April 20, 2021


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Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 Experience: Fairy Won’t Age

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Andromeda is not just Campfire Audio’s most recognizable name, it’s also legendary across the industry, with angular green earphones interspersed with three screws impressed many players.

Andromeda 2020 in this article is already a five-generation product. Andromeda 2020, despite its many generations of evolution, is still recognizable as Andromeda: the unchanging faceted cut casing, the mechanical bolt, and the most visually striking emerald green are all part of Andromeda’s signature.

However, the reason for the enduring vitality of classics lies not only in inheritance but also in the improvement and correction of old flaws. Andromeda long reviled off paint problem on the generation of 2019 had significant improvement on the paragraph, paragraph 2020 of coloring process seems to have improved somewhat, at the same time more rounded corners than previously, this prototype is now nearly five months use time is little paint drop, even I have another time quite Solaris 2020 use trace also slightly obviously. There is no doubt which surface treatment process but PVD is famous for its strong and durable.

Another change is that the stainless steel ducting of The Andromeda 2020 ditches the Andromeda series’ three-way straight out structure in place of a grill-like voice hole, which is the same as Solaris and other models. The headset pack is made of the same water pine wood as the Solaris 2020 and Ara released at the same time. Personally, I think the texture is not as good as the real leather bag of the previous generation, but at least it looks better than the rust color storage bag of Solaris 2020. In addition, Campfire Audio’s water pine earphone bag, although with an old texture, is relatively easy to maintain its color, which is similar to its original appearance for a long time.

Only on the surface, Andromeda the update rate of the 2020 is too slow, especially given the 2019 Andromeda launched more than a year’s time, however, more this update is a bit hasty, Campfire, after all, the main product line of Audio life cycle tend to be longer, as the core product line of Andromeda only every other year to launch the new slightly unusual.

However, if you compare Solaris to Solaris 2020, it all makes sense: Solid-body is Campfire Audio headphones’ biggest upgrade in sound quality since the brand’s inception, and it’s not too much of a transformation. Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020 is no exception to Solaris, which achieves almost full dimensional visible improvements in density, dynamics, fineness, sound field breadth, depth, and so on.

As always, before we dive into Andromeda 2020’s ascension, let’s take a look at past Andromeda’s “to ascend” projects, that is, what are some of their weaknesses. Andromeda was at its peak as a second-generation product, and Andromeda’s unassailable market dominance came from its striking appearance and recognizable sound quality — in other words, its vocal strengths and weaknesses were evident. At the time Andromeda had intermediate and high frequency densities that stood out from the rest of the price range, but correspondingly low frequencies… Ah no, the low frequencies are very light and light fast, which fits the stereotype of moving iron headphones. And even as a strength of high frequency is actually relatively dry lack of fluency, easy to cause auditory fatigue.

These two principal contradictions are relieved by the appearance of 2019 Andromeda, whose sound is smoother and thicker by the use of stainless steel tubes and Smoky Litz lines than earlier versions of Andromeda, but in general, 2019 Andromeda is still a typical slim clear style earplug. Andromeda 2020 is taking things a step further in the direction of thickening and softening the lines, and is now a neutral or slightly thicker set of low frequencies. The high frequencies are smooth, no burrs, and the plump and springy low frequencies are even more surprising: Andromeda?

This kind of change is a bit like little fairy graduating and becoming a social person. Even so, Andromeda 2020 has one very recognizable, very Andromeda thing in it: it still has a medium frequency with excellent density and outstanding vividness. To this day, Andromeda 2020’s mid-range is still at an outstanding level at its corresponding price point, clear, vivid and provocative, especially for female voices, and with the enhanced low frequencies, Andromeda’s new generation of pop music is taking it to the next level.

That said, the significant change in style is enough to get old Andromeda users drooping over new ones, but what if I told you that Andromeda 2020 is just as much improved?

Andromeda 2020’s 2 low, 1 middle, 2 high and 5 units haven’t changed since the early generations (except for Andromeda Special Edition: Gold), which is why Andromeda has been able to maintain its tone recognition. But Andromeda 2020, along with Solaris 2020 and Ara, gets Campfire Audio’s new house-keeping Solid Body, just as Solaris 2020, which has the same unchanging structure but leaps over Solid Body, is also getting one of the most significant upgrades in generations.

Solid-body is simply understood as the 3D printing of a headphone cavity to form a sound cavity, a sound path and a fixed unit. The advantages are higher precision than traditional assembly, less impact of unsatisfactory structure and better stability. So, we can see that Andromeda 2020 has a grille tube opening similar to that of other models, because the original tritone has already been completed internally by solid-body.

Andromeda 2020 has a solid-body bonus similar to Solaris 2020, in terms of density and sound field. As mentioned earlier, Andromeda 2020 has a very smooth and vibrant sound, which is a benefit of density enhancement, and it’s all in the spectrum. Needless to say, I am most concerned that her sound field has been significantly enhanced to the same depth as Solaris 2020, which is far more difficult than simply increasing the size of the sound field. While not quite Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020 has an impressive sound field for live pop, jazz, and chamber music, and is sufficiently surrounded to present a sound field that is far more natural and comfortable than its predecessors.

The much-improved Andromeda 2020 certainly has its drawbacks. After all, there’s never been a perfect headset — the unchanging unit makes its dynamic performance less prominent in today’s comparable price range, especially when it comes to the dynamic Turii. Add in the Andromeda 2020 sound scale, which is not particularly grand, and it doesn’t give you a “burst” of momentum when performing symphonies.

Andromeda 2020 is basically a satisfactory track type. The more balanced and comprehensive timbour allows her to express the right texture for different bands of instruments as well as male and female voices. The stronger overall quality (especially the sound field performance) also makes her more delicate, precise, authentic and natural than ever before. Andromeda 2020 is a rather omnivorous version of Andromeda rather than the narrow-minded female voice & mid-high frequency instrument plug.

It’s also important to note that Andromeda 2020 has changed a lot, but Andromeda 2020 has not. Medium and low-end players and even small tail can drive her to a sound perfect state. Correspondingly, I do not recommend those high-thrust “quasi-portable” machines or the high gain of some players to drive her. The bottom noise will be quite obvious, and even the sound will lose its delicacy. Based on these features, I would recommend SR25, PAW6000, SA700, and SE200 (AKM end) to go with Andromeda 2020, depending on your budget — a PAW S1 is a good choice if you’re really short on cash.

The name Andromeda has been a mainstay of Campfire Audio since its inception in the industry. Over the years, the company has changed its flagship models from Vega to Atlas to Solaris, not to mention the lower prices, which are mostly short-lived, making it “the flagship keeps changing but this stays the same “.

Andromeda, on the other hand, has been able to stay at the heart of the brand and its unassailable market position at the corresponding price point, not just by being green, but by keeping up with the times. Andromeda 2020, which is reevolving with the solid-body, is still competitive at the same price, and the product power tells us that the fairy will still be the fairy and won’t age.

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