Written by AndrewH

It ‘s time once again for our usual end of the week round-up with the Android games currently for sale. This week has some pretty solid titles available at a reduced price including Dragon Quest IV from Square Enix, The Deer God from Crescent Moon Games, Tiny Guardians by Kurechii and much more.

As for actual new games on sale this week, there isn’t a whole lot. However, many of the good games from last week’s round-up continue to be discounted. If you did not have a chance to pick the ones you desired up last week, you may still do so now.

New Android Games on Sale:

The Deer God (Playboard) | The Deer God (Play Store)
Dragon Quest IV (Playboard) | Dragon Quest IV (Play Store)
An account of Survival (Playboard) | An account of Survival (Play Store)
Trivia Crack (Playboard) | Trivia Crack (Play Store)
Aworded (Playboard) | Aworded (Play Store)
Word Crack (Playboard) | Word Crack (Play Store)
Syder Arcade HD (Playboard) | Synder Arcade HD (Play Store)

Repeats from a week ago:

Horn (Playboard) | Horn (Play Store)
Tiny Guardians (Playboard) | Tiny Guardians (Play Store)
GTA: San Andreas (Playboard) | GTA: San Andreas (Play Store)
Ping pong Touch (Playboard) | Ping pong Touch (Play Store)
Dragon Fantasy 8-bit (Playboard) | Dragon Fantasy 8-bit (Play Store)
Doodle Devil HD (Playboard) | Doodle Devil HD (Play Store)
Questlord (Playboard) | QuestLord (Play Store)
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (Playboard) | Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (Play Store)
Pivvot (Playboard) | Pivvot (Play Store)
Death Race: The sport (Playboard) | Death Race: The sport (Play Store)
Nightmare Cooperative (Playboard) | Nightmare Cooperative (Play Store)
Deadly Dungeons (Playboard) | Deadly Dungeons (Play Store)
Piloteer (Playboard) | Piloteer (Play Store)
Gentlemen! (Playboard) | Gentlemen! (Play Store)
Doodle God HD (Playboard) | Doodle God HD (Play Store)
Broken Age (Playboard) | Broken Age (Play Store)
The Cave (Playboard) | The Cave (Play Store)
4 Player Reactor (Playboard) | 4 Player Reactor (Play Store)
F1 Challenge (Playboard) | F1 Challenge (Play Store)
God of Light HD (Playboard) | God of Light (Play Store)
Dream Chamber (Playboard) | Dream Chamber (Play Store)
Football Chairman (Playboard) | Football Chairman (Play Store)
BattleLore: Command (Playboard) | BattleLore: Command (Play Store)
UniWar (Playboard) | UniWar (Play Store)
Hardboiled (Playboard) | Hardboiled (Play Store)
Dungeon Crawlers (Playboard) | Dungeon Crawlers (Play Store)

If you spot a game that’s on sale although not on our list, tell us in the comments below so everyone is able to take advantage of it.