April 19, 2021


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Enco X is the first choice for Oppo users, and a “better” choice for other Android users.

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Seriously speaking, this pair of Enco X blues version is not a new product. It is just a new color version of Enco X to match the newly launched OPPO flagship phone Find X3 series fog blue color. However, since Enco X was first released five months ago and we have been using it until now, we have to admit that after a series of minor software optimizations and this major update, the current Enco X and then can no longer be regarded as the same product. So there is this belated evaluation.

The design of the Enco X Blues Edition is the same as before. Like many mainstream competitors, it is a horizontal clamshell box similar to AirPods Pro + a shallow in-ear structure with a handle and incorporates the early OPPO MP3 player’s design. The ring surrounds the charging box’s metal edge as an embellishment, and there is a striking Dynaudio logo on the back to emphasize its acoustic heritage.

Although I can’t get rid of the identity of the “AirPods Pro tribute,” the round, smooth, soft, and delicate Enco X is the most beautifully designed one of this type of authentic wireless headset products, in my opinion, even better than AirPods Pro For aesthetics, the wearing comfort is also the most satisfactory to me in its class. The artistry is much more rigorous than my own AirPods Pro. IP54 dustproof and waterproof are enough to be safe to use. Based on the successful design, the new color blues version further expands the beauty advantage of Enco X. It is more eye-catching than Nocturne (black) and Baige (white) and more profound than bamboo rhyme (light green). Unlike red, it is not easy to give people the impression of a slightly stronger plastic sense. Although the true wireless earphones I hold are so many that I change one pair every day for a month, it may not be the same, but the Enco X blues version’s beauty can still be said to be one of the best among them.


Regarding the actual impact of visual effects on the final purchase, it is not a big problem to call the new color scheme of the Enco X Blues Edition an “upgrade.” If you have to pick a fault, the blues version still uses a glossy plastic shell, and the durability is not  very good. It is recommended that you wear a protective cover.

In terms of hardware, the Enco X blues version has not changed: touch operation is still used; Bluetooth 5.2 and LHDC encoding are supported, the connection is fast, the entire link delay is as low as 96ms, and the cross-platform delay is not bad; the battery life with active noise reduction is 4+16 hours, support for wireless charging-this is a lot more practical after the release of the Find X3 series that also supports wireless charging. After all, the proportion of OPPO family bucket users who own wireless chargers will increase, and they can also be used when they go out. The phone recharges the headset in the reverse direction.

The active noise reduction effect of Enco X had not changed significantly compared to when it was first released. Its ability to attenuate low-frequency noise is comparable to that of competing products such as AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds Pro, and Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, while its ability to attenuate mid-and high-frequency noise is comparable and Slightly weaker. However, correspondingly, the ear pressure of Enco X is lower than that of most competing products. Combined with the excellent cavity design, Enco X will be more comfortable for long-term use, but in that case. I think the “weak noise reduction mode” does not exist. That’s necessary; the ear pressure of the “strong noise reduction mode” is not high.

The main improvement in experience is the wind noise resistance of Enco X. At the beginning of its launch, the anti wind noise performance of Enco X was widely criticized. After several versions of firmware optimization, the anti wind noise ability of Enco X has been improved. The wind noise intensity is not as annoying as it was at the beginning, and the active noise reduction, ambient sound and call experience are naturally better. However, OPPO still has a long way to go compared with products with excellent wind noise resistance such as Airpods pro.

Another controversial issue in the early stage of Enco X is its sound quality. Just as the optical giants such as Zeiss Leica are endorsing the mobile image, OPPO takes the sound quality as the main selling point of Enco X, and chooses Dynaudio, a well-known sound brand, to cooperate in the development. It also uses the combination of dynamic coil and flat unit in the genuine wireless headset.

But at first, some people didn’t seem to appreciate it (including me), and the sound quality evaluation of Enco X in the early days of the market quickly evolved into a polarized situation. The reason is that Enco X’s sound of the earliest version of the firmware is more extreme and stimulating. Its low-frequency and high-frequency energy are very prominent, and the voice is very thin. The dynamic coil and the flat unit give people their differences and lack of cooperation. This kind of sound can make users with little listening experience feel “different” from ordinary headphones and create the impression of “very high quality”, but it can’t stand the scrutiny of a long time experience easy to cause Hearing fatigue. Fortunately, OPPO paid enough attention to user feedback. In the later firmware update, the energy distribution of Enco X was not as severe as that of the two ends, and the sense of hearing was much more “positive.”

Simultaneously, as the blues version was launched this time, OPPO brought Dynaudio tuner Daniel Emonts to bring users two new EQ options: “Dynaudio simple and leisurely” and “Dynaudio warm and gentle.” You can guess that the former corresponds to a transparent and slender style from the literal meaning, while the latter is warmer and softer. Even the former is much smoother and more durablethan the early firmware from the true sense of hearing. The converged low frequency makes the overall feeling of the tone much better.

Comparing the two, I would be more inclined to “Dynaudio warm and soft.” The reason is that the high-frequency energy of “Dynaudio is simple and leisurely” is still relatively prominent, with a bit of aggressiveness, and the human voice is relatively thin. The “Dynaudio warm and soft” vocal thickness will be much better, and the high-frequency brightness and transparency under this setting are already good. There is no need to increase the code to affect the hearing resistance. Enco X’s resolution, dynamics, and density performance are relatively excellent in truly wireless headphones. Combined with the sound effects after this update, its sound quality can be said to be the first-rate level without much controversy in truly wireless headphones. The hard quality or tuning is good enough.

And these two new EQs are not exclusive to the blues version. If you already own Enco X with other colors, you don’t need to buy a new version, download the latest version of the Huanlu app to use it; or if you are planning to buy Enco X for the first time and are not sensitive to color matching, the spot sales or even third-party channel prices may be even higher. The cheap old color scheme would be a more pragmatic choice.

Facts have proved that the significant improvement of product experience through OTA is not just the “unique job” of a particular Zhuhai manufacturer. Enco X is OPPO’s first flagship positioning true wireless headset. It is not surprising that there were several immature experience problems in the early stages of the market. What exceeded our expectations is that OPPO has not only gradually improved Enco X’s performance in subsequent firmware pushes. Experience, five months after the product was launched, it will give users such a large update-you must know that for the fast-evolving true wireless headset category, the time scale of about half a year will not be surprising even if it is iterated.

This pair of Enco X blues version is just a new color scheme, yes, but the latest version of the firmware that comes with it makes Enco X evolved from its original appearance to “Enco X 1.5”-or you can understand it the other way around. Enco X is fully integrated, relying on manufacturers’ positive responses to market feedback, and gradually repaired and completed from the early stage.

Enco X is still the first choice for true wireless headsets for OPPO mobile phone users. After becoming a better version of yourself, it is also a choice worthy of consideration by other Android users.

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