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Fat Baby Games is really a two-man indie game developing team. Sean Rosenbaum and Rich Larm have worked in the game industry and have been a part of games such as The Sims, Command & Conquer ?and Frontierville among many more. Their new game Fat Baby Galaxy, has become available on Android devices. If you enjoy platforming games, then get ready for a wild ride. Fat Baby Galaxy is bold, bright and bursting with action.

Fat Baby Games was started this past year. Most game companies have a vision for the games they make. Here is what the vision is perfect for Fat Baby Games: “Their mission would be to create outrageously fun games: fine tuning the small details to surprise, delight, and challenge players.” One consider the trailer for Fat Baby Galaxy, and we believe that they’re well enroute to fulfilling their vision statement for their game. Fat Baby Galaxy is part of several mobile games that’ll be released within the Fat Baby Universe. All this leads up to and including game release later this season, which will arrive on PC and consoles. Knowning that this game sets the tone for what is to come, Fat Baby Games has place a lot on display within this first title.

“Fat Baby Galaxy is inspired by classic console platformers and arcade blasters like Donkey Kong Country and Tempest, offering challenging mechanics in a breakneck pace. You will jump, butt stomp, fly, catapult, drive and blast the right path through 7 unique, hand-crafted worlds and love every second of it.” – Fat Baby Games

Fat Baby Galaxy Features:

  • Wormhole surfboards
  • Cannons
  • Jetpacks
  • Pogo-sticks
  • Ice Drillers
  • Gravity Boots
  • Zip-Lines
  • Trampolines
  • Balloons
  • And much, a lot more!

We have spent a little time with Fat Baby Galaxy which is definitely fun to experience. It is on the upper level of difficulty when it comes to platforming games, and we think that is a good thing. The environments, as you can tell in the images, have a lot happening at the same time. The goal is to acquire as numerous stars as possible in every level. Acquiring more stars opens later levels. Additionally, the heavens may be used to purchase different outfits, shields, etc. There’s also pieces of keys scattered through the different levels for you to find, that will help you access different parts of the game.

Fat Baby Galaxy is free of charge to play and comes with an in-game store. The shop allows you to purchase stars and gems, what are in-game currency. So far, it doesn’t appear you need to purchase these things to enjoy playing the sport, or accessing game content. The sport doesn’t seem to be integrated with Google Game Play Services, from what we can tell. It may be something which is forth coming, as there are 14 achievements to unlock and leaderboards. Trying to connect to the leaderboards through the on-screen button yields nothing at this time. I am confident that’ll be contained in an update. The achievements will work hanging around though.

Fat Baby Galaxy may seem such as the next Samsung phone. In?actuality, it’s an enjoyable little platforming game that’s worth downloading, if you like that specific genre.?

Fat Baby Galaxy (Playboard) | Fat Baby Galaxy (Play Store)


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