April 20, 2021


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Asus WiFi6 Ling Yao Rubik’s Cube Mesh Router – the Reasons Why I Recommend it

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Advantages: 1. Good-looking; 2. Stable connection and fast speed; 3. Small and portable, not taking up too much space; 4. Seamless roaming.

There are so many choices of routers like the mobile phones, and consumers start to feel confused about which one to choose. Router is a carrier which converts cable signal into the wireless signal. In the majority of consumers’ cognition, when there is a router, there will be a wireless network, however the carrying amount of the equipment and coverage for the router is limited. And for 2.4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz frequency’s both advantages and disadvantages are obvious. So, how do we choose a router?


Let’s talk about it first. What are the reasons I recommend it? Who are the right people to buy it?

1.Small body, good-looking, can be placed at any place at home. It does not occupy too much space which can be used as home decoration (suitable for people who like to stay at home, have requirement for the appearance and do not want it to be too large).

1.Simple installation, easy mobile operation, mobile devices can be set at any time with exclusive App (suitable for average consumers, people who like automatic intelligence).

2.Wide coverage area, stable signal, fast network speed, low game delay (general demand of consumers).

3.customizable firmware system (suitable for people who like to play with routers and have some professional knowledge and hands-on ability).

4.Across platforms and devices networking, where the network speed will not drop the line (a must for large households and a favorite for players with practical ability).

5.attractive price, 3 years of quality assurance, free home installation (For economic consumer groups, focus on product quality and don’t know much about tech stuff).

Small appearance, one hand can hold it and it will be a good fit at home.

When I got the box, it was obviously quite large and consisted of one pair of letter routers (which is two), and I had no problem picking it up with one hand. There is a description of the router on the back. On the side is the downloaded QR code and all accessories of device parameters and App. I have to say that as an old manufacturer, there are a lot of complimentary products, which is worth the price.

When opened, the contents are as follows:

  1. Main router *1; 2. Secondary router *1; 3. Power adapter *2; 4. One CAT6 cable; 5. Warranty card; 6. User guide.

In my opinion, Asus’s most impressive accessory is a CAT6 network cable with a length of about 1.2m. The biggest advantage consumers care about is the transmission bandwidth of 1000Mbps, which is very powerful. Although the cable length is limited, it is better than nothing. Of course, the transmission speed of the network cable also depends on the core, PVC outer quilt, crystal head, frequency transmission speed these comprehensive elements.

Another point is that Asus also comes with a paper user guide, which eliminates the need to look up instructions online or talk to customer service. It’s very easy to use.

Check out the router together. The two routers look identical on the front, with ASUS Logo on the top and metal wire-drawing technology in the black area. It looks advanced. The corners of the router are round and smooth, with a sense of fashion and a style of business home. This official announcement design concept reason “Zen”, the day round place, meaning “round as the day – square as people”, is completely to buy products, experience the aesthetics of life.

The indication breathing light is still hidden at the bottom of the Logo, the blue router means it is working normally, the white shows that the network is normal, the yellow indicates that the signal between the routers is weak, and the red indicates that the network fails or the signal is lost. However, I am curious about why the green light is not used for normal operation.

The bottom is recessed and is the most obvious place to distinguish an alphabetic router. The main router has restart keys from left to right, 1 WAN+LAN port, 1 LAN port, DC power interface and 1 WPS button, while the sub-router has 1 WAN+LAN interface less than the main router. Generally, the letter router is designed in this way. However, there are many parts at the bottom. After communicating with the customer service, I learned that this is the part reserved for storing excess network cables.

Asus router with “Zen” design, I prefer to place it in the bedroom and living room, which are the two battlefields for my daily use of the Internet, without any disharmony in appearance.

Free installation? You can do it in three steps

The actual living area of my home is about 1227 square foot, originally there were 1485 square foot, mainly because the home is reinforced some walls, while adding some partitions, so the area is finally reduced to about 1227 square foot.

I used to use a Huawei AX3 Pro. The router is located in the middle study of my home, and the area I can cover mainly includes the kitchen, living room and my parents’ bedroom. When it comes to the balcony, the signal in the corridor area is relatively weak, and the Internet speed will be relatively slow, especially when watching 4K video. The experience of blocking is obvious. My current top speed is 50 megabytes, and the modem is older, so the testing environment will be limited.

The installation of the router is relatively simple. Find the LAN port at the location of the light cat at home, plug one end of the access network line, the other end to access the WAN port of the router’s ear. One end to access and one end to input. Do not make a mistake in this connection, otherwise the router cannot work normally.

After successful access, the router will be plugged in and start flashing green light. After a while, the light will turn blue and show normal use. If it is red, it will be unavailable.

The sub-router can be placed in another place, connected to the power, as long as you download the software and set the user name and password, the sub-router or automatic search, complete networking. The networking function of AiMesh really reduces the installation cost and requires little setup. I will tell you the steps of the software.

Advanced settings or simple introduction?

Asus routers have two ways of setting them up. One is for average people like me (for me only actually). No, that’s for consumers who like it simple and easy to use, and there’s the web side setup method for the rough-and-tumble, customizable, high-demand player.

I’ll go through both settings step by step, starting with simple mobile settings. Both Apple and Android phones can download the software, and android phones will be available in the app market, but different versions do not affect the use.

You can either scan the QR code on the box or download it from the app store. The device I demonstrated is Apple. It is a software called the ASUS Router, which seems to be more impressive. Android is directly Asus router, Icon is the same, you can download the Apple version according to the Android Icon.

Set up a new router, select the corresponding device, and wait for the phone to scan. After a while, the sub-router will be scanned. Follow the operation steps to match and wait step by step. However, it is important to be careful that the range between the two is not more than 3M, or you can move after the setting is completed.

After the success of the pairing will now have a began to set up and the selection of the advanced settings. It is suggested ordinary users begin to set, then set the user name and password, here is different from Huawei’s wisdom of life, Asus, router to router of 2.4G and 5G network password separately. After the completion of the set, it also requires setting the administrator password, in order to separate management, set up a complex password to safer. It is enough to restart the router after this step. The whole operation process is very simple, and you can follow the process step by step.

Asus routing’s App interface is full of technology. After binding the device, there are “home page”, “device”, “prompt”, “home” and “settings”. The homepage interface is very intuitive, with three options, including viewing the real-time traffic of the router and viewing the Mesh node. This crowd test provides two routers, both of which can be seen here. In addition, detailed information will be displayed at each router point, allowing for simple Settings. The WiFi information integrates all the common configurations in the Settings, and these Settings are easy for small white users to get started with quickly.

The device bar contains the key information of all the devices connected to the router, but this is not difficult for people with a professional background and may seem confusing to users who never know this field before.

I found this section to be very well set up, such as enabling safer connection protocols, monitoring family members using the network, or security insights, etc. Any new changes can be viewed in this section.

This column Family is for family members of the corresponding monitoring on the situation, I like this feature, I can set up for my parents who often stay up late watching drama set, which allows them to go to bed early. I can also set the limited flow with children in the home, so as to implement to understand children’s access to the Internet.

The settings in the last column are a little more functional, and you can also install plug-ins. Generally speaking, I don’t recommend setting it for ordinary users, or setting it with the help of professional installation masters and friends with many years of experience.

Of course, there are two difficulties, one is advanced settings, the need to set the URL, IP, etc., do not recommend average users to try.

The second difficulty is that some users are afraid of trouble and do not know how to install the router. After installation, it is wrong to follow the prompts. Then I can only suggest that you call Asus after-sales service, request free home installation of the service. I still have three years of warranty service, so I don’t worry about the quality of router.

However, after the first installation, the firmware will be upgraded.

The Settings of the web version are more challenging for users. I use a laptop, so It is recommended to have a mobile Windows device at home, like a laptop. After connecting to the WiFi set, the web side can log in to, and you can enter the settings of the web sides after setting the login user name on the mobile side.

It shows more comprehensive and cool features, such as external network DDNS, Internet settings, etc., which can be more advanced settings. It is perfect for users who fiddle with firmware. As most of the functional interface and the mobile phone interface is not too different, just some functional expansion, I will introduce them one by one here.

Comprehensive coverage. Powerful Asus.

Link next to the speed test, first of all, I already introduced the layout of the building, my house before the distribution of the lash router is in my study and my slant hall, the Asus WiFi6 Ling Yao I adjusted the layout of the Rubik’s cube Mesh routers, in order to test its network situation, this time I will be the main router in the doorway of my home, here is the cat’s master position, light connection wire at the same time what I use is original CAT6 cable connection light cat and master router.

The sub-router I plugged into the far side of the hallway near the balcony, where there was an outlet. I tested the elevator entrance, corridor, hall, balcony and bedroom.

Our daily use is mainly information reading (mother: netease news, etc.) video browsing (Mother: Tiktok, father: online movie), game download and mobile game (my father and I), using mobile devices, game download is computer. The test software is Speedtest. The speed of my home network is 50M broadband of telecommunication.

The main values of the test are Pings, jitter and packet loss, the lower the better, and whether the curve value fluctuates greatly.

Due to the problem of setting the transmission throughput on the computer side, the transmission could not be completed all the time, so the test equipment did not include the computer side.

This time I tested the elevator first. The software test results were not satisfactory, with only 0.92 for download and 0.49 for upload. It is understandable that the elevator is separated from the main router by three thick walls, with a thickness of 2.63 feet and a distance of about 15 feet. I tested the WiFi in the elevator, so it is understandable that the signal is not ideal. When I got out of the elevator and tested in the vicinity of the elevator, the software download recovered to 62.3 and was transmitted to 11.4, and the WiFi signal was transferred to 2 grids, jumping to 1 grid from time to time. But the video online watch will be on the block, can only watch 480P video.

Then I measured the speed in the corridor, but I didn’t expect that the download suddenly soared to 82.1, and the upload was also at 13.9. Ping value and shake are completely acceptable. Fast forward skip page does not exist, mobile game PUBG is no problem, as long as the technology is not a problem. The first message is received in real time. It’s right next to the main router.

Next, I went to the “balcony position” near the sub-router, where the Internet speed was downloaded at 73.3 and uploaded at 13.0. In the actual experience, no matter the game or the video, there was no lag at all. There was no frame drop in games, and there was no problem sending or receiving messages.

However, when I measured the speed in my room, hall and middle study, the download was basically stable at about 60M, and the upload was also about 11M. The above video browsing, mobile game, including the information sending and receiving all have no problem, but the signal in 2 to 3 g before, but not influence, but there is a problem, the study and my bedroom in the middle two positions, online browsing the video, the network will switch to my original set of Huawei’s network, when I pull out the original Huawei Unicom network, WiFi will not be dropped on a regular basis, but dropped a will automatically connected, hope that you can make some optimization Asus follow-up the problem.

Seamless roaming is a feature of Asus this time around. I walked from the balcony, to the corridor and these are no dropping or breaking line, with most signal fluctuations within 2-3 case. It is most obvious to see the video. I also used the Speedtest tested, I have not seen the phenomenon of packet loss, only when I entered the elevator, packet loss, can only be seen within the scope of the general neighborhood Mesh networking will not break even.

I didn’t expect, Asus as one of the best brand in e-sports industry has been committed to the product which is full the sense of science and technology. The Asus WiFi6 Ling Yao Rubik’s cube Mesh router from the perspective of “Zen”, be able to be reflected in the life aesthetics. On the App’s perception of science and technology, it allows users to experience the existence of science and technology. I remember that there is a saying that “the best technology is not always aware of the existence of technology”. Asus WiFi6 Ling Yao Rubik’s Cube Mesh router makes me feel the aesthetics of integrating technology into life.

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