April 20, 2021


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Guide for Touring and Fronting: TourBox Initial Testing

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Any new device requires a process of adaptation, especially one that changes or disrupts your previous operating habit. I can’t say whether this authoring tool is necessary or how much it will improve the efficiency. It is more about combining the actual situation and your habits. But for me personally, the TourBox is worth it.

Video guide:

  1. TourBox opening
  2. Get hang of TourBox
  3. TourBox usage experience
  4. TourBox evalution and summary


Content Introduction:

1. Materials: thanks to the package which is made of skin-friendly material, TourBox is delicate and warm in touch. Although the sweaty hand is slightly stained with fingerprints, you don’t need to worry about wet and sticky hands after a long time of use. The anti-skid pad on the bottom has a great anti-skid effect, which is way better than my Macbook;2.Texture: the first feeling of TourBox is exquisite. The feedback of wheel and buttons is basically similar to that of mouse, so it is very comfortable to use. But you might feel it cheap when you use the knob. The main reason is that they are not assembled closely enough and there is no damping feedback.3. Overall design: TourBox is suitable for size, height and weight. It can be grasped by hand just like a mouse. The wrist can be easily placed on the table because of the edge streamline design. Not much pressure will be put on the wrist after long use.4. Key design aspects: after the practical experience, I found out the core of the design is in the middle of the knob. Based on the condition of not moving the palm too much, the lower half is basically completed by the thumb. And the top half of the button span, just in the radiation range of the other four fingers, completely in line with the five fingers activity habits and movement range. After careful consideration of the size, shape and layout of the button, it can be operated accurately without looking, and the design is very reasonable to close and considerate.personally, I think a real artifact should not only be excellent in workmanship and design, but also pay more attention to its practicality. After all, practically is better than just be good-looking. So, I’m going to talk about TourBox and how it works in my actual workflow.

5. Software: an excellent hardware usually requires to match excellent software to achieve great user experience. The interface of TourBox console software is intuitive, simple and easy to get started. I fully understood the logic of the software and completed the setting of PR shortcut key without looking at any operation instructions. Presets can be associated with running applications and automatically switch to associated presets when you switch applications, which is very smart.6. LR experience: TourBox comes with its own LR shortcut key preset. You can get started by modifying a few pictures. There will be clear label prompts when it triggers parameter adjustment. With the continuous increase of operational proficiency, the usage rate of the mouse will be reduced, which effectively alleviates the pressure of high-frequency movement and clicking of the right hand All these make the long-term Photoshop work easy and enjoyable. TourBox’s optimization in LR are comprehensive and mature, and can also satisfy all of your personalized settings.7. PR experience: compared with LR, TourBox’s experience in PR is greatly reduced. If you are used to keyboard shortcut operation, it will take a long time to adapt to it. The most important thing is that when editing a video, keyboard shortcuts are a low-frequency behavior compared with mouse operation, and the editing efficiency does not have the same qualitative leap and improvement as LR. Personally, I think the most complicated part of PR is the numerous parameter adjustment. If parameter adjustment cannot be made more convenient, then a powerful mouse is far more useful than a powerful keyboard shortcut controller.personally speaking, TourBox can only improve the efficiency of my common tool LR, but it is also a portable creative artifact that I am willing to put in my bag and carry around with me.


1.TourBox is especially suitable for users with PS and LR usage requirements, because the software has targeted deep customization and optimation;

2.If you want to use TourBox for video clips, it may take longer or less time for keyboard veterans to get used to it. But for the beginners who are not used to the keyboard, to improve efficiency as early as possible, the earlier, less burden there will be;

3.For a tour photographer, it is hoped that the authorities can deeply customize and optimize the PR parameter adjustment just like LR, so as to further improve the cost performance of TourBox.Finally, any new device requires a process of adaptation, especially one that or disrupts your previous operating habits. Due to the short view time, I am not sure how much it will improve the efficiency, nor whether this authoring tool is necessary. It is more about the combination of actual conditions and habits.

          For me personally, this TourBox is worth it.

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