March 8, 2021

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Huawei Honor V40 Review: The First Post Independent Flagship Which Changed for the User Experience

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The Honor V40 may be the most story-telling of all the new models to launch in 2021. Whether you are an Honor fan or not, we all share the same sentiment towards Honor V40. We are not only looking forward to seeing this “first step”, but also curious about what Honor will get without Huawei’s support.

Of course, it’s always interesting for people to watch, but for those who really want to buy this phone, they naturally want to know more about the product. I agree with consumers, mobile phone is good or not relies on users’real experiences to do reference, even though the Honor V40 is a very special mobile phone, but whether it can let people be willing to pay, we need a test to know.

This time, before the release of Honor V40, I was the first time to get the real phone. After a few days of testing, I also had a lot of different feelings. Anyway, if you’re curious about the Honor V40, what does this phone look like? What are the upgrades? What has changed? Is it the Honor we once knew? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.


Appearance: a design with unique recognition

Mobile phone is a typical representative of the combination of art and science and technology. When a new machine comes out, in addition to the need to pile up advanced and cutting-edge innovative technology, the appearance is always a great attraction.

On the front, the Honor V40 still features the classic front-facing dual-hole camera, but with a smaller diameter. The 6.72-inch screen is designed with a waterfall screen and a curvature of 80 degrees, so the screen is almost invisible on either side, giving it an advanced look.

The upper forehead and chin have been narrowed, and the screen ratio has been further improved, up to 93.24%. The positive perception will be more immersive.

The box in metal was used all around, texture is pretty good, exceed plastic frame more than one notch. The four corners are also rounded, the slight radian is just right, we can see the Honor in the details of the more mature side of the process.

The power button and volume button are all concentrated on the right side of the frame. The color and material are consistent with the frame, which is well integrated, more harmonious and unified, and looks not abrupt. At the bottom, from left to right, there is a SIM card slot, a Type-C charging port and a speaker.

Take a look at the V40’s thickness and weight control. 5G mobile phones tend to be lighter and thinner, and Honor V40 does a good job in this respect. The thickness of the whole machine is 0.31inch, and the weight is 0.41lbs. It will not disappoint you in terms of visual look and feel, and it can take care of the personal experience of most users.

And take a look at the back design of the Honor V40. To be honest, it’s impressive at first glance. The Honor V40 comes in three colors: Night Black, Titanium Silver and Rose Gold. The one I got was Titanium Silver.

The first thing that catches your eye is the foggy fuselage, which really explains what vague beauty is. It has a fine frosted texture to the touch, which looks advanced, and it is not easy to touch fingerprints.

Next is the camera module. Matrix Camera consists of three lenses, a laser focusing sensor and a flash. It has a unique style and is very identifiable. On the right side of the camera module, a large rectangular area of high-light glass is set aside, which forms a sharp contrast with the hazy glass body below, so as to balance the user’s feel and aesthetic feeling.

In terms of appearance design, Honor V40 combines the rational rectangular space with the perceptual color changes, and redividing the plane with multiple 1:3:9:27 equal rectangles to create a multi-dimensional recursive visual structure on the plane. For example, the camera matrix, the main photography area, the bright part and so on, at different angles, will present the scattering spectrum and light path, which is very pretty.

In order to achieve such a light and shadow effect, Honor V40 is the first to use the double-layer texture coating design scheme, to achieve a sharp linear light, a fuzzy surface light, and assist seamless splicing and mold transfer process. It finally brings natural, beautiful light and shadow change effect.

Without a doubt, the Honor V40 is one of the best looking V series on a purely physical level. Bold and unconventional design that breaks through the conventions contains a unique charm of the trend itself, and more clearly demonstrates a unique and avant-garde attitude with different personalities. For the people who care a lot about its look, it may be an easy product to let people fall in love with.


Screen: a good and exciting screen

Unlike the previous generation of LCD screens, the Honor V40 has chosen to carry an OLED screen, making it the first model of the V series to carry an OLED screen.

Here’s a look at the basics of the Honor V40 screen:

Screen size: 6.72 inches

Screen resolution: 1236×2676

Screen refresh rate: 120Hz

Screen touch sampling rate: 300Hz

Screen color: 1 billion original color display

Pixel density: 440ppi

Color gamut: DCI-P3 wide color gamut is equipped with color restoration engine

Screen Brightness: Global peak brightness 800nit

Contrast: 5000000:1

Display enhancement: HDR10

From the configuration point of view, Honor V40 has invested a large cost on the screen, standard FHD+ resolution, compared with many current 1080P mobile phones, has a more obvious advantage, after all, the resolution is higher, the picture is more delicate.

In addition, the Honor V40’s 440PPI pixel density is one of the best in the industry. Combined with ultra-high resolution and high brightness and contrast, the Honor V40’s screen delivers retinal sharpness.

Secondly, the user experience is improved significantly by the high refresh rate. High refresh the role of everybody is not strange, the higher the screen refresh rate means that shows that the more the number of images per second, also means that the action between each frame look will be more than a smooth and coherent, so 120 Hz screen more than 60 Hz per screen presents 2 times within capacity. Which means when you are checking on social media or news, 120 Hz screen smooth feeling will be more intuitive.

For example, in FPS games, the screen transitions naturally and quickly at the moment of opening the camera, so that there will be no frame loss or stalling, making it easier for the player to lock on to the target.

In addition to high definition and high refresh rate, Honor V40 also supports 300Hz touch sampling rate, with built-in hardware level super touch engine, in the shooting game, with the gun, aiming response will be faster and more accurate, for every minute competitive games, its advantages are self-evident.

It is worth noting that the Honor V40 also increases the traditional flagship screen color from 16.7 million colors to 1.07 billion colors. Each color dot on the 10bit screen can display 2 to the tenth order color depth. Compared with the 8bit, the former color transition will be smoother, while the color restoration is more real and accurate, which can provide extremely high picture quality performance.

At the same time, the Honor V40 screen also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut. DCI-P3 is a mature color standard used in digital cinema to match as much of the gamut as possible in a film. For the display device, the larger the color space can be displayed, the richer the color changes will be, of course, better. Moreover, Honor V40 is equipped with a color restoration engine, which can convert different color coding formats to P3 color gamut accurately, and the picture shown is often more real and delicate.

In terms of eye care, Honor V40 is not only the first model in the industry to support TUV Rheinland certification 2.0, but also impressed me with its excellent environmental light management capability. While most phones have automatic dimming, the Honor V40 has a wider range of brightness adjustments, up to a level of 4,096, and is more sensitive to changes in light. Simply put, the Honor V40 delivers the best brightness for the human eye at all times, and the actual experience is more comfortable.


5G: Extreme 5G download speed

After more than a year of development, I believe that users have more or less known about 5G. We’ve done a lot of 5G speed testing before, and I’m optimistic about the Honor. Even though the V40 is replacing Kirin chip with MediaTek 1000+, my expectations haven’t changed at all.

On the one hand, the MediaTek 1000 + comprehensive performance is very balanced, supporting 5G dual card double wait and 5G dual carrier aggregation to double the 5G rate. 5G signal acceptance range is wider, more stable connection. On the other hand, Honor still has a profound technical background in 5G technology, which will become part of the advantage of Honor V40.

The actual test results of Speedtest, the professional 5G speed measurement software, also confirmed my previous view. The Honor V40’s 5G speed peaked at 930Mbps/s down and 90.5Mbps/s up, better than most of the models we tested at the same location.

So, what about real download speed? This time I downloaded the mobile game from the Honor app store. I could see that the game itself was 1874.9MB, nearly 2 gigabytes, and took only 23 seconds to download, which was super fast. No doubt, such a 5G experience is very exciting to look forward to.


Gaming: A more stable high-frame gaming experience

The MediaTek 1000+ is built using an advanced 7nm process and has eight cores, including four 2.6GHz Cortex-A77 cores and four 2.0GHz Cortex-A55 cores. The MediaTek 1000Plus has nine cores inside the Mali-G77, which improves the GPU performance by 40% compared to the G67.

According to the AnTuTu score test, the Honor V40 with MediaTek 1000+ scored 466564 points, which belongs to the upper middle level.

Measuring the performance of a mobile phone, playing games is undoubtedly the most direct and intuitive way to test. Three games, PUBG, King of Honor and Crossfire, were selected for the test, and they were all enabled in maximum frame-rate mode. The test results are as follows:

PUBG ran a steady 90 frames

Crossing the Line runs a solid 120 frames

Crossing the Line runs a solid 120 frames

In practical terms, PUBG was a little more demanding in terms of configuration, but the Honor V40 still managed to run 90 FPS without losing frames in some intense scenes or when loading a large number of maps. King of Honor can also be stable at around 60 frames, from the wild to the line, and then to the intense group combat, the whole process did not appear frame drop, stalled phenomenon, which is very good. Crossfire also supports up to 120Hz mode, and the Honor V40 stays at a steady 120 FPS for most of the entire journey. The rare framerate fluctuations, which occur at the moment of death, have nothing to do with the phone, but are more a matter of game mechanics.

We took a fancy idea to the Honor V40 and the Snapdragon 865 model to see how they differed in the playtests. By comparison, in PUBG, both were able to run the entire game in full frames.

Such performance, on the one hand thanks to the Honor of V40 MediaTek 1000+ tuning, which gives full play to the performance of this chip, in the actual game, the same can bring a good experience. On the other hand, the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine greatly improves the hardware and software cooperation ability. With this function, the CPU and GPU of the mobile phone can be given priority to the supply of system resources, thus breaking through the hardware shackles and providing stable and extreme smooth experience for some games that support high frame rate mode.

In addition to stable performance experience, for players, mobile phone vibration feedback is also one of the important functions that cannot be ignored, especially in the game process, when the fingertip touches the screen, triggering delicate vibration, often more immersed.

Type motor phone is not the only, but Honor V40 is more special, built into the + Z axis X double linear motor, a word to describe is the “buzz” and “ticking” more intense, horizontal vibration feedback when the game is flat and agile. It is not slow which makes people feel more real. Of course, the biggest benefit lies in the game, the 4D stereo vibration experience makes the game experience more immersive. It is a pity that there are not enough games supporting 4D shock on Honor V40. Currently, there are only a few games supporting such as Happy Disillusionment, and more games are still being adapted.

In addition to the software and hardware aspects of the game, Honor V40 also pays great attention to the details of the experience. For example, during the whole process of the game, there is no case of accidental touch on the curved screen. This is because Honor V40 has specially made an update to prevent accidental touch, supporting the locking of all-screen gestures and status bar, and the curved screen game experience has been improved. Secondly, after entering the game space, players can also turn on functions such as message free, so that we can focus more on the game itself and enjoy private time.


Image: with sensor +RYYB, it can take photos which worth looking forward to

In terms of image system, Honor V40 rear camera of 50 million pixels super sensitive camera +8 million ultra-wide angle camera +2 million macro camera three photo module, photo performance is still good. Let me show you some of the samples to prove it:

This is a group of outdoor daytime main photography samples. It can be seen that with the support of 50 million pixels, the main photography resolution is relatively strong. The details of the samples are also very clear, and the details of buildings, the outline of branches and branches, and the texture of ground masonry are accurately recorded. In addition, the main photography of color reduction is also very in place, the color level is bright, the overall performance is good.

It is worth noting that when shooting some scenes with a large dynamic range, HDR function can be turned on to better show the light and shade details, making the sample more textured.

As you can see, the gap between before and after the HDR function is very obvious. After the HDR function is turned off, the overall brightness of the sample will decrease a lot. Moreover, the shadow of the building is a little too dark, so it is difficult to see the specific details if you don’t look carefully. When HDR is turned on, the picture is brighter, and the pattern, color and tone of the shadow in the picture all change towards high saturation and high contrast, making the sample look more pretty.

The Honor V40 has a separate ultra-wide-angle lens, so that when you face some tall, broad scenes, you can also take all the scenery into your lens without taking a step back.

On the telephoto side, the Honor V40 supports up to 10x digital zoom, which can help us shoot some distant scenes.

For the night scene, the Honor of V40’s main camera advantage has been significantly played. This time, the Honor V40 is equipped with a 1/1.56 “flagship super-large sensor, a 25% increase over the 1/1.7” size of the Honor V30 Pro. In addition, the RYYB ultra-sensitive sensor can also increase the amount of light entering by 40% compared to conventional sensors, further improving the Honor V40’s image performance at night or in low-light conditions.

Thanks to RYYB super sensitive color arrangement and super sensitive large bottom sensor brought by the powerful amount of light, the Honor V40 can still take real night scene in indoor dark light conditions, and the sample is very pure.

Let’s take a look at a sample of outdoor night scenes. Under the condition of the ambient light is too much, such proof is faithfully restore the true picture of the human eye can see, through the night mode optimization, noise on the image processing is very good, the sky and the architectural shadow area almost no any noise, image is very clean, color details also got the maximum retention, color slants didn’t happen.


Battery life & charge: the comprehensive performance is satisfactory

The Honor V40 has a 120Hz high-brush screen and supports 5G, so how will its battery life be? We also do the five hours range test, simulation of heavy users within 5 hours with the machine, before the beginning of the test, we open all the 5G and Wi-fi network switch, turn off the Bluetooth, NFC and positioning, screen resolution and refresh rate settings for smart switch, the screen brightness and volume is 50%, and clear the phone back.

The contents of the 5-hour endurance test are as follows:

Under the default camera state, start video recording, and the test time is 30 minutes. Watch 1080P movie at station B, the test time is 90 minutes; Play PUBG, turn on maximum framerate, test time 90 minutes; The test lasted for 30 minutes by checking the information stream on Weibo. After 30 minutes of checking the information flow on shopping website, the test results are as follows:

Overall, under the premise of a built-in 4000mAh battery, after 5 hours of continuous tormenting, Honor V40 can still maintain more than 30% of the power, its battery life level is not strong, but relatively balanced, which can meet the needs of normal users a day. It is more satisfactory to me.

Of course, the existence of fast charge can also provide power support for continuous battery life to some extent. Compared with the previous generation, this time the Honor V40 in fast charging progress is greater, using 66W wired fast charging scheme, the scheme is not only first-class charging speed, but also the use of battery shunt technology, which can reduce the battery heat, but also can avoid the loss of battery capacity split, prolong the battery life.

Here, we also conducted a 30-minute charging test for Honor V40. Judging from the actual measurement, the charging speed of 66W is very impressive. It takes 15 minutes to charge to 46%, which is nearly half of the power. 30 minutes, charge to 89%, charging speed is still the level of the first class, usually used to give the phone a quick charge, the effect is very obvious.

In addition, Honor V40 also supports 50W wireless fast charging, faster than many wired fast charging, and the addition of this dual fast charging combination scheme, for the extension of mobile phone life. It is another layer of protection for phones.



Objectively speaking, the Honor V40 is very good in terms of texture and experience, especially in terms of appearance design, screen quality, video function and fast charging. We can see that the Honor V40 is made of strong materials and has amazing power hidden. From my personal perspective, the Honor V40 is another product that changes everywhere. Compared to the previous V-series, the V40 has an OLED screen, faster charging, and a bilinear motor… And these changes, is also the Honor after experiencing a breakthrough in the positive transmission of the side.

Of course, for Honor V40 we still want to have at least cognitive, perhaps is the special function of “continuity”, makes it didn’t become a completely abandon the past models, but it is also not stuck in the past, but has brought some new changes, these changes will be to determine the status of the key factors in user’s mind.

In a word, the Honor V40 retains the shadow of its past, but it also has a surprising new side. If you are a true fan of Honor and stick to your heart, Honor V40 can still satisfy you. But if you’re looking for something special, the Honor V40 won’t disappoint.

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