February 27, 2021


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Huawei MateBook 13 2021: the Best Choice for Lightweight Laptops

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In the past, high-end and lightweight laptops have not been favored by consumers due to their different audiences. In my opinion, the main reasons can be attributed to two aspects: users pursue large and comprehensive products, and light and thin laptops that specialize in thinness and endurance are more or less regrettable in performance and cost performance in the past, so they cannot impress consumers.

But with Intel and AMD making inroads into mobile, the thin and light notebook category has undergone several updates in recent years. With the help of new 11-generation Core Mobile chips and low-power graphics cards such as the MX450, the laptop is no longer the “big phone” of the past, and has become a useful helper for business travel.

Extreme bezels bring extreme portability

Let’s start with the most important feature of each one: portability. Unlike the “goofy, bulky,” high-power gaming laptops, which last only two hours without their chargers, they are more portability oriented. This is most evident in the Huawei MateBook 13 2021:

The delicate aluminum alloy body is baptized by more than 40 processes of anodizing process, which brings excellent tactile feeling to the computer. Computer surface grinding processing has also improved the wear-resisting and anti-fouling performance of the computer, no skin coating oil absorption, dust and fingerprint trouble, not like plastic or other materials as light and slowly turn yellow. Even though the MateBook 13 2021 is heavily metal-based, it still weighs just 2.8lbs.

But this is just one of the thinness and lightness of Huawei MateBook 13 2021. What really makes MateBook 13 2021 extremely portable is Huawei’s extremely border control. The MateBook 13 2021’s determination to be extremely portable can be seen in the bezels on either side of the keyboard, even when the lid is lifted and the screen is not lit. The body is nearly the same width as a standard laptop keyboard, with only a slight edge around the sides to keep the body strong.

The MateBook 13 2021 features a 3:2 productivity screen that costs more and displays more content, with a screen ratio of 88%. It’s worth noting that despite the aggressive bezel controls, the MateBook 13 2021 still manages to center the camera in the bezel at the top of the computer’s screen for better viewing in video conference rooms.

Although the MateBook 13 2021 is only 0.58inch thick at its thickest point, Huawei still has A full-size USB-A port (USB3.1Gen1) on the right side of the computer, which makes it easier to use files via a USB flash drive or A card reader. A fully functional USB-C port is located on the left side of the computer along with a 0.13inch headphone jack. This USB-C port also serves as a power port for the MateBook and can quickly recharge the 42Wh body battery with the standard 65W charger.

Separating USB-A from the power supply and headphone jack does have its benefits: Even if A USB flash drive or card reader has A “weird” shape, it can be plugged and unplugged without interfering with other ports. And for the Huawei MateBook 13 2021, there’s another benefit to having the USB-A port on the right side of the phone — more on that in A moment when we talk about performance.


Keyboard + touch screen allows more variety of operations

We talked about the MateBook 13 2021 with its bezels “clinging” to the keyboard, but other brands have done so before. Sadly, none of these computers have great keyboards, perhaps to control body size, but not the MateBook 13 2021.

Even under very strict border control, MateBook 13 2021 still ensure a more comfortable and quiet input experience: the tapping of a keyboard although there is no clear, because this is an advantage, in my view, writing in the evening not noisy to others), but the key travel was evident, and the key cap size is larger than the average notebook, the whole makes me feels very good.

The MateBook 13 2021 trackpad is not only big, but also sharp to the touch.

MateBook 13 is standard equipped with a 2160×1440 touch screen, which can be operated directly in scenes such as web scrolling and picture material viewing. Once upon a time, touchscreens were a penalty for thinness — they weighed down a computer, and there wasn’t much software available to support them. But even with a touch screen, the MateBook 13 2021 still weighs 2.8lbs, and the specially tuned axle and software provide a solid foundation for touchscreen operation.

In my personal experience, going through material is a common touch screen use scenario for me. In the past, when I was on a business trip reading material and writing articles, I had to rely on the “trackpad”. But typing with one hand and swiping the trackpad with the other is cumbersome, and trackpad controls on Windows are often unsatisfactory. Since the use of the MateBook 13 2021 touchscreen, typing is easy because you can just use the right hand straight to directly operate the screen, man-machine operation is obviously more natural.


The 11-generation Core offers strong performance

In addition to portable size and comfortable operation, a successful high-end lightweight book also needs powerful performance. The new Huawei MateBook 13 uses an 11th-generation mobile core platform. The version I got in my hand, i7-1165G7, has 16GB 3200MHz high-frequency memory and 512GB NVME solid-state drive. The MateBook 13 2021 comes with a new Iris XE core graphics card that comes with the 1165G7, as well as an optional NVIDIA GeForce MX450 stand-alone graphics card.

I also want to mention that the MateBook 13 2021 has a 2K screen, runs high quality CSGO, and gets 80-90 FPS. Plus, the MateBook 13 2021 puts the USB-A interface on the right side of the mouse for easy access to the cable, so it’s really not A problem to use the MateBook 13 to play games when you are busy with something else.

In terms of temperature, the GPU temperature was about 51°C after the running score. The heat of C surface was mainly concentrated near the rotation axis, and the keyboard area only stayed “warm”, even “hot” was not considered.

Hard disk, CDM test results are also very good.

Huawei meets Huawei, linkage is launched at this point

Hardware isn’t the only thing in the MateBook 13 2021, as it still supports Huawei sharing and directly integrates the sensor area into the trackpad, which is much more convenient than previous tabs, but also brings a new multi-screen experience.

The newly upgraded multi-screen collaboration not only enables mobile phone and computer to access files each other, but also enables the computer to control the mobile phone directly. Copy-paste and other operations are not easy to do. The touch screen of Huawei’s MateBook 13 2021 also makes multi-screen collaboration more convenient — MateBook 13 2021 supports opening three apps on mobile phones at a time and operating with the touch screen of MateBook 13 2021, making shopping faster. It can be said that the new multi-screen collaboration found a new way to “connect ARM and Windows”.

In view of the chaotic software ecology of Windows, Huawei has also developed the Huawei application market based on Windows, which provides a safe, assured and non-login software download and distribution platform for the majority of Windows users. After logging into Huawei account, browsing records and bookmarks on PC, mobile phone or tablet can be synchronized to other devices in real time, which can improve reading efficiency.



Although Huawei is not a “traditional” brand in the notebook category, the MateBook 13 2021 is a light and thin notebook worth considering, thanks to its unique innovation capabilities and accumulated experience in mobile products.

Excellent hardware configuration, extremely rare 3:2 high quality touch screen, delicate do manual work and exclusive cross-platform application experience, Huawei MateBook 13 2021 model not only it is a new attempt of Huawei notebook business, is thin and light notebook procession of a blockbuster product again, the wisdom of good experience also led to the third generation mobile office time. The Huawei MateBook 13 2021 is a thin and light book, but it’s not just a regular thin and light book. “More than that” is the slogan that fits the Huawei MateBook 13 2021 model.

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 and Huawei MateBook 13/14 2021 will be pre-sold at Huawei official flagship store and offline retail stores at 16:08 on January 17th ,2021, and will be officially sold at 00:00 on January 20,2021. During the pre-sale period, you can enjoy a deposit of 10 bucks to 20 bucks, and you can get a Huawei extension dock or Huawei Bluetooth mouse as a free gift.

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