April 19, 2021


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Good metal texture Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse evaluation

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Everyone in the office is more and more accustomed to a wireless mouse; portable, flexibility and high-value are wireless mouse characteristics. Recently I got a new wireless mouse: Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse. The design, feel, and experience of this mouse have left a deep impression on me. I will share my experience with you today.

01 Features and purchase advice

By convention, at the beginning of the article, I  will briefly introduce the Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse’s main features so that you can build a preliminary impression of the mouse. Next, give purchase recommendations based on the price, and then conduct a detailed evaluation.

1.Unique shape, smooth lines, the excellent texture of metal rollers and upper cover

2.Three kinds of wireless connection mode and device switch with one button, convenient and easy to use

3.Silent micro motion has excellent hand feeling, and can ensure the quiet use environment at the same time

Purchase advice: The Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse’s price is $15, so you won’t feel heartache when you buy it. The texture of the mouse is excellent. The use of metal materials in a large area brings advanced and stable office style, with cool and delicate touch.The mouse is powered by a AA battery, supports wireless 2.4GHz and two Bluetooth connections, and can switch connected devices with one key. If you have mobile office needs, friends who like wireless free operation can buy it and try it.


02 Cold touch of metal materials

The Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse uses a large area of ​​metal material. The rounded upper cover is made of a single piece of metal. The matte-feeling surface is smooth to hold. The high-raised lines provide comfortable palm support. There is also good holding experience under the overall slim shape.

The mouse wheel is also made of metal, and the narrow wheel has a fine scale to increase friction, and there is a precise touch of a gear. Holding the mouse in the hand, there is a strong feeling of steadiness.

Viewed from directly above, the Rapoo M700 wireless mouse is a regular rounded rectangle as a whole, which is quite industrial aesthetic. The mouse’s length and width are just right, and it is just right to hold with one hand. The mouse adopts a metallic gray color matching as a whole, and the two buttons have been deepened. There are no extra complex color blocks, and the overall look and feel is excellent.

There are four thin footpads on the four corners of the mouse bottom surface to stabilize the mouse movement’s trajectory and provide as consistent and stable hand feel as possible on different surfaces. There is also a power switch and a wireless connection switch button on the bottom. The lower half of the bottom surface is a magnetically closed battery compartment. The cover is lifted and opened to expose the battery compartment and the receiver storage compartment by pressing one side of the battery compartment cover.

With a AA battery, the Rapoo M700 wireless mouse can give users seven months of extended battery life. Users do not experience battery anxiety. Please take the receiver from the storage compartment and plug it into the computer to use a wireless connection, which is more power-efficient and stable than Bluetooth.


03 Ultra quiet feel

The Rapoo M700 wireless mouse uses an extensive silent design. Two silent micro-motions can eliminate the sound of the keys. The rebound of the micro-motion is soft and flexible. The experience is outstanding.

The mouse wheel is still a silent design; random high-speed rolling will not make a sound. The roller scale is clear, the feedback is obvious, and the rolling force is just right. Not Light not heavy.

The Rapoo M700 wireless mouse has a DPI of 1300, a relatively standard office mouse configuration. It is suitable for copywriting and table operations that require high cursor accuracy.


04 Dual-mode connection three device switching

Rapoo M700 wireless mouse has two Bluetooth connections and one wireless 2.4GHz connection, which can be paired with three devices. When pairing and switching devices, you only need to use the connection switch button on the mouse’s bottom, which is very convenient.

The three device adaptations happen to be used on a desktop, a laptop, and a tablet or mobile phone. Use a mouse to operate all equipment efficiently and complete a day’s work.


05 User experience and summary

The Rapoo M700 wireless mouse can easily meet the needs of office users. The overall mouse feel is excellent, and it is the best among office mouse. The superb shape design brings the unity of appearance and feels and considers both the appearance and the holding experience. The mouse uses a large area of ​​metal materials to improve the overall texture.

Whether it is battery life or performance, silent or feedback, the Rapoo M700 dual-mode wireless mouse has achieved excellent results, giving users a superb answer. Friends who need to buy a wireless mouse can buy it as soon as possible.

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