April 19, 2021


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Apple AirPods Max review: Excellent sound and Comfortable to Wear

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A lot of platforms conducted simple reviews of AirPods Max, which cost 679 dollars. The initial experience is that they have excellent sound quality and are very comfortable to wear. It has to be said that the AirPods Max has a unique smell, a bit like a new car. While the smell dissipates with daily use, apples offer a multi-sensory experience.

From a design perspective, the AirPods Max is a collision of classic Apple design and fantasy innovation. The head beam is made of stainless steel, covered with white rubber and topped with a breathable mesh braided dome. Apple says this distributes the weight of the headphones equally over your head. The headband is connected to the earmuff through an adjustable stainless steel extension, resulting in a pleasing bouncing hinge, all of which is better than any other advanced headphone used by media editors.

The earmuffs are huge, the plain silver aluminum doesn’t look like something that costs $549 at first glance, but feels like plastic before you touch it. Earmuffs are not smooth, indestructible surfaces. At first look, It looks like plastic. But when you touched it and feel it then realize it’s metal.

The earmuffs have 10 slots in different shapes and sizes. Seven of them are microphones: six for noise cancellation and one for voice calls. These slots are asymmetric; The left earmuff has a long slot at the top, a short slot, and then three slots at the bottom and a long gray plastic antenna line.

There are two slots at the top and three at the bottom, as well as a status LED indicator and Lightning port. Apple doesn’t offer a USB-C charging port. With the iPhone’s 5W charger, the AirPods Max can be fully charged in two hours and play for 90 minutes on a five-minute charge. It’s worth noting that you can’t charge quickly with a USB-C Lightning cable either.

There’s also a button on the right earmuff that switches between noise reduction and transparency, and a Digital Crown volume control button that lets you play and pause music and hold it down to call Siri.

The memory foam earmuffs are very comfortable and magnetically secured so they can be easily removed when needed. There’s white plastic underneath, and a sensor window that detects your ear — the music stops automatically when you take off the headset, or even just hold up an earmuff to talk to someone. The AirPods Max doesn’t have a power button and stops playing as soon as you take it off.

The outer case of the AirPods Max has been described as a “stupid” thing that can be folded into headphones. It looks very similar to a wallet, but it doesn’t provide enough protection for AirPods Max, and it gets dirty quickly when used.

In terms of sound quality, some media were very pleased with the AirPods Max. The sound is clear and bright, with a wider sound field than SONY’s headphones and no distortion even at maximum volume. But a more detailed review of the sound quality, to be released later by some media, which will include spatial audio tests and Apple’s official claims for Atmos surround sound support. But for now, rest assured, the AirPods Max has enough sound quality to compete with other high-end headphones.

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