Written by AndrewH

Stolen Couch Games has soft launched Castaway Paradise onto Google Play in select regions, with a global launch happening later this year. If the game sounds familiar, it is usually since the life simulation title has been on Amazon’s Appstore for some time now, quietly arriving back in January.

For people not familiar with this game, Castaway Paradise take inspiration from similar game likes Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, but with some additional differences on top of it all. Players will be interacting with villagers who’ll supply an endless stream of quests and activities to do. You will also have the ability to customize your character, decorate your personal island and be friends using the peculiar villagers that are around you.

Players will be able to buy and build hundreds of items like fences, hats, shoes, tables, flagpoles, wells, umbrellas and so on. Rather than the usual top-down perspective, Castaway Paradise features zooming in when talking to other villagers or when you’re performing tasks for a bit more of the personal feel. It has a pretty big sandbox game feel into it too, since you can do anything you like typically.

As for further content between your Amazon version which new one, very little was mentioned by any means of changes or additions. Why the soft launch? We are really not sure either, but there’s one nonetheless. If you reside within the available locations for this soft launch, you are able to get Castaway Paradise from Google Play now for free. As for the global launch, no specific date was announce, that it would be happening later this year.

Amazon Marketplace: Castaway Paradise

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