Written by AndrewH

It’s a rare event once the word Apple appears in a headline of ours. I mean we’re an Android gaming website in the end. However, during the Apple TV event currently going on, Hipster Whale previewed a new form of Crossy Road having a slightly new twist to it – multiplayer.

That’s right, Crossy Road got itself some multiplayer goodness. Now unfortunately this was shown off throughout the Apple TV event, so all we all know is this fact version with multiplayer is launching along side Apple TV. Apple would certainly not allow Hipster Whale to speak about the multiplayer feature coming to Android TV, or other platform for instance, and that is really bad.

How everything plays out is kind of cool though. Players will have the chance to block and push whoever they’re playing against. It’s not all competitive though. You can also play in a co-op fashion as well. Nevertheless the cruel and fun deaths will be a lot more plentiful in the competitive method of playing multiplayer.

Will this version arrived at Android TV or any other platforms? We don’t know, however it would be reliable advice Hipster Whale wouldn’t sell out like that to make it a lasting Apple TV exclusive feature. However, we might avoid seeing multiplayer on Android TV for a bit. We will post an update when we hear back from Hipster Whale about Android TV multiplayer.

Website Referenced: Polygon