Heroes of Might & Magic III HD (Play Store)
Dragon Quest V (Playboard) | Dragon Quest V (Play Store)
Pivvot (Playboard) | Pivvot (Play Store)
Death Race: The sport (Playboard) | Death Race: The sport (Play Store)
Nightmare Cooperative (Playboard) | Nightmare Cooperative (Play Store)
Deadly Dungeons (Playboard) | Deadly Dungeons (Play Store)
Piloteer (Playboard) | Piloteer (Play Store)
Gentlemen! (Playboard) | Gentlemen! (Play Store)
Doodle God HD (Playboard) | Doodle God HD (Play Store)
Broken Age (Playboard) | Broken Age (Play Store)
The Cave (Playboard) | The Cave (Play Store)
Ikaruga (Playboard) | Ikaruga (Play Store)
4 Player Reactor (Playboard) | 4 Player Reactor (Play Store)
F1 Challenge (Playboard) | F1 Challenge (Play Store)
God of Light HD (Playboard) | God of Light (Play Store)
Game Maker (Playboard) | Game Maker (Play Store)
Dream Chamber (Playboard) | Dream Chamber (Play Store)
Football Chairman (Playboard) | Football Chairman (Play Store)
BattleLore: Command (Playboard) | BattleLore: Command (Play Store)
UniWar (Playboard) | UniWar (Play Store)
Hardboiled (Playboard) | Hardboiled (Play Store)
Dungeon Crawlers (Playboard) | Dungeon Crawlers (Play Store)

If you spot any games for sale over on Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore that are not in this list, let us know within the comments below and we’ll combine it with their email list so everyone can take advantage of it.