Written by Ryan Ballard

Blizzard’s much anticipated Hearthstone expansion has finally arrived and right on time. After much teasing, including slowly revealing some of the 132 new cards between the time the organization announced the Grand Tournament expansion and its actual arrival, The Grand Tournament has finally arrived yesterday afternoon. If you pre-purchased the development, you had been also able to open up all those packs of cards which have been staring you in the face all this time.

For people who haven’t been following a development of the Grand Tournament expansion, this content expansion brings 132 new cards to the game, plus a new playing board, new game mechanics, new ranked rewards, and other new features. A few of the new mechanics being introduced with this particular expansion include Joust and Inspire, each of which can change a match drastically and add plenty of new the possiblility to the sport.

Another thing you might notice, which we discussed earlier in a previous article, is that a lot of the cards within this expansion focus on modifying your hero and their ability. You can boost damage, effects, change it out up completely, with a few cards. For anyone who enjoy ranked matches, that is pretty much everyone, there are new (and better) rewards for rankings after each season.

There will still be new card backs but you’ll also have booster packs, arcane dust, gold, gold cards, and other additions to the ranked rewards. The larger your rank reaches no more the growing season, the larger and better your chest of rewards is going to be. Arena rewards have also been tweaked. Players now have a chance to win the available booster packs after your round of arena matches end.

The Grand Tournament expansion has become live within Hearthstone. You should check out all 132 cards over on the Hearthstone Facebook page because well to assist determine the next deck build.

Source: Battle.net

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