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Cross platform networking is not a dream: Linksys AX5400 WiFi 6 routing system

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Linksys AX5400 WiFi6 routing system supports 160MHz WiFi 6; supports Easy Mesh fast networking, making networking easier. The upright design is suitable for heat dissipation and high-value online; a three-year warranty is only a replacement or repair. However, localization at the software level is slightly lacking and needs to be improved.



An era of disconnection anxiety


With the popularity of smart phones, people are more and more dependent on the network. “No signal” and “low power” can make young people anxious instantly. Simultaneously , there are more and more intelligent devices in the home, which is also a test for the home network. As the center of home network, router plays a significant role, but it is often hidden in a corner like transparency. Today we will talk about the Linksys AX5400 WiFi6 routing system.

Wi-Fi 6 & EasyMesh


Before formally introducing the AX5400 WiFi6 routing system, I would like to discuss Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh’s terms to understand its performance better.



Wi Fi 6: faster, safer, less interference


Wi-Fi 6 is also called 802.11ax (or IEEE 802.11ax), and Wi-Fi 5 is currently used by most routers. The benefits of Wi-Fi 6 are mainly reflected in faster speed, better network security, lower interference, longer battery life of smart devices, etc.

There are many ways to upgrade Wi-Fi 6. The detailed content will not be explained here. Interested friends can search for it by themselves. Here, we only introduce a few by combining the parameters of the leading AX5400


  1. MU-MIMO: multi-user, multi-input, multi-output, which has been used in Wi-Fi 5, but Wi-Fi 6 has applied it to the uplink. Wi-Fi 6 currently supports up to 8 * 8, while Wi-Fi 5 supports 4 * 4.
  2. 160hz: Wi-Fi 6 fully supports the 160Hz widescreen band. The wider the frequency band, the greater the amount of data transmitted and the faster the speed. Just like the four-lane highway and the two-lane highway, the carrying capacity is significantly increased.
  3. WPA3: Encryption method. The number of encryption bits is up to 192. WPA2 and WPA2 used by Wi-Fi 5 have been used for more than ten years. In addition to higher encryption, WPA3 can also be automatically blocked during brute force cracking, and it also provides a more secure DPP protocol to replace WPS.
  4. OFDMA Technology: In short, one transmission can transfer data to multiple devices, while Wi-Fi 5 can only transmit data to a single device at a time, which is inefficient.


EasyMesh: Breaking the ecosystem of a single Mesh manufacturer


In order to solve the coverage of a single router and the upper limit of the number of connected devices, networking has become a necessity for families with large size, a large number of intelligent devices, and high requirements for network quality. Standard networking technologies include AP and mesh, but AP often needs early wiring, which is very troublesome if it is not considered during decoration. Mesh can exchange data through a wireless network, reducing deployment environment requirements and making it more flexible convenient.

EasyMesh is a type of Mesh, a standard certification launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and a brand-new Mesh solution to implement cross-platform Mesh communication deployment.

The most prominent of EasyMesh is that it breaks the requirements of a single vendor ecosystem It can network the routers of different vendors that meet the EasyMesh certification, providing more selectivity and flexibility. For example, if you buy an EasyMesh router from manufacturer a, you need to establish a network two years later. If you support EasyMesh, you can install it in two days.

Nowadays, few routers are supporting EasyMesh, which large factories often promote. That’s good. Large factories take the lead in promoting EasyMesh. When there are more routers in the future, consumers will have more choices.

Well, having said so much, let’s take a look at how the Linksys AX5400 WiFi6 routing system performs.



High-Profile Online


As mentioned earlier, the router always wants to be transparent at home, so it lacks some design in appearance. However, this time, the leading AX5400 intends to change this. Linksys is a subsidiary of Belkin. Belkin is Apple’s official accessory manufacturer. Naturally, Linksys’s router is also on Apple’s official website, but it’s not today’s AX5400.

Linksys AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 routing system is composed of two AX5400, so the box is relatively large. The main parameters of ax5400 are introduced on the front of the package.

When you open the package, the first thing you see is two AX5400. Next to them are the network cable and power adapter, as well as some instructions, just like most routers.


Because it needs to adapt to different countries’ power specifications, the power adapter plug is detachable, and it is easier to replace if needed. However, the quality of the included network cable is not good. Although it can meet the gigabit network speed requirements, it is a bit cheap.

After talking about the accessories, let’s focus on the router host. Linksys AX5400 adopts an upright design, matching black and white, and outlines with symmetrical rhombus lines, making this router look exceptionally designed, generous, and straightforward. It can be well matched with various furniture styles, and it can also occupy less furniture area.

The front of the Linksys AX5400 is a black painted piano panel with four indicators: Power, Wi-Fi, Internet, and Mesh. Through the concave diamond design and the blue indicator light, this AX5400 has a sense of technology. I like it very much.

The back of Linksys AX5400 provides WPS, USB3.0, 4 LAN Gigabit ports, ten thousand Gigabit Internet port, power port, power switch, and reset button. Compared with the front design, the back design is entirely satisfactory.

The top of the Linksys AX5400 is a heat dissipation hole. The upper and lower air convection heat is a vertical design to ensure that the router can continue to work stably and efficiently.

The bottom design of Linksys AX5400 is more interesting. It uses a suspension design. On the one hand, it has a more design sense in appearance. On the other hand, it is also conducive to the router’s upper and lower convection heat dissipation, which combines aesthetics and functions.

The body of the Linksys AX5400 is made of plastic, but through the design and materials, the Linksys AX5400 has a very high quality.

I’ve used the vertical router before, but it’s not as good as I like. But this time, the leading AX5400 changed the embarrassing situation that the router was only equipped in the corner before. It is a design with a sense of technology and the future. I very much hope to put it in a prominent position at home as a small decoration.

In the living room, it highlights the simple and generous texture!

In the bookroom, it highlights the sense of technology and the future!

Get started with EasyMesh


Basic settings

EasyMesh, just like its name, is relatively simple to build. But what needs to complain is that this router’s settings do not support App settings and can only use traditional website settings, which may have something to do with its entry-level positioning.

The router’s login address, Wi-Fi password, login password, and other information at the bottom of the device can be opened with a mobile browser or computer browser to start the setting.

In addition, the Linksys AX5400 supports a three-year warranty, which means that high-end routers provide better service.

Fast migration of network devices




     1.can the first mock exam of EasyMesh network be used in the same way?

Yes, 2.4GHz and 5GHz can be separated in Non Mesh System mode, commonly seen in xxx and xxx-5GHz.

  1. Can smart devices connect to the Internet generally after dual-frequency integration?

At present, there is no problem with the “Android” devices. There are 20 + smart devices in the home, and they can work normally after the dual frequency is combined.

How to migrate smart devices at home to a new router with the fewest steps? I have already introduced in detail in the article, and you can take a look at it.

  1. Can the Linksys Ax5400 be controlled via mobile app?

Not currently supported, use a mobile phone, computer browser to set and manage. The opening method is introduced at the bottom of the router.

  1. Can I upgrade without a device that supports Wi-Fi 6?

Yes, Wi-Fi 6 is compatible. There is no problem with the connection of old devices before.





  1. It Support EasyMesh, which can realize cross-platform Mesh networking.
  2. 160MHz Wi-Fi 6, faster and more secure, more and more devices will support Wi-Fi 6.
  3. Three -year warranty, only replace not repair, more than two can be installed.
  4. Beautiful design, a great sense of technology.


  1. In Mesh mode, only dual frequency can be integrated.
  2. App management is not supported. Although the router is running stably, the app is required to check the running status.

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