Written by AndrewH

Orlyapps has released their first Android game onto Google Play called Commander Cool 2, which is a retro-inspired arcade platformer. Players will require control of Commander Cool as he travels through time, getting criminals and trying to stop a janitor who has become evil after getting a time machine inside a lab he was cleaning.

The scientist has called you to find the thief and get the time machine back from him in the process. Unfortunately which means you will have to travel through 3 different eras in the Stone Age, cope with a number of enemies for example Cavemen and Dinosaurs, and defeat the bosses as well. As a whole you will find 33 different levels to work the right path through.

As for weaponry, Commander Cool has nine different weapons at his disposal, which are rather strange. Including the odd Rainbow Spitting Unicorn… head gun thing. You may also dress up in different costumes as well for additional coolness, such as a shark outfit or as a giant chicken. You’re also timed with how quickly you can beat each level.

Commander Cool 2 is available off of Google Play free of charge with optional IAPs as well. You can check out the sport for action via the trailer below. You may also play this game on PC via Steam as well.

Commander Cool 2 (Playboard) | Commander Cool 2 (Play Store)