April 19, 2021


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Excellent Performance: TurtleArmor T3000 SSD Evaluation

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SATA interface of traditional solid-state drives due to the problem of bandwidth, the performance is limited within the 600 MB/S, and the latest NVMe agreement, can make the speed of the SSD 3000 MB/S, and the latest PCIe Gen 4 interface, can let the SSD performance breakthrough 7000 MB/S, so for our consumer computer upgrade NVMe m. 2 solid-state drives, daily use experience will increase greatly.

For the vast majority of consumers, m. NVMe agreement 2 interface SSD volume is small and exquisite, performance is stronger, which is also currently the new installed the optimal storage solutions. Today we bring an adopted original particle, custom high-performance master control chip, adopts the PCIe3.0 X4 interface, compatible with NVMe1.3 agreement high-performance m. 2 SSD TurtleArmor T3000.

TurtleArmor brand is the core of Xinsheng intelligent technology co., LTD which launched a new brand for the consumer electronics market, the brand was born in Xi ‘an, China. In the conference today, Armored spiderman, electronic storage of Yangtze river, the national science all cooperation manufacturers showed up, its brand name is derived from the ancient oracle era, inscribed on the shell from the experiences of the origin of Chinese civilization. After the brand establishment, TurtleArmor is committed to high-end consumer storage products, and uses the original particles, which is quality guaranteed.

Jiangsu Xinsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has independent research and development, testing, manufacturing and other comprehensive capabilities, especially in the PCIe SSD main control chip, distributed storage system has its own unique number of pieces, which is currently one of the domestic SSD main control chip large-scale production experience of one of the major manufacturers, strong technical strength.

This we get from the TurtleArmor T3000 model SSD, the SSD adopted the standard 2280 figure, M. 2 interface, compatible with most of the currently main board, is in the front of the SSD brand identity and the product’s type and capacity, at present the SSD 250GB and 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB capacity of different specification. This can satisfy the vast majority of consumer users choice.

On the back is the SN code and anti-counterfeiting of the product, as well as various certifications for our subsequent after-sales service.

In terms of interface, the TurtleArmor T3000 used M. 2 interface, support NVMe1.3 protocol, the use of PCIE3.0x4 bandwidth, the official sequence read and write performance is 3200/2000MB/S, performance is excellent, basic market most motherboards can be compatible, performance and compatibility are very good.

The SSD uses a customized PS5012-E12S master chip from Groupings. With a large cache capacity, the SSD performs well while also giving full play to the overall performance of the hard disk.

In terms of flash memory particles, TurtleArmor T3000 uses BiCS3 / BiCS4 TLC NAND particles from the original Kaishang (formerly Toshiba storage) to guarantee the quality. Meanwhile, this SSD has the life performance of 640TBW. Far from most of the M.2 NVMe SSDS on the supermarket, we can see that there are 4 flash chips on the memory, all of which are from Kaishang.

Test: 3429MB/S sequential read performance 2299MB/S sequential write performance excellent

What you can see from CrystalDiskinfo, this solid-state drive supports NVMe 1.3, and as you can see, it also supports S.M.A.R.T for monitoring and analyzing the state of your hard drive.

In CrystalDiskMark’s testing of 5.1.2 and the latest version of Win10, 1909, we finally saw that in our actual testing, the Glans T3000 SSD was performing at 3429MB/S for sequential reads and 2299MB/S for sequential writes, which is much better than the 3200/2000MB/S.


In the test of AS SSD Benchmark software, we can see that this SSD has a 4K random read performance of 441374iops and 4K random write performance of 514674iops, which also far exceeds the official nominal data performance. Such performance is more excellent in the storage of small files in daily life.

In ATTO Disk Benchmark test link, we can see that the order of the solid-state hard disk read scores of 3339 MB/S, sequential writes scores of 2129 MB/S, excellent performance, such a high order read has better performance in the game, especially in large 3A masterpiece, can bring about faster game map reading and load speed, effectively reduce useless waiting time, better game experience.

Finally, we can see that in TxBENCH, TurtleArmorl T3000 SSD drives also performed well, with sequential reading and writing scores far exceeding the official claim and excellent performance.

Write in the last: TurtleArmor T3000 NVMe m. 2 SSD adopted PCIe3.0 X4 interface, compatible with most motherboards. In terms of performance, T3000 orders to read and write performance is respectively 3429 MB/S and the 2299 MB/S, excellent performance, at the same time using the master control chip, plus the customized group of original metal clad man flash particles, which allows the SSD quality as a line of original, and significantly more than nominal performance. When we use it in daily life, we can enjoy the rapid start-up speed, games, load, etc., and excellent performance.

In addition, the official warranty of 5 years is effective, so that users do not have to worry about after-sale problems. Moreover, such speed performance can bring faster video import speed, export speed and real-time preview speed for content creators who pursue high performance, and greatly improve their daily use experience. Taken together, the TurtleArmor T3000 SSD has excellent performance and reliable quality, making it a high-performance NVMe M. 2 SSD that is very suitable for most users.

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