April 19, 2021


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Cheap Price with Professional Features. You Can be a Program Director with It

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In 2020, COVID-19 has changed the lives, work and everything of all people in the world. Live broadcast with products, web celebrity live broadcast, game live broadcast… Because of the epidemic, all the content and platforms related to live streaming have become popular. Therefore, many people want to try and everyone wants to live streaming. However, just like the crazy short video trend, most people are using mobile phones for primary operation, picture quality, sound quality are terrible. This is a problem. It is also one of the important reasons for many people to choose mobile live broadcasting because of the high price and technical difficulty of various professional equipment. The LIVEPRO L1 (hereinafter referred to as “L1”) I tried this time is a kind of live broadcasting equipment at a price friendly to people.


Unpacking the box


The box design of L1 is relatively traditional. In recent years, major equipment manufacturers have started to equip the equipment with portable bags for the convenience of users. It is suggested that L1 come with its own portable bags from the factory, which does not cost much but greatly improves its practicability

The case contains L1 body, USB3.0 cable, power adapter (two types of interchangeable plugs) and a copy of instruction.

The front of L1 is the operation area, mainly including monitoring screen, four-channel button, T-bar, sound adjustment knob, SW (effect) setting key, PUSH key and MENU key.

Click and press the volume key, then turn left and right to adjust the output audio. SW (Effect) key can be set for transition (single press), mode (press twice), painting in painting (press three times) and so on.

The MENU key can set audio, HDMI, USB3.0, language, IP address, etc. PUSH is the selection function, and press ok.

One of L1’s main features is its TFT screen. Although it is small, it is still fine as a four-way screen preview.

T-bar is also one of the features of L1. It is responsible for the transition and has a sense of ritual when using it. It can also combine the transition effects to achieve some special effects.

Following are 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output and power ports. The HDMI output can be used in “preview” mode of 6 frames, or “main output” mode of individual frames.

There is a light next to each interface to quickly check whether each HDMI line is connected smoothly.

On the left are the LAN interface, THE USB3.0 interface, and the sound input and output interfaces. It is worth noting that at present, the voice input is only supported by digital signal, not analog signal direct input, that is to say, the microphone and the like cannot be directly connected to the input port, it needs to be through the mixing station, or the small bee’s earphone port after connecting to the input port to recognize the voice.

USB3.0 port can push the screen to the computer through the USB3.0 cable, which is similar to the acquisition card, and also supports two modes of “preview” and “main output”, which gives users more choices.

When the LAN port is connected to the computer, I don’t need other software, I can use professional broadcast control software XPOSE to control the switch table through the network cable to achieve remote control, which is more professional. And also it can be multi – machine control.

The right side is equipped with a hanger hole, which can be installed to the tripod, etc., for easy use.

The bottom is a cooling port with four rubber anti-skid angles.


Practical trial Experience

With L1, I can easily turn my computer desk into a professional live table with 4-channel signal input! Describe the test environment and setup. As shown in the figure, 1 is SONY A6500 realizing remote signal transmission through wireless image transmission, 2 is MacBook Pro, 3 is iPad Mini, and 4 is GoPo. Four signals are input into L1 at the same time. The HDMI output of L1 is connected to the 5 display as a monitor screen. USB3.0 was output to 6 desktop computers, and the signal was identified through OBS for live streaming.

Please see the video to show the specific use and functions.



After a period of trial, I feel that FeelWorld LIVEPRO L1 is easy to operate, practical in function and affordable in price. It is a good choice for new users or non-professional live broadcast users. For professional users, there is no need to consider about this product, and the pricing is clearly not the target customers. Currently, some functions need to be improved, such as the setting of the picture-in-picture function mentioned in the video. In addition, the temperature of the equipment is relatively high after being used for a period of time which makes it difficult in summer.

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