April 19, 2021


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Compared to Magic Keyboard, I will Chose Brydge Pro+ for iPad Keyboard

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Brydge was founded in 2012 and has successively launched accessories for Apple, Microsoft and Google laptops and tablets. It has a good reputation especially in terms of keyboards. The review also tested the Brydge Pro+, an iPad keyboard with a trackpad which is launched this year.

The 2020 iPad Pro doesn’t have a digital upgrade on the chip, but it does have a redefinition of the A12Z chip based on the update on the iPadOS system. Let’s get back talking about iPad Pro productivity. Aside from the entertaining experience, the new iPad shows its inexperience in painting, video editing and other aspects. However, if a user needs some text input, or some online document processing, you’ll find that the iPad without a keyboard is a little more difficult to watch a video with a bullet screen.

Brydge Pro+ solves more than just text input problems. Compared to the previous generation of products with a trackpad, even beat the mouse. According to  week’s use experience, there are many shining points of this product.

Why is your iPad keyboard has to be a magic keyboard?

At first glance, the Brydge Pro+ looked like a MacBook keyboard.

As a peripheral keyboard specially designed for iPad, Brydge Pro+ adopts Apple’s industrial design style, with excellent performance in aluminum alloy and tactile details. The color matching of space gray fits iPad very well. Especially, my iPad is also the color matching of space gray, which is almost exactly the same. It feels like a MacBook Pro.

The packaging is relatively simple. In addition to the keyboard body, the accessories are an absorbent protective case, stickers, a C to C cable and a manual in English. There are no additional complimentary storage bags and no official perimeter.

Brydge Pro+ keyboard is connected in a different way from the Apple Keyboard. Brydge Pro+ is hinged with adjustable designs. The advantage is that the hinge is designed to support 0-180 ° opening and closing. Of course, if you consider the application scenario of reverse installation, it is almost equal to the use range of 360°. This is not possible with SEC control. The downside, of course, is that it takes more than 10 seconds to install compared to the adsorption method.

The soft silica gel shaft is adopted at the hinge, which is not affected by the installation of the non-tempered film. The width of the shaft is basically the same as the thickness of iPad, which does not affect the screen display. The fitting degree and stability after installation are in good condition. The rear adsorption-type protective case has a good experience in terms of adsorbability and fit, and does not slide or fall off during use.

On the side, Brydge Pro+ keyboard was just right in terms of thickness and rounded corners. There are independent silicone pads on both sides of the iPad to protect the iPad when it is closed. The bottom four corners of the keyboard also have circular raised anti-skid pad, the overall placement is more stable, and the strength of the desktop is stronger. The standard magnetic suction sleeve has a very detailed treatment of the rounded corners on both sides and the opening of the camera area, which makes it more suitable for the 2020 model (multi-camera). The leather cover, in addition to the protection, visually compensates for the hinge protrusion.

I hope I can have one after watching apple’s official keyboard promotional video. I’ve even been convincing myself that the $399 isn’t expensive. But after the launch of various reviews which said “disappointment”, as well as the offline store experience of comparison, magic keyboard in terms of functionality is far less than it appears in form. In addition to the adsorption and connection mode, the input experience, screen Angle and other aspects are far inferior to Brydge Pro+. At least for now, Brydge Pro+ keyboard is the wiser choice in terms of price and performance.

More comfortable typing experience and a wider trackpad

Brydge Pro+ keyboard is basically the same as the MacBook. It adopts a 78-key keyboard layout and makes some quick adjustments on some of the keys combined with the features of iPad tablet. For example, the main control buttons are grouped into a bright screen to return to the home page. Separate lock screen buttons, Bluetooth buttons, and the voice function key in the lower left corner, etc.

The paragraphs in the keyboard touch feel clear, and the sound feedback is more from the strength of the fingers. Brydge Pro+ ‘s biggest feature is the adjustment of some function keys, which greatly improves the usability of the keyboard.

The first row of buttons on the top, in addition to the regular keyboard, brightness adjustment, play control, sound button, etc., the three buttons on the left are in order: master key, quick lock and backlight adjustment (click switch, three-level brightness adjustment); An input method toggle button is added in the middle area, and a Bluetooth button is added on the right to press the device to enter the pairing mode.

The layout of the middle area of the keyboard is basically the normal way, but the difference in the bottom row is that there is a voice button on the far left that can wake up Siri with one click. Other shortcuts are as follows:

CMD +C copy, CMD +V paste, CMD +X cut, CMD +U underline, CMD +I italics, CMD +H back to home page, CMD +Tab switch App, CMD + Option +D dock, CMD +Space search, CMD +Z undo, Ctrl+Shift+ Space switch language. (one more: Hold oplion to switch cursor when entering page arrow keys)

The trackpad has long been one of the highlights of Apple’s MacBook devices, and Brydge Pro+ is a good example of this. In short, it’s big and easy to use. The function of the trackpad is not to replace the mouse, but to provide better touch control and choice in many mobile scenes where it is not convenient to use the mouse, without affecting the control experience of the device.

The keyboard is powered by a USB-C port, which is also compatible with the standard iPad cable. In addition to Bluetooth connection, the device can also connect to the iPad via cable. As a Bluetooth keyboard, it cannot be directly compared with the MacBook in terms of interface. An external docking station can be configured if there are expansion requirements.

Brydge Pro+ Touch pad supports custom settings. Click Settings – Auxiliary function (open auxiliary touch) – device -Brydge Pro+ to set the custom button. Users can select common functions according to their daily usage habits. In terms of shortcomings, there is no expansion based on App functions, which is less ductility for geek players.

Double-finger touch control can operate the sliding interface.

Three-finger touch can open the App switcher. Users can also customize more settings.

Endurant three-level of light adjustments

Brydge Pro+ keyboard supports three levels of light adjustment, which can be switched by the light button at the top.

The light transmittance of the keyboard keys is good, the brightness of the first-level light used in daily use is enough, the space bar is relatively weak due to no penetration and the effect of the edge light. From the functional point of view, lighting is more needed for night use, which is different from RGP keyboard lighting effect. In addition to the effects of light switching, the keyboard also has a great wake up experience. Bluetooth connection scene, touch the keyboard to wake up. The downside is that the trackpad doesn’t support keyboard wakeup.

Keyboard lighting adjustment ▲

Brydge Pro+ battery life can be seen through the iPad Today View. The official battery life is “one hour charge, three months use”. In practical experience, typing continuously for 33 minutes consumes 1% of power; During the three hours of writing this review, the battery consumed 8%. There is no need to worry about power when carrying on business trips. As mentioned above, the interface of the keyboard is the same as that of the iPad, and the power supply of the USB-C interface is also more convenient.

Easy to carry and easy to use. I chose Brydge Pro+ for the iPad keyboard

I chose the 2020 iPad Pro for “productivity” and spent $8,000 including the pen (low edition + education discount). If it comes with a smart keyboard, I don’t know why not choose the MacBook Pro? I’ve also tried using the iPad to write reviews or process work documents online. I want to take notes through the Apple Pencil. The actual experience is like a buyer’s show and a seller’s show, so the iPad is nothing but a video website except for the kids learning.

I have been using Brydge Pro+ for the last week. For two days, I directly switched the laptop to iPad. The keyboard has obviously supplemented the short board of text input of iPad, and the trackpad and touch screen can completely eliminate mouse. Through online documents can easily solve the daily office document processing problems; For file transfer issues, an iPhone is probably better than an Android phone.

On the other hand, the iPad’s experience on the touchscreen side of the screen is not comparable to that of a laptop with a touch screen, either in terms of color presentation or touch experience. In some interactive scenes of daily work, it is impossible to open the screen at 180° and display the experience in small communication scenes.

Overall, the Brydge Pro+ is a better peripheral keyboard for the iPad. In combination with the requirements of the context, Brydge Pro+ is far easier to type on the lap than Apple’s smart keyboard double-sided clip accessory, both in terms of stability and keyboard input feelings.

If you work as a word worker, or travel a lot to deal with work documents, then you can consider adding the Brydge Pro+ keyboard to your iPad. It is portable and works both for entertainment and office purposes.

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