April 19, 2021


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How strong can a sweeping robot be? IRobot Roomba I4 + tells you

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Many friends may have had expectations before buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Only after, when you purchase it, you realize that the so-called “propaganda” is only preaching unscrupulous merchants. It looks stunning, only when you actually used it did you know that it was full of bugs.  In fact, the choice of sweeping robots should not be based on publicity alone. Experience is more important than promotion.

Recently, iRobot, the leading brand of household robots, released a Roomba i4+ sweeping robot’s new product. Today we will talk about the outcome of sweeping robots.

I believe everyone is already familiar with the sweeping robot brand. IRobot has only focused on practical robot manufacturing for more than 30 years. Its products have participated in the Egyptian Great Pyramid survey, the Afghanistan battlefield, the Gulf of Mexico exploration, and participated in the Fukushima nuclear power rescue. The robot developed by iRobot refuses to be flashy, nor is it sensational.

In the field of floor sweeping robots, iRobot has been cultivating for 19 years and is the absolute originator brand. It has more than 1,500 patents and has sold more than 30 million units worldwide. It has been at the forefront. How fierce is iRobot? From the recently released Roomba i4+ sweeping robot, you can get a glimpse.


Perfect fusion of art and Industry

Roomba i4+ adopts a new shape design. The primary color is classic black and gray. The furthest extension of the panel is knitted texture material, which is full of high-quality fabric. But in fact, it is not fabric, it will not get dirty after long-term use, and it is easy to care of.

The middle panel feels a bit of AG frosted glass, which is not easy to stain fingerprints and can always look new. The high-gloss Logo of iRobot is also embedded in the middle of the panel, presenting a different texture under different light refraction.

Above the panel, there are three operation buttons of Roomba i4+, from left to right; they are “recharge-cleaning-key cleaning.” The “cleaning” button in the middle is also equipped with a hidden LED ring indicator, which can be flashed differently by the light ring. The way and color to show the operational status of the robot.

Just a central panel, Roomba I4 + combines three different textures of “cloth,” “glass,” and “metal” so that the robot can perfectly integrate into different home environments.

If dark and minimalist style is not necessarily your taste, perhaps iRobot and two world-renowned artists, Good Wives, Warriors, and LARA COSTAFREDA, jointly created the Roomba i4+ artist customized version that is more suitable for you. The artist’s customized version combines the beauty of art and industry. The design has been perfectly integrated, which can highlight your personality.

When you open the back, you can recognize at a glance that this is an exclusive design from iRobot. Unlike other brands, the iRobot sweeping robot integrates many of its patented technologies, so in terms of design, it also has its style.

What are the two green glue sticks of different colors? Why is there a green rubber sheet on the dust box? Don’t worry. We will take you through the test.

As a cleaning tool, the sweeping robot can effectively clean the ground is very important. Generally, sweeping robots need to work together with side brushes, rolling brushes, and large suction to clean up the garbage more smoothly.


The advanced version of the triple high-efficiency cleaning system has an excellent performance in actual measurement.

Roomba I4 + adopts the advanced version of triple efficient cleaning system, including the unique double effect combination rubber brush, 27-degree angle firm sweeping rotary edge brush, and ten times greater suction than the six series, so that the robot can efficiently clean, penetrate into the walls and corners, and clean the dirt, debris, and pet hair.

To test the cleaning ability of Roomba i4+, we use pet hair, dust, dog food, etc., as garbage in a natural home environment for cleaning simulation.

The advanced version triple high-efficiency cleaning system carried by Roomba I4 + is excellent from the whole simulation cleaning test.


Intelligent planning and navigation, orderly cleaning without omission

Roomba i4+ uses systematic planning and navigation technology. Before cleaning, it will clean along the edge to generate a basic room layout and then plan and clean the room according to the algorithm. The cleaning path is in the shape of a “bow.”

If you want to make an appointment for cleaning, you only need to make a simple mobile APP setting. iRobot’s mobile phone APP also supports smart reminders and gives reasonable cleaning suggestions. It will even remind you to “enhance cleaning” in advance when the pet shed season is approaching, helping you better release your hands, maintain your home environment. It’s intelligent and easy to understand.


Dirt detection technology comparable to human cleaning

Roomba i4+ will not be like everyday sweeping robots on the market when cleaning. It will blindly clean according to the preset plan. Instead, it will focus on the different levels of ground cleanliness. When passing through areas with a lot of garbage, it will focus on cleaning. The cleaning logic is the same, and the cleaning is smart and efficient.

At present, it seems that only iRobot with a professional background in robotics has this kind of dirt detection technology. After all, it is an enterprise that has done minesweeping robot, and its technology and algorithm are awesome.

Most sweeping robots often have problems with hair and cable entanglement during the cleaning process. Before using this type of robot, you must put away the cables on the ground at home, and there should be no long and thin clothes or socks on the floor. When the sweeping robot starts to work, it will entangle and stop working and even cause damage to the machine.

Why does the sweeping robot appear entangled? The reason is that they use a single-roller brush structure. Once the cable or hair entangles them, the single-roller brush still cannot be unwound no matter how it is reversing.

Hair Buster – Patented Double-effect combination adhesive brush

Roomba I4 + is different from VW’s floor-sweeping robot. It is equipped with a double effect combination rubber brush on the roller brush. One of the two soft rubber rods is responsible for stripping dirt, and the other is rotating in the opposite direction to sweep in the dirt. It can double the cleaning effect and reverse the rotation when it is accidentally involved in the cable, spit out the involved cable, and avoid winding and interrupting the cleaning work.

The dual-effect combination glue brush is more suitable for the entanglement of pets and hair, and it will not entangle by direct inhalation. This also means that you don’t need to remove the roller brush, curl up next to the trash can, cut your hair with scissors, and question why you bought a robot cleaner.

IRobot, after all, is the originator of the sweeping robot. It has an absolute say in the anti entanglement technology. While most sweepers are still racking their brains to figure out how to make it cleaner, they have begun to optimize the user experience.


No need to take out the garbage for 60 days

Maybe you had many expectations before you bought the robot cleaner, but believe me, it only takes a second to break your dreams, and that is to take out the garbage.

Sweeping robots are limited in size. The dust box that collects and sweeps garbage is usually filled up after several work times and needs to be manually cleaned. Cleaning up dust box garbage is the same as the entanglement of sweeping robots. What’s more, it also has periodicity.

Don’t want to clean the dust box every other time, can you take out the trash frequently? iRobot has taken care of it for you!

Roomba i4+ supports the “revolutionary” Clean Base automatic dust collection technology, which can automatically return to the automatic dust collection base after cleaning and suck the dirt in the sweeping robot’s dust box into the closed disposable collection in the dust collection charging base. In the dust bag, and firmly lock the dust.


Automatic dust collection not only solves the pain point of dust scattering when dumping garbage but more importantly, it can also allow the sweeper to run autonomously for several months. It takes 60 days of normal use to replace the disposable dust bag, which ultimately makes you forget about a sweeping thing.


Special cleaning scene test

Of course, ordinary sweeping robots usually encounter other situations in their work. For example, many friends have installed door stones or carpets in their homes, making the sweeping robot unable to cross and not clean. Does the Roomba i4+ have such problems? We used a carpet for simulation, and the actual measurement of Roomba i4+ can indeed easily overcome obstacles.

Many duplex families often move robots to the second floor for cleaning. If they cannot stop in time when they hit the steps, there will be dangers. We also did an anti-drop test to confirm that Roomba i4+ can be used safely in houses with steps.

From the entire simulated cleaning test perspective, the dual-effect combination rubber brush with innovative automatic dust collection technology can make Roomba i4+ easy to clean under various complex environmental conditions, easy to clean, maintenance-free, and even maintenance work after cleaning. To solve them together, it can be said that no one can compete.


Dual computer interaction, intelligent interconnection

It is worth mentioning that Roomba i4+ also supports Impact interconnection technology, which can cooperate with iRobot’s Braava jet M6 mopping robot without manual intervention. It will automatically clean the floor in the order of first sweeping and then mopping.


Evaluation summary:

You can’t just choose a sweeping robot for publicity. The experience is more important than advertising. Roomba i4+ from iRobot continues the advanced technology of iRobot. It not only has excellent cleaning performance but also achieves the ultimate user experience. This is the real sweeping robot worth buying.

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