April 20, 2021


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Empire Ears Odin Experience: You Can Get a Set of Excellent “price/performance” Headphones with 2,500 Dollars

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Over the past year, the outbreak of the impact of the market most practitioners must have profound sharp perception, but for those consumers who still eager to purchase products, it might not necessarily is a bad time: The pressure to survive has made the average product launch much higher this year than the number in the past, including part of the brands that I don’t think the brand can also come up with good even downright amazing works.

Yes, I was not a big fan of Empire Ears and its products. But Odin is a truly amazing product, powerful enough to turn my opinion of Empire Ears around.

Odin is so visually striking that the brand has named its panel “Bifrost,” the rainbow bridge in Norse mythology that connects the human world to Asgard. The production of Bifrost panel requires three lamination steps to make nine separate polymer layers into one. Each layer of material reflects light of a specific wavelength, which makes Odin show continuously varying colorful colors when observed from different angles, in order to fit the meaning of rainbow bridge.

On top of the Bifrost panel, the R side of Odin is decorated with the brand logo, just like the other headphones in Empire Ears, but the L side is decorated with the Valknut symbol. The exact meaning of the Valknut symbol has not been determined, but the symbol, which is made up of three closely connected triangles and is always associated with Nordic mythology, adds an extra layer of mystery to the product. The same symbol also appeared on the line divider of Odin, the line divider carved by the whole piece of metal gives the sense of class extra bonus, but the shape of such a sharp line divider is difficult to exclude the risk of scratch earphone, it is best to choose the compartmentized package to separate it from the unit part.

Odin modeling is a conventional custom mold design. Although the cavity is relatively thick, it is not long, and the compatibility of the auricle is not bad. It is comfortable with the silicone sleeve of the final Type-E. And considering the stuff has unilateral 2 moving-coil 5 moving iron 4 electrostatic unit 7 points frequency of exaggeration, I even think of Odin shell have small to some incredible, and in its volume into custom private mode is completely feasible, as the manufacturer with or without this intention, given the current state of the sales is still in short supply, even if in the future will also accept private mould orders and also needs some time.

The standard wiring comes from PW Audio, which is really a twin-wrench 1960s, but with a custom split breaker and a Pentaconn 0.09inch balance plug, which the brand calls “Stormbreaker”. Considering that the price of two-stranded 1960s is also 1,259 dollars, the standard wiring specification of Odin is quite luxurious, and there is not much need to change the wiring. Of course, at the level of Odin it is also worthy of the more expensive top wire is.

My first impression of Odin’s voice was very consistent with and even exceeded my expectations: the amazing high density. With enough cells (2 laps of 5 iron and 4 static electricity), Odin should be expected to deliver amazing density and rich vividness at all frequencies, and it does. Even in this era of “three-band equalization” products, it’s hard to find full-band high-density headphones, and Odin’s full-band density is not just “first class” but “top of the line.” Therefore, even in the super flagship earplugs with a price above 2,500 dollars, Odin can stand out with its outstanding performance.

If density is a little more straightforward, the second advantage of Odin is more elegant and more attractive to me: the near-flawless frequency division. Odin is one of the most integrated earphones I’ve ever heard, with excellent density in all bands and a very consistent sound look — a head-to-toe earphone. The full frequency band of Odin has a very distinct sense of line and fast speed. Combined with the density of few rivals, Odin shows a strong sense of power as if all the muscles of the whole body had been trained to the limit.

However, this does not mean that Odin has poor audibility. While it has low frequency of impact and high frequency of penetrating power, its tone is smooth and exquisite enough. Therefore, Odin can not only be unreservedly a hit when listening to music that needs to be sufficiently dynamic, but also cannot be too weird when playing soothing music. The tolerance of poor recordings is not so bad. If you still want Odin’s voice to remove some tension, slow down and relax, you might as well change the original final Type-E earplug set into EarrBOND EBT, and a soft player like Luminous M8 can also pursue soothing music.

Except for the density and overall sense, the dynamic performance and transient response of Odin can also stand on the top level. Delicate dynamic transient nature is very outsize Odin’s style, the result of the ups and downs, combined with the strength of the earth, how can I think of other earplugs in performing rock metal, other than  Odin, powerful but not crazy, a flurry of Odin is arguably the closer to what I think “American tune” the ultimate expression of earplugs product.

So, Odin is a full-dimensional earplug that reaches the top level? So, it must be great to listen to the symphony as well?

Unfortunately, the perfect product does not exist yet, and Odin also has its shortcomings, which determines that its interpretation of the symphony is not the most excellent tier: sound field.

Did I just say that the Odin full frequency density is very high? Yes, Odin also has a strong middle density, and the voice position is very close, which sounds very gripping, but such close voice makes the depth of Odin’s sound field compressed to a level that is not prominent in the flagship earplugs. Although Odin’s sound field is not constrained horizontally, the azimuth relation of each musical element is very clear and orderly, but the defect of sound field depth makes their near and far, primary relation not particularly distinct. Therefore, even the density, dynamics and transient performance of Odin are ideal for symphonies, but the shortness of sound field depth makes Odin’s interpretation of symphonies lack some openness and rigor.

However, this is only based on the conclusion that Odin’s sound field is not outstanding in the same price, which does not mean that Odin’s sound field is narrow, crowded or weak in separation. What’s more, I can understand Empire Ears to adjust Odin like this. After all, under the premise that the low frequency and high frequency energy sense are very strong, if the intermediate frequency does not do a solid ear stick, the sense of existence will inevitably be weakened a lot, and it is difficult to have it both ways. Just from the perspective of personal preference, I would prefer products with sound field stretching and stereoscopic effect. If Odin’s voice position is pushed forward slightly to enhance the depth perception, it would be more pleasing to me.

Hey, there’s a C on the invincible platinum star panel, and I don’t think it’s too hard for Odin to have a B project while reaching the S-level in other dimensions, besides, you wouldn’t believe me if I really brag.

In terms of driving force of demand, the sensitivity of Odin is 108 db/mW, low impedance to only 3 Ω, which naturally gives a person a feeling that it is very easy to drive. In fact, Odin does not have a high demand for driving force. Without KANN CUBE, QA390 and DX220MAX “quasi-portable” or “quasi-platform machine”, IT can drive dynamics and density to a complete state on SP2000, and even the small tail of PAW S1 level can drive Odin quite surging. Of course, not only dynamic and density standards can be called perfect, for Odin level products, I still recommend using flagship player to exert its strength as much as possible, but using easy to drive products occasionally as a little experience is always not too bad.

In addition, considering that the style of Odin itself is already quite compact and fast, I do not recommend you to use it with the high output of the high-thrust machine. “Overpushing” may make the sound of Odin blunt and rough. Among flagship players with neutral style orientation, AK SP2000 and Lotoo PAW gold touch are good choices, which can retain the original flavor of Odin completely. At this time, Odin can cope with pop music, rock music, metal music and even instrumental solo chamber music. If you also want to listen to some soft and relaxing music, then Luminous M8 and Cayin N8 black edition are more suitable. As for the previously inappropriate symphonies, I’m afraid we still need to look for an upgrade line and player combination that can significantly improve the sound depth of Odin. If you have a suitable combination, please share with us.

Empire Ears Odin headphones, even though the price of 4,069 dollars is far from “cheap”, it is quite luxurious hardware and extremely strong comprehensive strength, and even makes people feel “outstanding cost performance” when looking at the same price. It can be said that the powerful product power of Odin has completely reversed my original impression of Empire Ears. At present, the popularity of Odin in the global market also proves that more and more high-end users are recognizing Empire Ears.

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