Written by Ryan Ballard

Written by Jim Dattilo (author of Zombie Exodus) and published by Selection of Games, A sensible Use of Time is definitely an interactive fiction that’s available these days for Android. Within this story, players assume the function of a an insurance coverage executive in which you awaken one morning to the realization you have the opportunity to freeze time for everyone (and everything) else, while retaining the ability to conduct “business as usual” on your own.

When time is frozen, no one can see or hear you. The power may be used to rob casinos, or rescue others, or stay a step or two in front of death. In a Wise Utilization of Time, this ability comes at a price, as every second of your time that’s “stolen” puts force on your body. Also, you aren’t the only character in this book that has this ability, and all sorts of characters that can stop time are safe from being stopped by others.

A Wise Utilization of Time Features:

? Play as male or female; gay, straight, or bisexual.
? Develop relationships with one of four main romantic options (or perhaps a secret one). Track your relationships and moral stats as they change.
? Level up your time-control powers, or nullify these to protect yourself and others.

The novel has 260,000 words, romance options in addition to dialogue options, as well as the choice to level up your powers over time. For example, you are threatened with being killed with a time controller that’s more powerful than yourself. Do you:

A) Attract his hunger for power and convince him that I can help him if left alive
B) Persuade him I am no threat and then try to befriend him
C) Simply tell him I understand of a method to lose my power, so I will no longer be competition
D) Outsmart him, saying I’m stronger than he realizes and I could kill him
E) Offer to work with him to locate other time controllers
F) Keep speaking with him and wait for an opening to strike in order to flee
G) Talk about my family and friends to evoke empathy

The first three chapters could be played for free, with the rest being unlocked having a single IAP of $2.99, which is a sale price lasting until September 11th.

Wise Utilization of Time (Playboard) | Wise Use of Time (Play Store)