April 19, 2021


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HP ProBook 635 Aero G7

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For young people who have just stepped into the workplace in recent years, they believe that the company-issued laptop has become a hurdle that they cannot pass in the workplace. Weak performance, heavy appearance, fuzzy screen, and laptop that should be a productivity tool become a burden at work. Fortunately, in recent years, due to the substantial progress of chip manufacturing processes, notebook computers have become thinner and lighter, and their performance has become stronger and stronger. Manufacturers have also been able to introduce more effective commercial products.

Today we are going to evaluate a commercial version of HP’s ProBook 635 Aero G7. This machine is designed for workplace work, and is full of pragmatism in both configuration and appearance.

The basic configuration of this machine is as follows:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7-4700U

GPU: Radeon Graphics integrated graphics

Memory: 2*8GB dual-channel DDR4 3200MHz

Hard disk: 512GB PCI NVME SSD

Screen: 13.3-inch FHD IPS screen

Battery capacity: 53Whr


01 business style minimalist design

First of all, look at the appearance. The design of this ProBook 635 Aero G7 still has the characteristics of “HP.” The angular rotating shaft and the two anti-skid adhesive strips at the bottom of the body can see an HP commercial series notebook. The whole machine is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which maintains the metal texture and brings extreme lightness. The weight of only 2.2lbs allows the device to be easily picked up by one hand. This is also the first notebook in the ProBook series to use this material.

The Body’s A-side is simple and elegant. The HP classic mirror logo is inlaid on the silver bottom surface, revealing the classic family design language, which is very attractive.

After turning on the machine, you can see the 13.3-inch FHD screen equipped with this notebook. According to official information, the width of the two sides of the screen is 4.28 mm, the top width is 9.5 mm, the screen-to-body ratio reaches 86.2%, and it supports copper reflections. The privacy protection function greatly improves security.

The top of the screen also integrates a webcam module with physical occlusion and an infrared face recognition module. Coupled with the fingerprint recognition module, it brings a triple guarantee for the whole machine’s safety. Notebooks that use one or both face, fingerprint recognition, or physical camera picks are relatively common, but notebooks that integrate triple security measures are rare. It can be seen that ProBook 635 attaches great importance to user’s privacy and security.

Next, look at the C surface, the keyboard part. The area of the keycap is large. The overall touch is soft, the typing is comfortable without any noise. The keystroke is moderate, the trigger is quick, and the elastic feedback is clear, which is very suitable for business office use. Also, it can be felt during actual use that because the machine’s internal hardware is arranged up and the heat pipe is far away from the area that is often touched during typing, the keyboard area’s temperature will not feel high, which improves the overall keyboard experience.

Besides, the keyboard also supports splash-proof. For office workers, the coffee or water cup will inevitably be overturned. Therefore, a keyboard that supports splash-proof can prevent problems before they occur and protect hard-won work results.

The speaker openings are distributed on both sides of the keyboard to provide better external sound effects.

The surface of the large-size touchpad under the space bar is delicate and silky to use. The fingerprint recognition module is placed on the wrist rest on the right. Overall, this design makes the division of labor clear in each area and reduces the possibility of false touches.

Finally, looking at the bottom, all four sides are inclined. The side view is trapezoidal. Two long non-slip rubber pads traverse the fuselage. The parts corresponding to the motherboard CPU and heat pipe are equipped with rectangular heat dissipation holes.

On the left side, there are keyhole, USB 3.1 GEN1 (charging support), USB 3.1 GEN1 and 3.5mm audio interface.

On the right side, there are 1 power interface, 1 HDMI 2.0 interface and 1 USB type-C 3.1 Gen2 (charging support).

Overall, although the number of interfaces is small, it is rich enough to cope with the use of daily office.



02 A powerful smart cannon

For commercial laptops, performance does not seem to be an essential part, but with the changes in modern office environments, application scenarios such as data analysis, photo processing, video editing, and reading and writing of large files have raised the issue of laptop performance challenge. Especially in the rapidly changing business battlefield, stronger performance means higher productivity. Fortunately, in recent years, upstream suppliers’ product power has risen sharply, allowing thin and light commercial laptops to use more powerful processors.

Let’s review the configuration of the whole machine with Master Lu.

HP Probook 635 Aero G7 uses an AMD Ryzen R7-4700U processor, adopts Zen2 architecture, 7Nm process, 8 cores and 8 threads design. TDP 25W, base frequency 2.0GHz, maximum acceleration frequency 4.1GHz.

Using the CPU-Z test, scores are as follows, single-core 450.6 points, multi-core 3288.3 points.

In the latest Cinebench R23, the single-core score is 1213 points, and the multi-core score is 7106 points.

The Fritz chess test score was 18,915 Ktps.

What is the level of such data? As a thin and light processor with a power consumption of only 25W, it is already a first-class level among low-voltage mobile processors. It even exceeds the standard voltage processor that is only equipped on many gaming laptops.

To assist this powerful processor, HP ProBook 635 is equipped with 3200MHz dual-channel 16GB memory and its non-board design.This is rare on a 2.2lbs notebook, which significantly facilitates future expansion and maintenance.

In terms of memory read-write speed, using the AIDA64 test, the read speed is 45144MB/s, the write speed is 44673MB/s, the copy speed is 37809MB/s, and the delay is 96.7ns, which is significantly ahead of the traditional 2666MHz memory. The power of high-speed memory is undoubtedly revealed.

In terms of the graphics card, R7 4700u has a Vega 7-core display, 448 stream processors, and a frequency of 1.6GHz. And the memory frequency mentioned above will also have a particular impact on the display performance. The higher the memory frequency is, the stronger the display performance is.

In the 3D Mark Time Spy test, the graphics card scored 1066.

In the 3D Mark Fire Strike test, the graphics card scored 3583.

This notebook’s performance tuning is very powerful, and the graphics card and CPU have achieved almost maximum performance release. However, the test is in a short period after all, and how long it runs depends on the performance.

We use Aida 64’s single bake mode to test, and we can see that the R7-4700U has maintained a performance release of about 25W in about 10 minutes. There is no frequency reduction, and it is stable at about 2.8GhZ, and the temperature is below 90 ℃.

In terms of storage, the machine we tested is equipped with a Western Digital SN730 512GB SSD with a read speed of 2226.34MB/s and a write speed 2404.38MB/s. In the AS SSD Benchmark test, the score is 4547 points, belonging to the high-end level.

Finally, PCMark 10 and Master Lu were used to test the overall score of the whole machine.

In PCMark 10, because the processor, memory, and SSD are very powerful, the basic application operation and productivity appearance scores are high. Due to the natural disadvantage of the core graphics card, the score is low in digital content creation. The final comprehensive score is 5040 points, which is considered an excellent productivity tool.

Master Lu scored 753363 points, with balanced and excellent performance. Such performance has already beaten many gaming laptops and office desktops.

In terms of battery life, the HP ProBook 635 is equipped with a 53Wh battery. Although this capacity is not the largest among notebooks of the same size, due to the low power consumption of the 7Nm Ryzen low-voltage processor and the intelligent adjustment strategy of its own software, The standby time of the whole machine is more than 12 hours, and it can easily handle a whole day of unplugged office work.


03 Summary

After some tests, the performance of this HP ProBook 635 Aero G7 is impressive, breaking my original view of the weak performance of thin and light commercial laptops and office laptops in the past. Simultaneously, the business model brought by the minimalist design is also very suitable for the appearance requirements of notebook products in the modern office culture.

This notebook has apparent advantages in portability, battery life, performance, safety, and comfort, and it almost perfectly solves the office pain points of business people. It is an excellent choice for office workers who use the Office three-piece suit daily, send and receive emails, perform simple image processing and light video editing.

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