April 20, 2021


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Huawei Watch’s New Wrist ECG Technology Review

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  1. After winning the first place in the wrist wear market in the world, Huawei went to a higher place

Like smartphones, Huawei has long been a leader in wrist wear. The Watch GT series has been a standout since the first smartwatch to be named after it. Relying on extremely lasting battery life and professional and accurate data monitoring, as well as the linkage with Huawei mobile phones, it is welcomed by users and the market.

According to IDC2020 second-quarter report data cited by Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong at the press conference, Huawei’s wrist wearables ranked first in the world in terms of market share.

It is worth mentioning that according to specific data, the global sales volume of smart watches and bracelets in Q2 2020 will decrease by 4.4% compared with the same period in 2019. However, Huawei has bucking the trend and climbed to the first place in the world, accounting for 24%. Just a year ago, Apple was far ahead, but with the explosion of Huawei’s Watch GT range, that has been turned upside down.

After gaining a dominant position in the market, Huawei’s Watch GT2 series will continue to evolve towards high-end, thus giving birth to Huawei’s Watch GT2 Pro series.

In this series, in addition to the two basic models of sports and fashion, Huawei introduced the classic gene designed by Porsche into the Watch for the first time, bringing the design of Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche. In the health management field, a breakthrough in ECG detection has been made, bringing another blockbuster model — Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG.

They’ve all been upgraded to a sapphire glass mirror, a titanium case, and a ceramic bottom cover; Wireless charging, track return, skiing and golf driving range modes, as well as moon, astrology, tidal dial and other features suitable for outdoor sports have been added.

The new TruSeen 4.0 enables this to support 24/7 oxygen saturation monitoring and atrial fibrillation risk prediction research. ECG type also has THE function of ECG electrocardiogram, vascular health research.

Therefore, such categories are mainly used to meet the needs of different groups of people for smartwatches, so that everyone can find suitable products. The route of focusing on high-end boutique strategy to gain public praise and product loyalty has not changed.

Fast Tech recently gave Huawei’s Watch GT2 Pro ECG model a daily experience. Here is our detailed review.

  1. The appearance of appreciation of the appearance of the level is getting closer to the high-end of the traditional wrist watch

Watches have strong accessory properties. Huawei Watch GT2 Pro first upgrades the appearance level.

This time, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro adopts titanium metal case. The main properties of this metal are light weight and corrosion resistance, so it is chosen as a famous Watch. However, the weight of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is slightly increased compared with the previous generation, reaching 0.11lbs, probably due to the addition of ceramic bottom cover and slightly increased size.

Material upgrades not only watch case, sapphire glass mirror is also the appearance of the core of material upgrade place. Compared with the previous works, the mirror’s transparency and glossiness are obvious. It is worth mentioning that sapphire glass is second only to diamond in hardness and is extremely difficult to be ground, and its durability will be improved compared with the past.

There are still two physical keys

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro adopts ceramic undercover in a large area, but the lens part still has sapphire glass (it needs to reduce the loss of light transmission to improve the monitoring accuracy of the sensor).

Ceramic back cover will bring a smooth, warm touch, and the convex part of the ceramic bottom cover radian R Angle increase, the feeling of the touch and friction is reduced, even if the watch is tied very tight will not affect the wearing experience.

It can be seen here that the optical path part of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro USES 6-fold 1-lens LED and 4 photodieds, which should increase the light penetration. Combined with the fourth-generation TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, it provides continuous, rapid and accurate heart rate monitoring for users.

The metal touch points used for charging on the previous Watch are no longer available on the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro. This is because Huawei’s Watch GT2 Pro has been upgraded with a wireless charging scheme. In case of power shortage, you can just take off your Watch and put it on the wireless charger.

Huawei’s Watch GT2 Pro has two straps. One is made of leather, which is suitable for formal wear and various formal occasions. There is also a fluororubber material, suitable for outdoor, sports use. It is worth mentioning that the fluorinated rubber strap of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro has been matted this time.

  1. The use of the wrist can be measured ECG HarmonyOS distributed technology at the beginning of its application


Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro comprehensively improves sports functions, offering up to 100 sports types, and adding skiing mode and golf driving range mode on the basis of the original 15 professional sports modes.

Specifically speaking, the support 17 kinds of professional sport mode, which contains 10 kinds of outdoor sports (skiing, golf, running, walking, climbing, hiking, trail running, cycling, open water, triathlon), indoor sports 7 (walking, running, cycling, swimming pool, free training, elliptical machine, rowing machine), basic contains nowadays most mainstream and common movement, the user can free choice.

At the same time, the table also covers 85 kinds of custom sports records, including yoga, spinning, jazz dance and other extreme sports, leisure, fitness, water sports, ball games, ice and snow sports and other six sports types. Every time you exercise, the watch will record the exercise time, heat, heart rate interval, exercise effect, recovery time and other data. It can also generate growth charts with one click and share social platform.

It is worth noting that Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is the first Huawei Watch that supports the track return function under the mode of mountaineering/hiking/cross-country running/outdoor walking/outdoor running/outdoor cycling. It is mainly used for outdoor sports, getting lost in the wilderness for self-rescue and dealing with getting lost in a strange city.

In the experience, we found that Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro could only provide track display, but could not show the map. So, in a strange environment, you can only follow the trail to return slowly. At the same time, there is no voice prompt on the way back to the pilot, so it is not convenient to ride or drive, which is suitable for users who are returning on foot.

— Health management

In recent years, Huawei has made great efforts in the field of health management of smart wearable products. From blood oxygen monitoring in 2018, to sleep apnea screening in 2019, to ECG collection and vascular health research this year, Huawei has almost always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the way.

I won’t go into details about the health function upgrades of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, but it mainly refers to the functional application of ECG brought by Huawei’s first smart wearable device that has passed the Registration certificate of Class II medical device of National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) — Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG.

For a quick introduction, ECG is “Electro Cardio Graphy”, which means electrocardiogram. Naturally, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG is a smartwatch with “ECG detection and cardiovascular health research detection function”.

The 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram is a common test in the process of heart disease diagnosis in medical institutions, which requires the suspected patient to carry a detector. Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG, on the other hand, works with the 301 Hospital to allow users to access their ECG status by wearing the form, and the data will be uploaded to the database of the 301 Hospital’s Heart Health Research Center through the “Heart Health Research” App.

Compared with other versions, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG has a bump on the right side of the case, which is used for ECG detection. Users touch the bump with the finger of the hand opposite to the one they are wearing. After 30 seconds, an ELECTRO cardiogram will be generated and the data will be viewed in the mobile phone’s “Health and Exercise” App.

Taken together, it is of great convenience and practical value to users who have already diagnosed heart disease and have potential heart disease.

— HarmonyOS distributed technology shows its strength at the beginning

Huawei’s smartwatches made a smart move early on by ditching the common Wear OS. Wear OS is a customized smart watch system launched by Google based on Android system in the year of Google. Indeed, it has been a hit for a long time, including top-tier brands such as Samsung, Moto and LG.

However, the interface design logic of Wear OS is not conducive to the rapid adaptation of third-party applications, leading to a lack of android smartwatch applications. On the other hand, Google has been aboriented to Wear OS in recent years. The optimization and improvement of the system by manufacturers still depends on Google, and the improvement of the device needs a lot of work.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is developed and customized based on Lite OS. It completely holds the control of the Watch system in its own hands, avoiding the trouble. There is enough space to customize and optimize the functions and experience of the Watch end.

This time, the system is moving forward again and improving — the application market is finally joining and there is room for expansion.

A watch app ecosystem is taking shape in Huawei’s own hands.

It’s worth noting that unlike Android watches or Wear OS watches require all the software to actually run and process data on the watch terminal.

Under the blessing of HarmonyOS distributed technology, in the face of some high energy consumption of the software requirements (such as map navigation), Huawei Watch GT2 Pro will rely on the Watch itself is originally task force transferred to the mobile terminal, and then Watch show exports only as information flow and provide simple pure interactions such as input, calculate the force pressure sharply down.

In the face of some less energy consumption software requirements, such as heart health research, cherry tomato, etc., can be directly handled locally in the watch.

In this way, both application ecology and power consumption are fully taken into account. Unlike other smartwatches, there is no need to choose between application ecology and battery life.


Limited by physical size and chip power consumption, battery life has always been a pain point for smartwatches. Many excellent products, including Apple Watch, also have poor performance. Under heavy use, they can only last for one day, which is basically the level of charging once a day. Frequent charging times make smartwatches, in some cases, a burden rather than a helper.

Long battery life has long been one of the distinctive selling points of Huawei’s watch products in this field. Among them, the self-developed Kirin A1 chip and intelligent power-saving algorithm have contributed a lot, which can not only improve battery life but also reduce power consumption.

According to the actual test, the performance of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro on battery life is very good. After 3 days and 7 hours of normal use, such as turning on heart rate monitoring and information push, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro only consumes 24% of power, so it seems that there is no problem for two weeks.

  1. The summary of this “health expert”

Since its birth, Huawei Watch GT series, whose core DNA is super long battery life of two weeks, has met users’ personalized and meta-demand for wearable products, and provided professional guidance function and convenient intelligent control function on the basis of sports and health functions.

After the success of previous Watch models, this generation of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro series undertakes the high-end mission of attacking to the heights, with a huge upgrade and evolution.

Whether it is a high-end sapphire glass mirror, titanium sheet, the application of ceramic shell, or on the specialty of movement mode and the professional health management functions, and even wireless charging, HarmonyOS distributed technology into the development of intelligent Watch applied ecology, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro holographic table can be regarded as a Watch GT series of perfect upgrade, also let users the option of unprecedented abundance.

It is worth mentioning that the function of Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG for ECG detection has been very perfect so far. Combined with simple and easy operation methods, algorithms and professional analysis and suggestions brought by medical institutions, this function can well help users to conduct self-health management.

Freed from the shackles of Wear OS, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is able to give full play to its own customizable Watch system, with in-depth optimization of UI design, performance scheduling, and power management. It can even integrate into HarmonyOS distributed technology independently, which can transfer the software requirements with high energy consumption to the mobile phone terminal for processing. Then, the watch is only used as a way to show the export of information flow, thus achieving a perfect balance between application ecology and power consumption.

If Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is a professional player of the high-end Watch GT series, it achieves the top level in material, design and functional application, etc., then the design of Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche for the elite group is a masterpiece of the luxurious texture of Huawei Watch.

And Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG device is the rare “health experts” of professional players, it not only retains the complete Watch GT2 Pro high-end sapphire glass mirror, ceramic shell and high-end properties such as titanium sheet body appearance, also with ECG acquisition function, and the function of vascular health study has become the rare can provide perfect health management guide for long life smart watches, both inside and outside the Huawei brand are tough to beat.

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