April 20, 2021


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Coming from an Internationally Recognized First-class Factory: Evaluation of JBL LIVE PRO+ True Wireless Earbuds

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The true wireless market is becoming more and more competitive with manufacturers developing the latest products. As an old acoustics manufacturer, JBL is not far behind, and it has launched its latest JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless Earbuds.

As we all know, the successful research and development of a true wireless product not only requires the improvement of the brand’s technology in unit tuning and chip integration, but also tests the manufacturers’ technical strength in wireless transmission stability. Because of the rich experience accumulated by international acoustic brands, we are still looking forward to the specific performance of JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless Earbuds.


The exterior design manifests big factory’s style

Given that the brand is aimed at young people, JBL has a rich selection of colors and bold color designs. JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless earphone has four exterior colors, namely: piano black, grey powder, khaki and first sight white. This time, we got the color matching version for the first time. The charging case of JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless earphone is very small and round in design. The weight of the charging case is only 0.11lbs, which can be easily put into a trouser pocket. In addition, the charging box material used fine frosted plastic, delicate and texture, using a minimalist and generous design style. Three pure white indicators on the front of the charging case can display the power and connection status of the headset. The logo of JBL is on the top and a Type-C charging port is on the back. I have to say, this earphone in the details of the handling of workmanship is very good and very big international factory feeling.

Open the charging case and you can see the headset itself. It needs to be emphasized here that the iconic orange color of JBL can be seen everywhere on the earphone body. The orange color design is adopted in the earplug cover and the letters that distinguish the left and right sides, so the whole looks very young and beautiful. The weight of JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless earphone is only 0.01lbs, but it still maintains a high level of active noise reduction function. Moreover, it adopts ergonomic design to fit the auricle structure more, and it will not feel pressing the ear if worn for a long time. Three silicone earplugs of different sizes come with the product, and there’s always one size that fits your ear. According to my personal experience, the weight of 0.01lbs and the ergonomic design make the overall feeling of wearing it relatively good. If you wear it for a long time, there will be no obvious swelling of the ears, let alone its stability.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the complimentary attachment of JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless earphone. In addition to the three silicone earplug sets mentioned above, there is also a type-C charging cable, which is a hidden mystery. Normally, port A requires the front and back of the charging cable, but the charging cable attached to this earphone can be inserted and unplugged at will. After a long time of research, I still haven’t figured out how it works. If any of you who happens tp know the mystery, please let me know in the comments section below.

Excellent noise reduction with intimate function

If you are in a very noisy environment and use non-noise-cancelling Earbuds, you can indeed mask the noise by turning up the volume. However, considering that wearing Earbuds for a long time and listening to audio at a high volume, there is no doubt that this is a potential harm to the ears, so noise-cancelling Earbuds are a good choice. JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless Earbuds use a hybrid digital noise reduction technology that collects ambient noise from the wearer through a microphone and then generates a reverse sound wave to reduce its interference with the wearer.

In order to better experience the noise reduction effect of JBLLIVE PRO+ true wireless Earbuds, I specially chose two scenarios for the experiment.

For the first scene, I chose the office. In the office, the sound of mechanical keyboard with and conversation with colleagues are quite obvious, open the noise in the office and up to a quarter of the songs, I strongly feel the colleague between hum significantly reduce, also hardly hear machinery and the tapping of a keyboard. Wearing the working noise cancelling Earbuds can actually improve the work efficiency.

For the second scene, I chose the evening rush hour subway. Subway noise is more complex and difficult to deal with. According to my experience, after wearing this earphone on the subway platform, it can effectively reduce the voices of the surrounding people, and it can also effectively reduce the friction sound of the brakes when the train enters the station. After the platform broadcast is filtered, it will become less harsh. The Earbuds also filter out the high frequency noise emitted by the wheels rubbing against the tracks during train operation.

Overall, the noise reduction performance of this earphone is quite good, really in line with the price level should be.

In addition to noise reduction, the JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless headset has another feature that really appeals to me. Usually when you’re listening to music with Earbuds on, if someone comes to talk to you, you need to take off the Earbuds and talk to the other person, otherwise you can’t hear what they’re saying. However, if I wear this earphone, it will not be so troublesome, because it has a free call function, which will automatically reduce the volume of the earphone and fully activate the microphone to optimize the picking up and amplification of peripheral voices. Therefore, when I wear JBLLIVE PRO+ real wireless Earbuds, it is very convenient for me to listen to music and talk without mistake.

In other functions, JBLLIVEPRO+ also supports touch operation, which controls the noise reduction, song suspension, voice assistant and other operations of the headset through single, double click and long press. Moreover, the headset will also have a prompt sound when touching, so that users can know whether they have touched successfully most intuitively.


In addition, the headset has proximity sensors that monitor the wearer’s status, automatically pause when the headset is removed, and automatically play again when the headset is re-worn. Of course, JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless Earbuds also support IPX4 level waterproof, can easily resist the sweat during exercise or snow shower. In terms of battery life, a single headset can have a maximum of 7 hours of battery life when fully charged, and a combined battery can have a maximum of 28 hours of battery life when used in combination with a charging case. In addition, fast charging and wireless charging are also supported, and 1-hour battery life can be obtained after 10 minutes of charging. In addition, the charging protection box of LIVE PRO+ also supports wireless charging, which makes it more convenient to charge without the shackles of charging cable.

Listening feeling

JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless headset is equipped with a high-quality 11MM drive unit. The diaphragm is made of lightweight double-layer high-tech material, which can increase rigidity and tension. It has long-lasting and stable acoustic characteristics, and the most important is that it has a unit carefully tuned by Harman engineers.

For a headset, good sound quality requires not only excellent unit configuration, but also professional tuning by a professional engineer. The earphones are tuned by Harman engineers with precision. The overall sound style combines high quality and low distortion with low frequency performance and texture.

From my own experience, the actual listening sense of JBLLIVEPRO+ true wireless Earbuds is very balanced, with a high level in all aspects. By analogy, this product is like the student who was in the middle of the class in school. There are no outstanding advantages and no specific disadvantages. In general, the sound of these Earbuds has been carefully tuned by Harman engineers, and the sound style is the same as that of other products under the brand, which is good for electronic music and rock music. The overall sound performance was in line with my expectations, and the sound performance was excellent.


Powerful APP

In addition, JBLLIVE PRO+ also supports MYJBL Earbuds APP, which allows users to do a lot of personalized Earbuds design, such as: Equalizer design, three equalizer presets in the APP, users can also create or customize equalizer Settings according to their preferences; Users can also get tips and instructions on the use of Earbuds in the APP. In the APP, the fitting degree of the Earbuds can also be detected to obtain the best listening experience. Not only that, but users can also customize the function buttons. As a whole, you can learn more about headphones with the MYJBL Earbuds APP.

The Android version of the APP can be downloaded, of course, APPLE mobile phone can download the IOS version of the APP in APPLESTORE. This APP is very practical and powerful.


Write in the last

As an internationally recognized first-class factory, its technical strength is naturally very strong, and it is not surprising that the multi-department cooperation will create such excellent wireless products. The most attractive feature of this earphone is its satisfying noise reduction and convenient small functions. However, what surprises me most is the price of this earphone. JBLLIVE PRO+ real wireless earphone is now priced at 219 dollars.

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