Written by AndrewH

Dogfire Games will be releasing their first major title onto Android the following month called Major Contract. This specific title is really a side-scrolling arcade game where players must collect resources from different planets to do mining contracts that you will get.

Of course things aren’t as simple as heading out and collecting said helpful information on your present contract. First, you’ll have to cope with low gravity and learn how to control your character and his booster pack. This includes avoiding various obstacles in your way. Your air supply is also limited, so you have only some time to collect the time you need. There also is actually plenty of alien monsters to cope with as well.

Major Contract Features:

? Challenging gameplay.
? Side-scroller with active combat system.
? Various planets with different environments.
? Upgradable equipment.
? Hundreds of possible gear combinations.

Each planet is different, so you’ll need to adjust to each one of these. Which means that you’ll most likely need to upgrade your equipment too, of which there are plenty of possible mixtures of to test out. So really, collecting the particular resources may be the easiest part.

Major Contract will be landing on Android in the later a part of September 2015. In terms of pricing, there is no word with that at this time. You should check out the game in action through the trailer below, or subscribe to the beta which has just started.

Official Website: Major Contract (Beta sign-up)