February 27, 2021


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Feel the speed of light, Viper 8K Hz officially appeared

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As early as October 2020, thunder snake demonstrated the technology with an 8K Hz return rate and mouse. Until now, Razer Viper 8K Hz, the first mouse equipped with this technology, is officially launched. Its selling price is $92.00, which is now on sale on major platforms.

As the latest member of the Viper series, the 8kHz appearance of the viper is quite familiar. It is lightweight, symmetrical, snake style, 100% PTFE foot stick, Razer speed flex super-soft wire, second-generation optical micro motion, paw3399 sensor, and 2.5oz in weight.

Its biggest highlight is the Razer HyperPolling technology, which makes this mouse’s return rate up to 8000Hz, which means that the theoretical response delay is only 1G8ms, which is faster than most existing mouse (1000Hz, 1ms).


Simultaneously, as viper’s 8kHz debut, the thunder snake also announced the details and design concept of Razer HyperPolling technology, which is for low latency.

According to thunder snake, this is also the function of the high rate of return. It can make the moving track of the mouse smoother and smoother and better match more and more high refresh rate screens. The mouse will not delay the player’s control, and the mismatching of the screen will lead to operation error.

From the technical and data point of view, Razer HyperPolling technology adopts a new high-speed USB microcontroller, making it possible to report at the frequency of 8000Hz, which makes the delay as low as 0.125ms. Combined with optical micro motion characteristics, the whole mouse’s delay is much lower than that of 1000Hz.

By the way, thunder snake also emphasizes that the stability of Razer HyperPolling technology is quite good. It is more stable than its own’s wired and wireless and much more durable than the wired and wireless next door.

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