April 19, 2021


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Fast enough, Real enough, Safe enough, DJI FPV “carried” you to heaven this time

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Speaking of which, DJI is a unicorn in the field of drones. From the genie PHANTOM 1 in 2013 to the Royal Mavic 2 professional version some time ago, DJI has allowed countless Newbies to enter this once niche field. The number of aerial photography and related creators has also increased significantly.

In other words, in the mass consumer market, DJI can be directly equated with UAV and vice versa.

So the question is, how to break through the upper limit set?

On March 2, DJI FPV was launched. This new product that covers traversing aircraft/UAV attributes strives to allow more users to experience a “near-reality” flight experience.

Through my actual measurement, even a pure novice can quickly get the first-person perspective’s immersion, the thrill of flying, and a strong sense of speed through it. Of course, the above experience all depends on the most important thing that is “safety.”


It’s simple enough

In addition to the joystick remote control familiar to old users this time, DJI FPV also brought a brand-new accessory-through joystick. The highly integrated buttons and the support of Somato-Sensory technology make the control more intuitive. The slight movements of the hands can be mapped to the control of the aircraft. The overall control experience is fantastic. To be honest, newbies and veterans also feel that this control method has its unique charm.

In addition to control, three different flight modes (S/N/M) correspond to three different flight experiences. Personal suggestion, S (sports mode) and N (normal mode) are more suitable for novice users, with a sense of speed and safety, and it is quite comfortable to play. Veterans with higher pursuits can naturally try the M (manual mode) after familiarizing themselves with the logic, but the official recommendation is only suitable for flying in open areas.

In the S/N gear, DJI FPV has reliable emergency hovering (the most eye-catching button on the joystick) and autonomous return to home without control protection. Once it stops accelerating or is in a particular unstable state, the aircraft will automatically correct it, So novices don’t have to worry too much about the aircraft explosion problem.

In addition to the above advantages, the DJI Fly APP’s emergence can also allow new users to simulate in advance and fully practice together before getting started.


It’s real enough

To play DJI FPV, all you need is to enjoy the flying experience brought by the first-person perspective. And this depends on its other prominent accessory-flying glasses.

The screen refresh rate of 144Hz and the image transmission technology from DJI O3 can bring us 28ms low-latency and high-quality image transmission. The maximum image transmission distance can reach 10km.

Besides, the maximum 150° ultra-wide-angle combined with RockSteady stabilization technology, the shot’s overall look and feel will find that the image quality and visual effects are relatively stable when the material is transmitted in the later stage. At least I can directly use it in 4K video.


Fast enough

As mentioned earlier, DJI FPV has three gears (N/S/M) corresponding to three modes. The maximum speed of the N gear is 14 m/s. It is a mode that makes people familiar with the control logic and methods. A new person will experience the baptism of this mode.

But if you play FPV, you will naturally pursue speed. The S is the standard mode that can be switched with one button. In this gear, the maximum speed of the aircraft can reach 27m/s. Simultaneously, the aircraft will be automatically stabilized, which will enhance the safety and experience while ensuring the speed experience. I don’t want to go back to the N after experiencing the S.


According to the official introduction, I did not try the highest-end M gear due to time constraints, but the maximum flight speed in this gear can reach 39 meters per second. I hope I can experience it later.

However, the activation of M gear requires a second confirmation. After unlocking, all flight assistance functions will be turned off (except for emergency stop hovering and out-of-control protection autonomous return), so friends who have just started should think twice, practice more and try again.


It’s safe enough

The emergency brake hovering function mentioned many times before, is higher than all operations in terms of priority. Simultaneously, its corresponding buttons are also in the most eye-catching positions of the two controllers. The purpose is obvious, which is to make us feel immersed. It can brake intuitively even during the most robust flight.

Besides, under the joystick’s control, once the “throttle” is released, the aircraft will immediately buffer and decelerate. This is common in the joystick controller. The overall experience is outstanding, and the touch is sensitive. It may be easier for driving friends to adapt to this feel.

The automatic return to home function of fail-safe protection is also a significant safety guarantee. Once the aircraft detects signal loss, it will automatically trigger the return. Of course, the same effect can be achieved through the controller with one click.

If there is an accident, then the DJI Fly App as mentioned above can help. Its built-in “find aircraft” function can display the aircraft’s location on the map after it is connected to the flying glasses through the mobile phone. Of course, I hope you will never use this feature.

In my opinion, the above four core points constitute all of DJI FPV, and these are also the four most intuitive feeling that this new product can bring to you through experience.

Once “aerial photography” was very scarce in the civilian market, the emergence of DJI turned aerial photography into a consumer-grade commodity. The FPV UAV before the release of DJI FPV have DIY attributes that make it difficult for ordinary people to enter. Therefore, the emergence of DJI FPV makes FPV drones “safe” in consumers’ eyes again.

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