April 20, 2021


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Galaxy RTX 3090 GAMER OC Video Card Evaluation: an Unique View of the Classic

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RTX 3090 graphics card, performance will be the best. There is no doubt that it will be the most powerful graphics card.

The RTX 3090 graphics card was amazing because NVIDIA announced a new NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, which is a big change from the previous generation. It is also said that it was the greatest performance improvement ever.

For consumers to choose RTX 3090, they need to be aware of is the graphics design, heat dissipation, stability, such as dimension. Today I will bring you a by Galaxy GeForce 3090 GAMER RTX OC graphics evaluation, this kind of video card can be used on exterior design through classic to describe, graphics design is different with our traditional cognition. Galaxy has developed a new style, specific differences, the author will be described in detail below, let’s take a look at this first before review graphics – what are the characteristic

1.The performance of NVIDIA Ampere architecture equipped with 8nm is greatly improved.

2.It is equipped with 24G GDDR6X video memory.

3.Building block element, detachable module, which can give play to your own creativity on the graphics card.

4.strong heat dissipation system, super heat dissipation.

5.the use of non-public version of the large board design, power supply enhancement, to ensure the performance of the graphics card.

Let’s introduce it first. NVIDIA Ampere architecture is based on 8nm. Compared with the original Turing RTX architecture, NVIDIA Ampere architecture has an exponential growth in computing power. Each clock executes 2 shader calculations, while Turing executes 1, and the shader performance achieves 30 TFLOPS single precision performance while Turing is 11 TFLOPS. The NVIDIA Ampere architecture doubled the throughput of light intersection with the triangle, with RT Core reaching 58 RT TFLOPS and Turing 34 RT TFLOPS.

Galaxy GeForce 3090 GAMER RTX OC graphics cards are equipped with 24G of memory, to match the performance of the powerful GPU, can satisfy the artificial intelligence and in-depth study the needs of researchers and developers, which has the ability to deal with a greater amount of data. At the same time, the field of professional users, require very high performance of GPU, and GPU memory as much as possible, so to meet the efficiency of content creation.

In this way, professional users only need to use the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card for content creation and games, and at the same time, this video card can provide significant effects for both the future 8K and the current 4K.


01/ Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER graphics card appearance

The front of the GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card is mainly transparent white, and red and blue color parts are used on both sides of the video card to highlight the new sense of clarity.

Among the many RTX 30 series video cards, the GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card design is unique, breaking the fixed appearance of the video card image, let the video card can also be DIYed. The transparent white cover on the video card and the components on both sides can be removed, after the removal of a number of convex blocks will be exposed. These building blocks can be adapted to mainstream building blocks toys, according to their own preferences to the graphics card transformation, to create a different RTX 3090.

We can spell on graphics themes, we can make people. Or a toy model with blocks, which is like the toy we had when we were kids, that goes through the classics, but not just the classics.

The video card has a belief lamp on top. On both sides of the top, it is also equipped with convex blocks, which can also be installed with toy blocks. Vertical video cards have great creative space.

On the back of the graphics card, the whole metal reinforced back plate is used for auxiliary heat dissipation, so the heat dissipation performance is better. In addition, the rear opening design can also be used to install toy blocks.

In terms of heat dissipation, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC graphics card has significantly enhanced heat dissipation deployment. It is equipped with seven (5 0.31inch+2 0.24inch) nickel-plated composite heat pipes internally to enhance heat dissipation and further enhance heat dissipation efficiency.

Radiator uses the star of the radiator, pick up the three 3.54 inches fan, and every fan of carrying about thirty percent of the 11-piece through aerodynamic test static blades, further enhance the efficiency of fan air supply, nickel plated stainless steel panel with 3 slot hole on the geometry of hollow out, and all metal reinforcement back, the tail of the back hole design formed through love, in order to guarantee card heat dissipation.

At the same time, the graphics card can be directly locked on the chassis through the metal baffle-radiation-metal backplate, preventing the PCB from bending due to the gravity of the radiator.

In terms of power supply, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card adopts the power supply scheme of 2*8Pin, which can be compatible with the current mainstream power supply. What should be noted is the Internal power supply situation, as a result of RTX 3090 power consumption is higher. It needs to be equipped with higher GPU power supply, if the power supply is insufficient performance will influence the graphics, the Galaxy GeForce 3090 GAMER RTX OC graphics adoption of luxury 10 + 6 + 4 digital power supply, which can guarantee the graphics card and stableoperation, can also be for graphics large instantaneous power supply guarantee.

In addition, an ARGB motherboard synchronization interface is provided next to the graphics card power, which supports to connect to the motherboard to achieve the effect of light synchronization.

In terms of interface, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card is equipped with 3 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI 2.1 interface, and it also supports 8K video transmission, which is a guarantee for the future 8K video transmission.

The graphics package also comes with a set of graphics support and a 5V ARGB motherboard sync cable, as well as a 2-slot baffle for switching to the 3-slot baffle that comes with the graphics card.


02/ Introduction to graphics card parameters and test platform

For the test platform, in order to give full play to the maximum strength of the graphics card and avoid bottlenecks brought by other hardware, we chose 12 core AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT with 24 threads, Asus PRO WS X570-ACE motherboard and Pirate Ship Ruler Platinum DDR4 4000MHz 16GB*4 for CPU. Please see the figure above for details.

In terms of parameters, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card uses THE GA102 core, Samsung 8nm, the chip area reaches 628 square mm, has 10,496 CUDA, the frequency is 1395-1755mhz, the acceleration frequency reaches 1755MHz, and it is the overclocked version. 24GB GDDR6X video memory is used, the bit width is 384bit, the video memory bandwidth is 936.2GB/s, the grating unit and texture unit are 112 and 328 respectively.

On test scores, benchmark using 3D MARK, another Galaxy GeForce 3090 GAMER RTX OC graphics to present 4K is yucky 24GB memory game level, in the next 8 k games or to play out the biggest strength, based on this, the test will be key point to areas of content creation, contrast RTX 3080 at the same time, in order to explore the Galaxy GeForce 3090 GAMER RTX OC a powerful graphics card.


03 /Theoretical performance test

For the theoretical test, we chose the widely recognized test software 3DMARK, and used Fire Srike and Fire Srike Extreme based on the DX11 test with 1080P resolution, FireStrike Ultra with 4K resolution, and DX12 test with TimeSpy with 2K resolution and TimeSpy Extreme with 4K resolution for comparison.

Video card lineup: RTX 2080Ti, RTX 3080, Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC

The Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card, compared to RTX 3080, increased FireStrike by 9.5%, FireStrike Extreme by 11.8%, and FireStrike Ultra by 12.8%.

The Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card, compared with RTX 3080, TimeSpy increased by 9.5% and TimeSpy Extreme increased by 12%.

In Port Royal light tracing test, the image GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card scored 26% higher than RTX 3080 in the PortRoyal photochase test.


04 /Professional field test

In addition to the strengthening of ray tracing, the NVIDIA Ampere architecture is also greatly strengthened by its Tensor Core, the third generation of Tensor Core, which introduces thinning accelerations that automatically identify and eliminate less important DNN (deep neural network) weights, while still maintaining good precision. First, the original dense matrix will be trained, and the sparse matrix will be deleted. Then, the sparse matrix will be trained to achieve sparse optimization, so as to improve the performance of Tensor Core.

At the same time, an important indicator of video card is the memory capacity and bit width, the larger the memory bit width is, the more data the card can process per unit time. RTX 3090 has 384bit wide, 936GB /s bandwidth, and 24GB of large video memory, all of which provide better support for content creation.


KeyShot 9 test

KeyShot, which stands for “The Key to Amazing Shots”, is an interactive ray tracing and full-field light rendering program that can produce photorealistic 3D rendering images without complicated Settings.

In the KeyShot 9 test, the CPU rendering time was 11 minutes and 34 seconds. Since this software is characterized by its ability to quickly create photo-level 3D effect images for the model and also supports animation operations, it relies heavily on GPU.

Switch from CPU rendering to GPU rendering

In the KeyShot 9 test, the rendering time using RTX 2080 was 45.46 seconds.

In the KeyShot 9 test, the rendering time using RTX 3080 was 17.99 seconds.

In the KeyShot 9 test, the render time using the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC graphics card was 14.48 seconds.

Summary: Compared with the time of CPU rendering and GPU rendering, it can be found that there is a difference of about 11 minutes in the completion time, which can be seen from the improvement of GPU to KeyShot 9 rendering.


DaVinci test

DaVinci is one of the world’s professional 8K edit the only solutions, integrated color correction, visual effects, in an audio editing software, we test the Settings of the condition is that the import after 8K material, use motion blur slider sets the motion blur to 50, and to verify different specifications of the video card in DaVinci late test of the performance.

Through the test, we can find that in the motion blur test of 8K material plus 50-intensity, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card processing DaVinci test only took 17.6 seconds, while under the same environment, the RTX 3080 10G video memory model directly reported an error and could not be previewed, which also shows the advantages brought by the 24G video memory of 3090.

Blender testing

Blender is a free, open source 3D authoring suite. It supports full 3D editing – modeling, rigging, animation, analog rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation editing to start GPU-accelerated final frame rendering, while opening a new GPU rendering page in the window, which is prone to window rendering mode when the user forgets to switch. This scenario could easily result in video memory consumption on RTX exceeding 10 GB, which would consume all available GPU video memory on RTX3080. This could result in lost time due to aborting the render, or even the entire project.

Setting conditions: from the main menu, select edit “>>” preferences, then select the “system” section in the preferences panel. Select OptiX GPU Rendering, then return to the main viewport, open the render Settings, and start interactive viewport rendering.

In the Blender test using RTX 2080, the final result was 57.69 seconds.

In Blender test using RTX 3080, the final result was 34.45 seconds.

Blender test using the GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card only used 32.38 seconds.

But during the test, the 3080 and 2080 occasional RTX error, because at the time of rendering, sometimes rendering data of more than 3080 RTX 10GB memory capacity, so memory will appear the phenomenon of bottleneck, to crash the Blender, so in a Blender this content creation software or a big memory cards such as RTX 3090 more stable.

It also shows that the performance advantage of the GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC graphics card in Blender can help the creator to complete the creation work efficiently.


05 /Temperature test

In terms of temperature power consumption test, at room temperature of 24℃, we did not adopt a fully enclosed case, but adopted the method of naked test platform. In this way, we could ensure that the graphics card could minimize external factors such as air duct in addition to its own heat dissipation.

Although the performance of the video card of this generation is significantly improved, the power consumption is inevitable. From the test, we can see that the peak power consumption of the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card fluctuates around 370W.

The video card GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC has a temperature of 76℃ after a certain period of full load operation. Under the condition of core enhancement and power consumption enhancement, it can still maintain a good performance at 76℃.


06 /Application extension – live broadcast field

NVIDIA has a new Broadcast software. The app instantly turns your messy room into a live studio with built-in features such as audio noise reduction, background blur, virtual background and head tracking. NVIDIA Broadcast is based on the deep learning of DGX supercomputer using AI algorithm, so when it comes to AI and deep learning, the operating basis of this software is to be applied on RTX series graphics cards.

Those features will save anchors a lot of hard work and money, and just installing NVIDIA Broadcast, which relies on Tensor Cores for AI acceleration, can improve the quality of their live clips. At the same time, the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card has super high performance, which can guarantee the stability of the game frame number, and then increase the stability of live Broadcast. In combination with Broadcast software, it is easy to create a delicate Broadcast room.


07 /Write in the end

In the face of future 4K coverage and current 8K games, a high-performance graphics card will become crucial. Of course, many people do not know what kind of experience 8K can bring. Simply put, the resolution of 8K is 7680×4320 pixels, that is, 7680 effective pixels in the horizontal and 4320 effective pixels in the vertical. 8K video provides four times more detail than 4K video, and 16 times more than 1080P video, which means that the images will be more refined and the performance requirements for the graphics card will be multiplied.

While the Galaxy GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card has a strong advantage in performance. The powerful GPU performance combined with 24GB of large video memory can provide a powerful boost for 8K.

In addition, this kind of video card can be used through the classic to describe, in terms of appearance Galaxy wonderful artificial excelling nature of combining building blocks toys and graphics, appearance change can follow one’s inclinations, this is like put on clothes for the graphics card and we can adjust according to his be fond of, to break the traditional single fixed graphics image, also create a different era of graphics.

In this age of performance, the GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER OC video card has a creative look as well as performance, which is a rarity in today’s video card market.

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