April 19, 2021


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Apple Watch Series 6 Experience: Healthier, More convenient, More power efficient

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Apple’s strength has always been to do line by line, and the same is true in the smartwatch feild. Since its release in 2014, the black technology in its small body has been the industry leader. Now that Apple Watch has come out of Apple Watch Series 6, I also got the red aluminum alloy version 40mm and 44mm two watches and Cook’s rainbow strap, so how do they perform?

Appearance comes down in one continuous line

To be honest, there is no change in the front of Apple watch series 6. Like Series 5, it is an LTPO display that supports an all-weather array. The so-called all-weather display is similar to the “Always On Display” function on mobile phones. Information such as time can be displayed. However, due to the use of LTPO material, this screen supports a minimum refresh rate of 1Hz and a maximum of 60Hz, which minimizes the impact on battery life. With the all-weather display function’s support, today’s Apple Watch Series 6 is more decorative and more like a traditional watch.

Compared with the previous generation of Apple Watch, the back also has some minor upgrades. The new blood oxygen sensor can measure blood oxygen like heart rate. Since a significant symptom of new coronavirus pneumonia is the decrease in blood oxygen content, this function is efficient today when the epidemic’s haze has not entirely dissipated.

Since 2018, Apple has launched a rainbow-colored Apple Watch Pride Edition dial and strap every year to express its support for LGBTQ + and other “sexual minorities.” I also received a 44mm rainbow strap. The strap material is the same as the sports strap. With the customized dial, the look and feel are particularly pleasing.

Although the appearance is unchanged in general, its look and feel are still unconventional, and it has a sense of quality that is integrated. Massive matching straps and dials also make it both fashionable and Identity.


The battery life is a little longer, and the charging is an hour faster

Battery life and charging are the most concerned aspects of most smart watch users. On Apple’s official website, the battery life of Apple Watch Series 6 is still marked as 18h. Still, after high-intensity test (connected to WiFi throughout the day, heart rate detection is turned on throughout the day). For about 50 minutes of exercise), after 23 hours, the battery still has 19% remaining. It can be seen that with the support of the LTPO display, the Apple Watch Series 6 is more than 18 hours, which is a level of more than one day and less than two days.

The charging speed of the Apple Watch Series 6 has been greatly improved, and the time to fully charge has been shortened from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours. Considering that there may be 20-30% of power left after one day of use, in fact, you only need to adjust the full charge 1 hour before going to bed to enjoy the sleep monitoring function at night.


Watchos 7 is more about health

After I activated the watch, the brand-new WatchOS 7 also slowly appeared in front of me. Apple is now more and more explicit about the product positioning of the Apple Watch. It is a fashionable health companion. Open the application list; half of the applications are related to health.

I tried to wear the Apple Watch Series 6 and walked twice for 20 minutes. Before exercising, the iPhone will automatically download the “Fitness” App. You can check dynamic calories, standing time, and exercise time in both the watch and the App. Data such as steps and distance. If it detects that your performance in a particular area has a downward trend, the App will provide suggestions and guidance to help you find your status and get back on track.

Apple has also added a medal system to the “Fitness” app. Like the achievement system used in video games to guide players to explore the world, Apple uses the medal system to encourage people to move their legs and stay healthy.

Of course, simply recording exercise is too pediatric. Apple Watch Series 6 is equipped with the most abundant sensors ever. When you are in a nervous, it will remind you to take a deep breath for 1 minute to adjust your mood.

If you want to sleep, you can enter the sleep mode directly in the control center, set the biological clock. It will help you turn on Do Not Disturb before going to bed. Monitor your sleep quality during sleep, wake you up at the scheduled time, and accurately measure the measured data.

If you want to do outdoor sports, it can provide you with accurate location information and altitude data.

If it detects particularly noisy surroundings, it will also remind you of the hazards of noise and hurry away.

As the new novel coronavirus epidemic still exists today, WatchOS 7 also provides an auxiliary solution: hand washing detection. Apple Watch will urge you to wash your hands for 20 seconds and adjust your posture when it detects hand washing, but my test sometimes fails to trigger this function correctly.


Children and the elderly can also use Apple watch

In the past, Apple Watch had to be used with iPhone, which discouraged many users who did not have an iPhone, especially children and the elderly. But in WatchOS 7, you can set the watch for family use so that you can use most of the functions without an iPhone. Of course, if you want to use it outdoors, it’s better to buy the cellular data version.

For children, Apple Watch Series 6 can be directly transformed into children’s watch. Parents can check the child’s location on the iPhone and provide alerts when they are late or leave early. When children are in class, they will inevitably be distracted, fiddling with their watches, and parents can manage them remotely. Whoever is contacted, what App is downloaded, and when the operation is allowed can be controlled, allowing children to concentrate on their studies. When children are in a physical education class, they can also provide a set of exercise programs suitable for children to calculate distance and pace and other indicators more accurately.

However, the children stumbled during the physical education class, and the watch will inevitably be broken. If you buy it for children, it is recommended to buy an AppleCare+. For the Apple Watch Series 6, the two-year price is around $100. Apple Watch is a product that requires more professional repairs, and AppleCare + is relatively cost-effective.

For the elderly, Apple Watch Series 6 has also made a lot of adaptations. The interface can use large fonts for easy reading, and the volume is 50% higher than that of Apple Watch Series 3. With the ESIM card, you can make hands-free calls. In the “Heart” App, you can remotely query the heart rate of the elderly, and you can immediately push reminders if an arrhythmia occurs.

Of course, the most important thing is the fall detection function. If the Apple Watch detects that the user has fallen and fell to the ground for a long time, it can make an SOS call quickly. There are still many accidents caused by accidental falls of the elderly. This function may save many lives.


Software ecology is still Apple’s strong point

The processing chip of the Apple Watch Series 6 has been upgraded from S5 to S6. Compared with the previous generation, the performance improvement is not much, but it is appropriate to use various wrist apps smoothly.

On the Apple Watch, I can still appreciate Apple’s powerful appeal to the software ecosystem. We can choose to install the AppStore on the mobile phone, and then it will automatically sync on the watch. We can also reverse it, install it in the AppStore on the watch, and sync it to the phone.

Apple’s first-party apps often have more prosperous functions. You can install Apps independently through Siri voice searches, App Store homepage recommendation, voice handwriting searches, etc., such as a compass, voice memo, and calculator. Even if you need to enter a password, you can directly install it. The experience with the password saved on the iPhone password book is excellent.

At present, many commonly used third-party applications are also adapted to the watch version, but the function will be relatively simple. For example, it can browse the latest news, WhatsApp can reply to the newest contact’s message, Uber can call a car quickly, and WPS can use a watch as a PPT remote control. It can be seen that these applications similar to IT Home can not be used independently but more as a supplement to a scenario.


New works suitable for old users to upgrade and a good flagship suitable for new users to start with

In general, Apple Watch Series 6 is currently the most advanced Apple Watch, which can bring an excellent experience in various functions, especially for the monitoring of physical health. If you are an old user of the Apple Watch series, its smooth experience will refresh you.

In March, Apple launched the “healthy future, put it on now” campaign. Old apple watches that meet the requirements can be purchased at a discount, and there are additional discount subsidies.

For those who have not used Apple Watch, if the budget is limited but still want to try it, I suggest experiencing Apple WatchSE. Except for the lack of an all-weather display, the other experience is not much different from the flagship model, and the price is $150 cheaper. Of course, if you have a sufficient budget, it is still recommended to go directly to Apple Watch Series 6, bringing you the Apple Watch’s complete experience.

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