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Does Such a Small DJI Mini 2 Make Aerial Photography Easier?

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Comments: Small and portable, it weighs 0.5lbs and is smaller when folded than a mobile phone. OcuSync 2.0 image transmission has a distance of 6.2 miles, 4K 30 frames, 100Mbps video rate, make the entry-level machine is also professional! Since there is only lower visual obstacle avoidance, users should pay more attention.

As a professional photographer, of course, you have to use the products of DJI. The original purchase was DJI Spirit 3. At that time, the UAV was not foldable, and the whole aircraft only had four propellers that could be disassembled.

The backpack I use is a hard shell, which I nicknamed “turtle shell” because it looks so much like the shell of a Ninja Turtle. When you go out to work, you fight like a Ninja. However, when I go out for shooting, I also need to carry my UAV, a bag in front and back, and a foot stand, slide track and other photographic equipment in my hand. It is especially like running away from disaster.

When DJI Mavic 1 came out, it immediately attracted me. The collapsible fuselage is completely convenient for me to use outside. But after I compared the performance and parameters of the Sprite 3 on my hand, considering the cost performance, although I was very excited, I still held back from starting. But the Emergence of the Yu 2 Pro completely broke my defenses, with its 1-inch sensor, camera, and omni-directional obstacle avoidance. While improving portability and flight safety, picture quality is also a qualitative leap.

DJI has updated many of its products in 2020, including the Mini 2. This time I got the Mini 2, and I couldn’t put it down. The smaller body makes it easy to carry around and solves my zoom problem for aerial photography.

Mini 2 is divided into two versions: basic version and Changfei set. The received version this time is the basic version, including the following accessories in the picture.

Out of the box

Compared to the Yu 2, the Mini 2 is really smaller, with a folding size of 5.4*3.2*2.2 inches (length * width * height), making it lighter and more portable. The official fuselage was 0.55lbs, and I actually measured the down side of the hand one at 0.52lbs. The folded body is much smaller than my phone. Compared to the Imperial 2, it looks only half its size.

The Mini 2, paired with tiny cameras like the SONY Black Card and the ZV1, adds up to just over a pound. In these vast mountains, or in the endless plain, the angle obtained by aerial photography is quite different. Since these are high-altitude areas, oxygen is scarce, so it is easy to have reactions. Lightweight equipment can effectively reduce the burden on the body. The Mini 2 can take off at a maximum altitude of 2.4 mile and has level 5 wind resistance capability under the premise of ensuring picture quality.

The Mini 2 has a 1, 200w 1/2.3 image sensor and supports RAW images, which have more color information than JPG images and are more adjustable later.

The sensor performs well in sunlight and is supported by DJI’s new generation image optimization technology with rich details and natural color transition. The night scene is a little less reserved for dark details and a little more noisy. After all, the sensor is the same size as a mobile phone, which is a good performance.

In terms of video, it can shoot 1080P 60P, 2.7K 30P and 4K 30P videos with a bit rate up to 100Mbps. The addition of 1080P60 frames and 4K in the entry-level model makes it more practical for video, and there will be more space for later cutting and upgrading. It also supports 2-4 times digital zoom, making it more flexible for scene shooting. When shooting sports, children, animals and tall buildings, you don’t have to risk flying close to them. It is safer and easier to turn on the zoom function.

It also supports intelligent one-button short film shooting and panoramic shooting. According to the camera operation tips, one-button shooting can be completed, which greatly increases the interest of creative shooting and playing.

For panoramic shots, you can choose from the super wide angle photos of the nine grid, the 180-degree panoramic photos, and the 360-degree spherical photos.

Compared with the first generation of the largest upgrade, Mini 2 is the same as the Yu2 Pro using OcuSync2.0 image transmission, safe and reliable, control distance up to 10 kilometers, remote shooting heart with hands, but also reduce the situation of drone bombing and lost contact.

The second Mini 2 upgrade is the remote control, which is bigger and better to hold, an advantage for those with large hands. The hidden antenna enables the mobile phone to be placed on the top of the remote control. Compared with the Yu2 remote control, the mobile phone needs to lower its head to watch aerial pictures in real time when it is viewed from the bottom. The Mini 2 remote control has a lower burden on the cervical vertebra and a better experience, which I really, really like.

In terms of endurance, the official announcement can be used for 31 minutes. In the actual test, the southwest where I live recently has been particularly windy and very cold. The actual battery life is about 20 minutes. It’s in the normal range. Because of the cold and wind environment on the battery and motor have a great impact. When I went to the northwest, the camera battery would suddenly lose power and shut down due to the temperature and strong wind. The UAV motor needs to use more powerful output to combat the strong wind, and the low temperature would lead to a sharp reduction in power.

If the Mini 2 is used with medium and high intensity, I recommend buying Changfei set. It will have 2 extra batteries, which is enough for flight. Or you can use the charger to charge the Mini 2, up to 18W fast charging. When I run out of one battery, I plug in the charger. During the break, I charged 70% of the battery in half an hour and completed my second flight shooting.

The Mini 2 uses a new App, DJI Fly, instead of DJI GO. There’s one bright spot I like about the App: nearby aerial photography. It displays aerial shots around the current location on the map, and players upload photos taken at the location. This feature solves the problem that junior players can’t find the shooting location, and they can learn to take the same photos by marking them on the map according to aerial photos.

The Mini 2 also improves on the need to share photos and videos on social media in a timely manner. The operation of Yu 2 is to connect the phone to the remote control, the remote control to the camera, and then enter the App to export. Mini 2 only needs to turn on the power and long press the button at the bottom of the body. After opening the App, Bluetooth and WiFi, the phone can automatically connect and directly enter the album for viewing and downloading. There is no need to connect the remote control anymore, saying goodbye to complicated operation and making sharing easier.

So that’s my share of Mini 2 trial, I personally think the Mini 2 operation still has the certain difficulty, new players must strengthen exercise, because it is only under the visual obstacle avoidance, a lot of new uses who lack of flight experience and the ability of handling crisis, obstacle avoidance is a very effective auxiliary effect, to a certain extent to ensure flight safety. At the entry price of 449 dollars, it is difficult to achieve omni-directional obstacle avoidance. At this level, it is a novice, and most players want to try aerial photography. If they are not confident in their operation, it is suggested to choose Air2 for front and rear obstacle avoidance or 2 for omni-directional obstacle avoidance.

For more demanding shots, the Air2 has 4800W pixels and the Yu 2 has 2000W pixels, but has a larger one-inch sensor. Both machines can be tailored better than the Mini 2 1200W. Because of the addition of obstacle avoidance, both Y 2u and Air2 have time-delay photography, and Air2 also has video D-cinelike color, with more post-editing space, but it is different from the Yu 2’s D-log. We have to compliment what DJI does.

It is highly recommended for high-level players. It is very suitable for making a spare machine. The weight of 0.54lbs makes it convenient for us to go out for shooting.

Some countries and regions can also save the time to report and apply for aerial photography. His flight and image quality also satisfied our basic shooting, especially the use of zoom. When we found wild animals and wanted to shoot, the zoom function allowed us to film them without disturbing their activities. Or when photographing tall buildings, you don’t need to venture too close.

DJI Mini 2 is small and light body, stable image transmission, reliable picture quality and endurance, which reduce the carrying burden of our equipment, focus more on the journey itself. Its rich creative functions can also make it more playful during the journey.

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