April 19, 2021


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Apple Watch Series 6/SE review: Buy One for Each of the Family

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Under the background of the epidemic in 2020, more and more people start to pay attention to their physical health. Those who used to stay at home and not go out start to move around and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

So, do you need a wrist partner who can monitor your health?

In this September, Apple brought us the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. Apple Watch Series 6 adopts the new color match and equipped with the blood oxygen sensor for the first time, which makes up the deficiencies in the field of sports and health. With a brighter screen and a number of new watchbands, it is still quite fashionable.

Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, undertakes the task of popularizing Apple Watch. It has the same design, heart rate monitoring, noise monitoring and other mainstream functions as Apple Watch Series 6, but the price is much cheaper than the Series 6. It is more universal than flagship devices.

The category has more variety, the color is more diverse, the function is more complete and the price is lower. The rich product line of Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE is likely to further boost Apple Watch sales and make this the best year for Apple’s wearable device sales.

Two watches are coming, did you make up your mind?

The Digital Apple Watch has always been the flagship, as has this year’s Apple Watch Series 6. It uses Apple’s latest self-developed S6 chip, which performs as well as an A13 processor. It can increase app startup speed by 20%, and the phenomenon of “APP keep loading ” will almost never happen again.

And the long-awaited blood oxygen monitoring comes with the new sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6. We can directly monitor the blood oxygen saturation monitoring function through the watch, and then confirm the condition of the body. You can wear an Apple Watch to monitor the blood oxygen level when you go to the gym or go hiking. You can go to the doctor immediately when there is an accident.

In addition to some fitness or outdoor enthusiasts, Apple Watch Series 6 combines blood oxygen monitoring with sleep monitoring, allowing us to control the state of the body 24 hours at any time. The watch’s sensor will continue to work during sleep and send our sleep-related information to the health App. Although it cannot be used for medical purposes, it is enough to remind us to take care of our health.

The results of blood oxygen concentration monitoring were retained in the health App

Unlike heart rate, the blood oxygen threshold for the Apple Watch Series 6 is slightly higher. We need to keep the sensor close to the skin, but we also need to keep it as still as possible, because a lot of large movements can affect the accuracy of the detection. I’ve measured it a few times, and it’s between 93% and 99%. It still looks healthy.

While the overall size hasn’t changed significantly, the color palette for the Apple Watch Series 6 is still a step forward. In addition to the original silver, space gray and gold watchcase, blue aluminum metal watchcase, red aluminum metal watchcase and other new products are formally launched. And if you’re a fan of the stainless-steel case, you can also get a new graphite color version. The bright metal in gray and black also gives the Apple Watch a more textured look.

This year, Apple also offered a quick charge for the Apple Watch Series 6. Officials say it fills 80% of the watch in an hour and the entire watch in 1.5 hours. Personally, the biggest meaning of fast charge is to supplement a certain amount of power for the watch before sleep monitoring, to ensure that it can be used normally. According to the actual measurement, under the condition of 50% power, 15 minutes of bathing can provide 11% power for Apple Watch Series 6, while after one night, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring consume 10% power. Therefore, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring do not have too much burden on endurance.

By contrast, Apple Watch SE is a product that is good enough in all aspects. As the official slogan puts it: “Good at everything, easy to get.”

The Apple Watch SE features are easy to access, equipped with rich functions and sufficient to use. The body made of 100% recycled aluminum, with a variety of different color watchband, light body enough to make it more design sense of wrist equipment. What’s more, it has the same design as Apple Watch Series 6, S5 dual-core SiP encapsulated chip, and supports heart rate monitoring, fall monitoring and noise monitoring. The screen uses the same LTPO screen as the Apple Watch Series 6, which supports up to 1000 nits brightness, but does not support permanent brightness. It’s not hard to see that the Watch meets almost all of the Apple Watch’s daily needs. You pursue the fashionable appearance, it has the current leading shape; You want all kinds of monitoring, it has all the monitoring protocols except oxygen monitoring. Such a feature-rich smartphone can be purchased for as little as $329, which will also enable more people to experience the Apple Watch SE.

The original intention of Apple Watch SE is to let more consumers have a experience of Apple Watch products and health services provided by Apple through price dropping. In terms of products, it has done its job quite well.

As for the strap of different material, it makes it even better. I personally the first to weave a single ring watchband. It has removed the extra buckle, but also has a certain degree of elasticity, and due to the characteristics of weaving, the breathability of watchband is also very good. Of course, before you buy the strap, I’d still recommend you try it out in the Apple Store to make sure you’re buying something that fits the width of your wrist. Of course, the original watchband can also be used with the new watch. Since the debut of the first Apple Watch, the size of the watchband has been consistent. The watchband bought in the past will not become outdated due to the arrival of new products. We can still meet the needs of wearing in different scenes through these watches.

Family sharing has made the Apple Watch more popular

An iPhone plus an Apple Watch is a fixed combination for many users. After the debut of the new Apple Watch, the new “family sharing” function caught my eye. Personally, I think this is a big upgrade for Apple Watch after supporting cellular network and launching independent AppStore. In the future, not only will your iPhone be paired with an Apple Watch, but you’ll be able to pair Apple Watches with other family members by sharing them with your family. Even kids and seniors who haven’t used an iPhone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle via the AppleWatch.

It’s important to note that if a family member hasn’t used an Apple device before, they need to register for a new Apple ID.

For children, Apple has designed many optimization schemes in the family sharing function. Instead of dynamic calories, the fitness log tracks the “activity” time. Physical training, such as running, walking and cycling, can also accurately calculate distance and speed. During classes, parents can limit the Apple Watch’s capabilities by setting “class time” on the iPhone to keep their children focused on learning.

Before setting up an Apple Watch for children, we need to register an exclusive Apple ID for children. Once the Settings are complete, the child’s exclusive Apple ID will be added to the family. With GPS, parents can know where their children are in real time, and we can talk to our children over the cellular network. Of course, we don’t have to worry about children’s free consumption in the App Store, because parents need to approve any purchase made by children.

For the elderly, Apple has designed a sweet, large text dial for the new Apple Watch, which can also add some sophisticated features. Combined with fall detection and SOS emergency contact, the children can timely know the geographic location and physical health status of the elderly. Moreover, through the cellular network, we can also talk to the elderly directly, most of the children work outside we cannot be with them, a phone call at this time, also let the family affection between the wrist.

Of course, we can also set the SOS emergency contact for the elderly directly in the Settings and turn on the fall detection switch. We can also select “Press and hold side button dialing” from the Settings so that after a long period of pressing the side button, an emergency call can be automatically dialed.

One watch for myself, two watches for parents, and one watch for children. The price of four flagship watches is almost more than $1,500or even $3,000, which is obviously not an average family can afford. At this point, you’ll notice that The Apple Watch SE, which Apple launched this year, was almost tailor-made for this feature.

It supports cellular networks and can be used to talk to children or the elderly. It has multiple sensors, as well as features such as fall detection, heart rate monitoring and SOS emergency liaison. Most importantly, it has a lower threshold, with a starting price of $329, 30% less than the flagship model. That’s like buying three watches and saving money on one watch.

After using the family sharing function, Apple Watch is no longer an extension of iPhone. It will help some vulnerable groups in the family virtually and enable everyone to enjoy the changes in life brought by technological progress.

Apple Watch will be popularized in the family through family sharing. Please allow me to say the direction is right. Now, the Apple Watch can not only change your life and mine, but also motivate every family member to start taking care of their own health. It’s also a great way to strengthen the bond between family members through family sharing, walking with the kids more every day, or teaching the elderly how their heart rate changes.

It is not difficult for us to find that Apple Watch is no longer just an accessory for consumers, but a combination of one iPhone and one Apple Watch that is Shared by family members, which expands Apple’s ecological circle and radiates to more people.

New dial upgrade

Every year, Apple creates several new dials for the Apple Watch, and this year is no exception. My favorite, for example, is the artist dial. This dial, with the strong personal style of artist Geoff McFetridge, brings us another kind of surprise through the use of simple graphics and bright colors. The newly designed large text dial also supports more customizable space. In addition to displaying time, it can also be used with altimeter or physical training to achieve more rich functions. The new photo dial offers a different look and feel through the color filter design.

This year, watchOS 7 also gave us a “share dial” feature. You can share it with your friends via iMessage or email. Maybe before using other people’s dial also need a long dial design guide, but now just need to share a link. It can let friends use our own dial design, or let us directly use the dial made by others. At this point, when the watch detects an App in the dial that we have not installed, it will also prompt us to install the App before using the new dial, so as to avoid the situation that it cannot be used normally.

As a product that uses the screen as a single interactive form, we can get a lot of information by glancing” at the dial of the Apple Watch. Moreover, the dial can also cover functions such as blood oxygen monitoring and altitude monitoring, and the next operation can be completed by lifting the wrist and clicking the screen. This step by step experience will also further improve the efficiency of use.

Currently, blood oxygen monitoring is the exclusive feature of Apple Watch Series 6, and the dial supporting blood oxygen monitoring only appears in Series 6. In addition, all new watchOS 7-based dials will be available in both the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple does not restrict certain Watch faces to its flagship model, which makes it a consistent experience for any Apple Watch user.

This in the past required a product to be constantly updated and iterative. This fall, Apple completed the deployment of its Watch product line through the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE is a product that subtracts on the Apple Watch Series 6. It doesn’t support blood oxygen monitoring, and the screen doesn’t support permanent light, but it has the same design as the flagship watch, as well as mainstream monitoring features. With the starting price of $329, the family sharing function can make every family member feel the charm of Apple Watch.

This is apple’s way of subtracting the flagship in terms of the appearance that is most easily perceived by users, optimizing some details that are not easily perceived, and finally attaching a more reasonable price to it. Like the iPhone SE and the eighth generation iPad, they cost less and offer no discounts on the experience. What we need to do is to make a choice based on our own needs, and then choose a suitable device for ourselves.

By contrast, the Apple Watch Series 6 as the flagship, is a more complete product. At present, the Apple Watch Series 6 in front of you has the most comprehensive functions, interaction and complete ecology. In addition, functions such as sleep monitoring and fast charging are also subtly changing our habits of using Apple Watch. Even the newly released single-loop wristwatch band is guiding people to accept the partner on the wrist through changes in its shape.

After previous generations of the Apple Watch made its debut, some may still see it as a dispensary, not a necessity. However, with the addition of such situational functions as blood oxygen monitoring and sleep monitoring, the importance of the Apple Watch is also on the rise. For those who are used to the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Watch Series 6 has become irreplaceable. Today, when iPhone, iPad and other product lines are fully launched in the Pro era. Although Pro is not included in the title of Apple Watch Series 6, it has already provided us with pro-level user experience. If you’re looking for a full range of monitoring capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 6 is worth it.

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