February 27, 2021


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Easy to shoot at home with just one camera

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The Pandemic made it impossible to go out during this Christmas and New Year. It is not possible for those who like photography to shoot around the world during the Pandemic. And the flavor of the holidays is also much less. However, this cannot stop everyone’s enthusiasm for photography. Today, I will bring you three fascinating methods that can be done at home by yourself.

Let’s start with a significant spot deformation

While shooting with a large-aperture lens for a beautiful blur effect, If there is light in the foreground or background, such as colored lights, street lights, or reflected light sources, Then the Light spot will be formed in the scene. And because of the large number of aperture blades in many large-aperture lenses, the spot shape tends to be round, which is very beautiful. But what I teach you today is to change the shape of the light spot.

In fact, to change the shape of the light spot, we need to start. If you want any shape, just find a piece of stiff paper and cut it out in the middle of the stiff paper. Of course, now there are many ready-made spot deformation equipment on the Internet that can be purchased directly, as shown in the picture above. While shooting a photograph, just keep the cardboard in front of the lens, and the picture will look like the pattern on the cardboard.

Space is limited, so we just put two samples to let everyone understand what it means. This kind of light spot has many pictures on the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now everyone understands how these pictures were taken. This kind of photo is most suitable for you to use when you are looking for models. When the Christmas or New Year atmosphere is strong, bring a camera, a large aperture lens, and a light spot deformed cardboard, and take such a set of photos for different models. It will do more with less. Of course, mobile phones can’t take this kind of photo, so there is no need to try.

Do you still remember the scorching TikTok Internet celebrity portrait photos in 2020, which is to use potato chip packets, washing machines, or brushed wire fences to assist in shooting portraits. Although I don’t know that if its still popular? You can still take a beautiful photo of your loved ones  this Christmas and New Year. The shooting method of this TikTok Internet celebrity is very simple. It only needs a wide-angle lens and a camera with a flash. Next, let’s show you some pictures of the shooting process.

The shooting of the drum washing machine uses a wide-angle lens and requires the use of a flash. Place the camera in the washing machine, adjust the composition and focus, and start the countdown shooting. You can figure out the action and angle, adjust it, and follow the instructions to get perfect image.

To shoot a potato chip bag, first, prepare a family-sized potato chip bag. Cut the two ends and clean the inside. When shooting, put the lens inside the potato chip bag, with the person at the other end of the potato chip bag. It is best to match a wide-angle lens with a flash. The expressions and movements of the characters can be adjusted by themselves.

To shoot with a steel ball, you need to pull the steel ball apart, leaving an area in the middle for people to be photographed. Need to match a large aperture lens, need to use flash. The steel ball’s function is to form a point light source through metal reflection, and then the large aperture blurs to form an aesthetic spot.


Micro distance can be shot like this

If the above are all necessary skills for pursuing someone, then the next thing to introduce is how to practice photography. Macro, I believe many people like it, but stock photos of flowers and plants are not too difficult. It is better to try the creative macro photography of Internet celebrities.

To shoot this kind of macro photography, you only need a very ordinary macro lens. Now many auto-focused or zoom lenses are equipped with a macro function. You can choose one with macro function when you buy it. The complicated part is creativity. After all, it is creative macro photography. With a good idea and then shooting the set, the effects can be achieved. The camera and lens are only used as auxiliary records. Of course, this kind of shooting requires lighting. So, you can use mobile phones flashlights, or professional photography lights for better results.

The final effect is fascinating. The author’s props are also more exquisite in performance, so the price is higher, so choose your equipment carefully when buying.

There are many types of photography that you can take, such as children at home, pets at home, and home-made foods. These can all be used as a way to “relieve boredom” at home during the Holidays. It is also recommended that you do not go out frequently to take pictures, and it is not too late to take photos after the epidemic is stable. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

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