June 21, 2021


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Apple MagSafe: is there a domestic chip inside?

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In 2020, the iPhone will release a series of accessories in addition to the iPhone 12 series. One of them is apple MagSafe, a wireless charger. Of course, this is a charger that can automatically align and wirelessly charge mobile phones. So today’s dismantling is this magnetic wireless charger.

Disassembly steps

First, disassemble the USB cable, and there is a metal shell inside the plastic shell for protection. The end of the PCB board is also covered with a plastic insulating shell. After removing the plastic shell, you can see that the core is protected by injection molding. Separate the PCB board from the charging cable.

Use a hot air gun to heat the top cover. The top body and the shell are fixed by thermal adhesive, which is very strong. There is an etched copper label on the back of the top cover.

There is a layer of magnetic separator under the charging coil, which is very firm and can only be broken. The shell’s inner side is wound with a detection coil, which is used to detect the charging equipment. The motherboard and the wireless charging coil are connected through solder joints and protected by injection molding.

The front of the motherboard is covered with a shielding cover and is perforated. There is residual glue at the opening. The magnet ring at the edge of the shell is composed of small magnets’ plurality and is fixed by glue.


Disassembly summary

The Apple MagSafe magnetic wireless charger adopts a disc shape design, an aluminum alloy shell, and the whole is exquisite and compact.

Since most of the internal components are fixed by adhesives, all parts on the motherboard are protected by shielding covers. Therefore, the overall disassembly is difficult, and the recoverability is small.


Main board IC information

The main IC on the front of the motherboard (below)


1: MPS-step-down power chip

2: NXP-NFC control chip

3: TI-TMP302-temperature switch chip

4: STMicroelectronics – microcontroller chip

5: STMicroelectronics – Wireless charging chip

Main IC on the front of USB board (as shown in the figure below)


1: Cypress USB control chip

2: Overvoltage protection chip

3: TI circuit control chip


Summary information

Apple MagSafe magnetic wireless charger adopts a magnetic design with a built-in magnet, which breaks the traditional wireless charging method. It can automatically absorb, align, and wireless charge the mobile phone, realizing the function of playing while charging. For now, MagSafe can provide 15W wireless charging for the iPhone 12 series, but other Apple products only support 7.5W wireless charging at most.

MagSafe uses STMicroelectronics’ wireless charging solution, but we still found a domestic chip from Winbond.

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