Written by Jaymes Carter

KwangSam Kim may be the mastermind behind the twin-stick shooter Silver Bullet: The Prometheus, that landed on Android captured. The game has lots of action and excellent controls. It looks like there’s more in store for those that have enjoyed the game.

Yesterday, KwangSam Kim uploaded a brand new video to his YouTube Channel. In the video, we see the main heroine Kali, combating a gargantuan mechanical/spider/robot, that’s going to taker her from operation. If you have played Silver Bullet, that is made by Byulbram Studio, you realize action and fluid fight scenes occur through the game. This new video is of Chapter 2, that is expected arrive on Android/iOS/Steam in November, later this season.?

The video is just about two minutes, however, you can easily see Kali wielding her dual weapons against the mechanical spider robot and running/dive-rolling up a spiral staircase to avoid its laser blasts. You will find multiple platforms that has to disappointed before she can hop atop them, to help keep ascending the staircase. The animation of Kali within the video is still quite impressive, as she attempts to get away.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Silver Bullet, now is the time to check on it out. The game is $1.99 for Sept and October. This price will last until the discharge of Chapter 2 in November, and so the game will be $4.99. Though we are not certain, this might mean that the Chapter 2 downloadable content for everyone that has already purchased the game is going to be free. After we get more information about the precise release date, and when the DLC is going to be free or not, we will let you know. For now, browse the latest action within the video, and tell us for those who have enjoyed playing Silver Bullet in the comments.

Silver Bullet (Playboard) | Silver Bullet (Play Store)