Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Loomus Games, Prismatica is hex-based puzzler that began on desktop systems, and he has been ported over to mobile. In an interesting twist, the game concentrates on blending colors to setup the board that needs solving. The game begins with primary colors (red, blue, or? yellow) with every group of hexes being made up of one.

Where the groups of hexes overlap, the secondary colors emerge (red and yellow would cause orange to look where they two primaries overlap). Then, the groups of hexes are “spun” on their respective axes, causing the secondary colored hexes to become shifted around, becoming unnatural and lie between the wrong primary colors. The gamer must “unwind” it well to their logical positions.

Prismatica Features:

– Completely new & innovative puzzle type
– Old-school rotational chromatic combination mechanism
– Clean essentialistic style and design aesthetics
– Breathtakingly beautiful music by award winning indie folk musician Svavar Knutur
– Simple gameplay that’s simple to learn
– Challenging puzzles that can be difficult to master
– Intuitive and straightforward controls
– Calmly tackle 48 lovingly hand made puzzles in your own time or test your wit and speed within the new Challenge Mode
– Includes color blind way of added accessibility

There are 48 different puzzles for players to resolve. It appears that the difficulty of the given puzzle is pegged directly to the number of hexes a player will be seeking to solve. There’s also a challenge mode where players race against the clock. Prismatica can be obtained from Google Play for a flat $2.99. You should check out the game for action using the video below.

Prismatica (Playboard) | Prismatica (Play Store)