Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Game Torque Studio, Moon Tower Attack is really a 2.5D tower defense game that’s just dropped on Android. Players are looking to send the moon from invading, goblin-like aliens which are referred to as Dark Forces. The game contains 20 levels, using the layout of each being randomly generated at the start of each level. This give a good amount of replay value as well.

The game also boats an “adaptive AI” and can change its vectors for attack in line with the conditions from the game. Players will have lightening guns, bunkers, flamethrowers, air strike capabilities, and much more at their disposal. Upgrades are ordered via the coins and experience acquired from victory.

Moon Tower Attack Features:

– 20 amounts of epic tower defense gameplay
– 3 additional difficulty modes in each level
– Adaptive A.I. that provides players a real challenge
– Stunning 2.5D graphics
– Vast number of weapons – including lightning guns, flamethrowers, and bunkers
– Randomly-generated tower/base positions that reset at level start

Moon Tower Attack is available from Google Play for free, with optional IAPs too. You may also browse the game in action using the video below.

Moon Tower Attack (Playboard) | Moon Tower Attack (Play Store)