April 19, 2021


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DEEBOT N9 +: Say Goodbye to Hand Wash Mops

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When cleaning school as a child, the dirtiest and most tiring job was to wring the mop. Cleaning the mop is a systematic project. You need to select a handy mop and immerse the mop in a sink with detergent. When the mop is full of water and becomes heavy, one person needs to lift it with great effort, and another student will wring the mop clean with his hands and then put it into the water tank to rinse the mop clean. With a flick of a finger, with the rise of various cleaning tools, children today may be more familiar with sweeping robots than brooms and mops.

According to AVC (AVC) push total data, the clean electrical appliance market’s scale will reach 4.3 billion dollars in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 20%. The obsolete products are being eliminated at an accelerated pace, and companies are introducing new ones to solve the pain points of consumer’s washing mop. According to AVC calculation data, the cleaning appliance market will be driven by floor scrubbers and sweeping robots in 2021, which is expected to exceed 5.7 billion dollars, a year-on-year increase of 26%.

As a leading company in the field of home service robots, Cobos has recently launched the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot that can automatically backwash and self-clean with one click. As a new thing, how does it perform? Let’s take a look together!


Self cleaning auto clean mop cleaning seat

When I first got the DEEBOT N9+ from Cobos, my biggest worry was how to take it home. The one-meter-square outer package contains a sweeping robot, an Auto-Clean mop station, and many accessories. It is not only significant in size but also in weight. Finally, I chose to take it home with a small cart + online car-hailing method. By the way, due to the design of the packaging box, the trunk of a non-hatchback can’t fit this big guy. It’s best to put it on the back seat to get it back.

After unpacking, I found that most of the package’s space was occupied by the Auto-Clean mop cleaning station and the cleaning robot and accessory packaging boxes to the other side. After taking out all the products and parts, the most eye-catching thing is the enormous Auto-Clean mop cleaning station.

The Auto-Clean mop cleaning stand’s overall main color is white, with black dots on the top touch panel and the bottom charging contacts. The overall design is similar to the Auto-Empty automatic dust collector, but it is huge in size and can accommodate the entire sweeping robot. Open the upper cover of the cleaning station. You can see two water tanks distributed inside. The gray water tank is responsible for collecting sewage, and the blue water tank is responsible for holding clean water. A cleaning fluid adding hole is reserved above the clean water tank to cooperate with Cobos. DEEBOT N9+ special cleaning fluid can get twice the result with half the effort when cleaning the mop.

There is also considerable storage space on the front of the Auto-Clean mop cleaning the seat. The four corners of the front cover are designed with magnetic attraction. After the front cover is lifted, there is a built-in brush specially used to clean the equipment. When cleaning the equipment, you need to click the recall host/control host to exit the mop cleaning seat, then short press the cleaning button. The cleaning tank will automatically add water. After using the brush to clean the cleaning tank, short press the cleaning button, the cleaning tank will automatically drain. The sewage is flushed twice to ensure that the cleaning tank is always clean and will not contaminate the mop.


The unique design of DEEBOT N9 + sweeping robot

After taking out the Cobos Dibao DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot from the box, the first impression I brought to the author was exquisite and compact. The sweeping robot’s overall main color is white, and a VSLAM vision navigation sensor used to scan the environment is used above the sweeping robot. The large camera undoubtedly adds a touch of cuteness to this product.

It adopts the sweeping two-in-one design, the dust box, and the water tank are integrated, and the whole set of cleaning modules can be directly separated from the main body of the sweeping robot from the rear. Therefore, the sweeping robot does not use the upper top cover design, but the upper part is designed as one overall. The original power button and reset button have been moved to the side, making the body feel more integrated.

The front of the body is an infrared buffer anti-collision board, and the bottom is equipped with a down-view sensor and an optical flow sensor, which can perceive the surrounding environment. With the Smart Eye 4.0 precise navigation algorithm, it can quickly build maps and navigate accurately. Also, relying on the visual navigation system can create a 2D family plan to restore the actual program. The specific use experience will be revealed later.

I have reviewed the Cobos T9 before, and its efficient OZMO Pro 2.0 high-frequency vibration wiping system has brought me a deep impression. Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot adopts another idea in mopping the floor, which is similar to the cleaning car we often see in shopping malls or highways and cleans the floor utilizing two hexagonal mops that rotate opposite each other at high speed.

In the working process, the OZMO Turbo rotary pressure mopping system drives two hexagonal mops to rotate at a high speed 180 times per minute. It generates a 10N downward pressure on the ground. During the cleaning process, the stains can be gathered together and wiped. The mop holder adopts a magnetic design, which can be firmly attached to the water tank during the cleaning process. The cleaning mop adopts a three-layer structure design with an adhesive layer, a water-locking layer, and a cleaning layer. The mop is closely combined with the mop holder through the adhesive layer. When it needs to be replaced separately, the mop only needs to be torn off.

To solve the problem of no hand washing mops for consumers, the future of DEEBOT N9 + sweeper robot is expected

Above, We have learned about the components of the DEEBOT N9 + sweeper robot. Next, I would like to talk about my practical experience.

In-network distribution, I discovered the difference of the Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping machine. When distributing the network, thanks to visual sensors’ addition, the Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot needs to scan the QR code generated in the mobile app. Undoubtedly, the security of the configuration process is very high.

After the configuration is completed, the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot will automatically enter the Auto-Clean mop cleaning station for the first cleaning. This process can quickly wet the mop and get a better mopping effect. By the way, when using the Auto-Clean mop cleaning seat to clean the mop, it will detect whether the cleaning tank filter is placed. If it is not placed, there will be a prompt on the App end, and the cleaning action will not be carried out.

After the cleaning of the mop is completed, the Cobos  DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot will exit the Auto-Clean mop cleaning station and start the cleaning task. N9+ is like an old scalper, unswervingly cleaning the entire room bit by bit.

When the Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot detects that the mop needs to be cleaned during the cleaning process, it will automatically return to the Auto-Clean mop cleaning seat for cleaning. The Auto-Clean mop cleaning seat adopts the “wash-spin dry” mode to clean the wipes cyclically to ensure the wipes’ washing effect. Simultaneously, the addition of a fan can accelerate the evaporation of the mop’s moisture. Cooperating with Kovoster’s cleaning liquid can reduce the odor and the growth of bacteria.

In the end, it took 52 minutes to clean the whole house under the condition of medium water volume and standard suction. The power consumption is from 54% to 24%. Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot is equipped with a 5200mAh large-capacity battery, which is officially advertised to complete 150 minutes of cleaning. The actual data is even better than the official data, which is a nice little surprise.

The Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot that has completed the cleaning task will generate a 2D map of the whole house on the App. Compared with the map generated by Lidar, the map generated by visual navigation is slightly rough, but the functions of personalized customization, area cleaning, mopping/sweeping restricted areas are retained, and the functions can be realized on the map. I have two opinions on why the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot is not equipped with Lidar navigation.

The first point is product design considerations. Since the Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot has joined the OZMO Turbo rotary pressure wiping system, the body design focuses more on the wiping function. It can be seen that the charging contacts have moved from the bottom to the top of the water tank, and the addition of the mopping system will increase the height of the sweeping robot.  If the laser navigation module is added, some sweeping robots under the bed and sofa may not be able to enter the cleaning room because they are too high.

On the other hand, due to cost considerations, Cobos has a very mature visual navigation algorithm, which can be used directly on the Cobos DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot to reduce costs effectively. Compared with the selling price of  $750+ of the same category from friends, the price of $560 can attract many users to buy.


How about the cleaning effect? Let’s have a look!

The DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot is equipped with a 200ml electronically controlled water tank, which can continuously keep the mop moist and prevent the sweeping robot from frequently returning to the cleaning station to replenish water. On the App, you can also adjust the high, medium, and low water levels according to the degree of ground dirt to efficiently use water and reduce the frequency of midway water refilling. With the design of a 2200Pa high suction force and rolling brush, it can sweep while dragging wherever it goes, which truly realizes the integration of sweeping, suction, mopping, and washing.

I first used the common beverage stains at home to test. The floor was milk tea liquid and cola liquid. After selecting the area to clean, you can see that the sweeping robot drags the ground stains clean. After the mopping is completed, there will be no sticky feeling when stepping on the ground with your feet.

Afterward, the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot returns to the Auto-Clean mop cleaning station for cleaning. As shown in the figure, after cleaning, the mop will not be contaminated with the pigment and sugar on the beverage, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the ground.

To test the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot’s suction power, the author sprinkled rice, flour, and instant noodle residue on the ground. It can be seen from the animation that the sweeping robot can clean the floor very cleanly.

After a few simple simulation tests, it is not difficult to find that the DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot can clean the floor hygiene at home efficiently and solve the pain points of users washing the mop hand after using it with the Auto-Clean mop cleaning station. Bring a complete set of professional-level and efficient floor cleaning solutions.



The DEEBOT N9+ sweeping robot is undoubtedly a new thing. It solves the pain points of consumers’ hands-free washing of mop. It is already perfect for vacuuming, but the mopping function is very tasteless. Open a new door. Its appearance will also inspire more brand layout in this area. Next, we will see more brands will seek further breakthroughs in the mopping function.

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