April 19, 2021


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From hardware to technology, The RedmiBook named Pro was Born.

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In the naming of technology products, “Pro” has always been a unique existence. In terms of product naming, Pro is generally regarded as the abbreviation of “professional,”. Often a product is marked as the professional version, which means that it has better hardware configuration and user-specific targeting than its standard version.

As more manufacturers gradually use the Pro naming method, Pro naming products continue to provide users with a high-quality experience. Slowly, for users who like to pursue high-quality and advance-configration, naturally, when buying products, they will choose products that can meet their own needs by choosing products with the “Pro” suffix.

Recently, the CNMO evaluation room got a new Redmi-branded noetbook named “Pro”-RedmiBook Pro 15. Before this, the Redmi brand made efforts in the notebook computer industry and launched the Redbook series of products, including the 16-inch full-screen laptop RedmiBook 16, the ultra-thin notebook RedmiBookAir, the Redmi G for gamers, and the RedmiBook 14Ⅱ and so on. The launch of each of these products is tailored for users with different positioning, satisfying various user experiences.

This time, the emergence of the first Redmibook product in the name of “Pro,” what kind of surprise will it bring to you? Can such a product afford the name Pro? Follow my steps and have a look!



Appearance and Quality reflect the superiority of Pro everywhere.

Where does the quality of a product come from? The answer is quite simple. In short, the quality of any product comes from the first impression brought by the appearance, and then naturally comes the feeling after touching it. Laptop are no exception. When you see RedmiBook Pro 15, you will inevitably be attracted by its appearance, and the feeling will be different when you touch it.

Although the all-metal body is basically the standard configuration of laptop products, the integrated feeling brought by the RedmiBook Pro 15 is different from other products. Where does this feeling of integration come from? It turned out to benefit from the application of CNC technology. I learned that the A and C sides of the RedmiBook Pro 15 body are made of CNC technology. Compared with ordinary notebooks that use stamping metal technology for the entire body, the RedmiBook Pro’s integration will feel better. Give users a completely different sense of quality.

In addition to the integration of the appearance, the advantages brought by the CNC process are also reflected in the notebook’s interior. After disassembly, we can see that the “interior” structure created by the CNC makes the internal components. Integrity has also been improved, and it is not like traditional computers that need to provide fixtures to fix the circuit boards inside. This structure also makes RedmiBook Pro 15 more robust and durable.

Powerful performance of standard voltage processor

Often, regardless of the positioning, most of the notebook computers use “low-voltage” processors, commonly known as “low-voltage U,” due to various considerations such as power consumption and design. Later, with the continuous evolution of products, more and more high-performance notebook computer products have begun to be equipped with “standard pressure” processors to ensure higher performance in recent years.

The RedmiBook Pro 15 has a built-in standard voltage processor of the intelTGL-H35 platform. The one I got at hand is the i5-11300H. Also, users with higher performance requirements can also choose the configuration of the i7-11370H. The overall configuration data is as follows:

In addition to the standard voltage processor configuration and the graphics card, NVIDIA Geforce MX450, the latest independent graphics card launched by NVIDIA for thin laptops, is also selected. I want to introduce more about this kind of graphics card. Previously, I often paid attention to CNMO evaluation, and I think everyone knows about it. The configuration data are as follows:

Also, in terms of flash memory, RedmiBook Pro 15 is equipped with 16GB DDR4 32000MHz; the hard disk storage is a 512GB solid-state hard drive. Besides, the hard drive can be replaced by users, which also provides the possibility of further upgrades in the future.

“Double high” screen brings better visual experience

For notebook computers and the “take-off” experience brought by hardware performance, the screen’s visual experience is also an essential factor that affects the overall evaluation of the user experience. RedmiBook Pro 15 is aware of this point. Take this model that participated in the review as an example, and the “double-height” screen brings a good visual experience. What is “double high”? That is high resolution + high refresh rate. Redmibook Pro 15 has a screen resolution of 3.2K, and the highest resolution can reach 90hz. Users can also switch according to their own needs.

On the one hand, the “double high” screen ensures the clarity of the screen display, on the other hand, it shows the fluency of the screen display. After a period of experience, you can feel more explicit images on Redmibook Pro 15 and have a smoother connection of dynamic graphics during the game, making you feel satisfied with the overall use.

Also, the screen ratio of RedmiBook Pro 15 is 16:10, and the overall visual area has been improved. The most significant advantage is that when the user uses office software, the operable area becomes larger, which improves efficiency on the one hand, and improves efficiency on the other. The operation process has also been optimized to enhance the efficiency of users further using laptop computers.

Rich interfaces bring good scalability

Compared with 14-inch and 13-inch laptops, the larger body space’s full-featured interface makes the laptop’s external expandability better. There are two USB-C ports, two full-size HDMI ports, and USB3.2 ports on the body’s left side. One of the two USB-C ports can support charging, data transmission, and the lighting 4 interface.

The right side design is relatively simple, with a USB 2.0 interface and a 3.5mm headset interface, which is more convenient to extend the mouse and headset.

In addition to rich interfaces, it also supports Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 in terms of connection. On the one hand, it can connect to higher-level Bluetooth external devices. The performance of 5.1 also makes Bluetooth transfer data faster.There is no sound delay in the Bluetooth headset.

The addition of Wi-Fi 6 naturally ensures the overall data transmission speed. With Wi-Fi 6 router and high enough network speed, it can achieve ultra-high network connection speed.


High quality human computer interaction experience

Question: When using a laptop, where do users have the most contact with the machine itself? The answer, of course, is on the keyboard and touchpad. As the primary interaction when users use laptops, the experience of keyboard and touchpad also dramatically affects users’ overall feeling.

The keyboard of RedmiBook Pro 15 uses a 0.3mm hyperboloid groove design. The size of the overall keycap allows users with different finger sizes to feel comfortable. The 1.5mm keystroke also makes the pressing feel just right, neither soft nor hard, which can be regarded as satisfying the user’s input experience as much as possible. The three-level adjustable backlight also makes the use of the keyboard more extended.

To make the laptop more intelligent, the RedmiBook Pro 15 with Xiao AI’s built-in also has an external shortcut key for Xiao AI. In addition to voice control for information inquiries, Xiao AI can even control the power of the whole house smart home.

Speaking of the keyboard, let’s take a look at the touchpad below the keyboard. RedmiBook Pro 15 is equipped with a large-size 4.93x 3.21in touchpad. During use, the larger area uses the finger to slide the space on the touchpad. Simultaneously, the apparent pressing feeling also makes the double-click and single-click operations clearer. The overall user experience is quite satisfactory.

Software support to further optimize the online experience

In terms of user experience, the software experience is naturally an inaccessible part. Similarly, RedmiBook Pro 15 is pre-installed with Windows 10 and the genuine Office suite, which is naturally the standard configuration of most laptops at present.

It is worth mentioning that the new MIUI+ (Intelligent Interconnection) system can support the cross-border interconnection of laptops and mobile phone systems, allowing smartphones and laptops to perform file transfers and web browsing operations to achieve a more efficient experience.



After a period of use, in general, RedmiBook Pro 15 is the first notebook product of the Redmi brand with the name “Pro.” In terms of design, configuration, and user experience, it is enough to afford “Pro” the name. Standard pressure CPU with NV MX450 hardware configuration meets laptops’ performance requirements in most business office + light entertainment scenarios. The rich interfaces also make laptops more scalable, which are enough to cope with laptops’ different scenarios. whether it is an external screen, an external keyboard, and mouse, or a projector, can be completed without the help of any accessories. Also, the more integrated appearance design makes the texture of the whole device further improved. The “double-height” screen also brings a new level of visual experience to the notebook computer.

All in all, if you are a user who is pursuing a “Pro” experience, you can consider RedmiBook Pro 15, which is bound to bring you a satisfying experience!

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