April 19, 2021


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I Found What I Thought Would be the Perfect Bluetooth Speaker. It’s Called Audio Pro ADDON T3

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“I want to take it home.”

“No, it’s company property.”

Honestly, I haven’t seen a Bluetooth speaker like this in a long time. After giving up audio and making phone makers TWS and bone-conducting motion headphones a part of my daily routine, my standards for audio products have been lowered to “just loud” and “just not bad.” It wasn’t until I updated my home video game computer and bought a monitor with no built-in speakers that I realized I might also need a good desktop speaker — or, to be precise, Audio Pro ADDON T3.

But to be honest, compared with BOSE, SONY, Marshall and other brands, the audio Pro brand is still at a disadvantage. The Swedish brand, founded in 1978, has been around for more than 40 years and has a product line that includes bookshelf speakers and floor-to-ceiling living room speakers, as well as small Bluetooth speakers.

Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve studied audio products, and it’s my fault. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, because The Audio Pro ADDON T3 is very special and impressive.

The T3’s wood exterior is beautifully coated in gray, so it exhales a lovely Nordic chill all over. The handle nailed to the top by the aluminum alloy parts is also made of real leather, and the control panel and buttons are also made of aluminum. So, the T3’s “skin” looks, feels, and feels extremely high quality even if you drop it into one of those mid-to-high-end Bluetooth speakers.

Another thing T3 likes is its super battery life. According to the official data, it can work at 50% volume for 30 hours or more, and has a maximum volume of 12 hours or more. It can even be used as a charging pad to charge mobile phones. And unlike many rechargeable Bluetooth speakers, it comes with a built-in power adapter, so it can be charged directly by ordinary alternating current. One of the benefits of this is that it can charge faster than a typical Bluetooth speaker, and when the power indicator LEDS turn on only one, it can be fully charged after plugging in five or six songs. The other advantage is that when you use it as a normal desktop speaker, you don’t have to lug an ugly power adapter to keep your desktop clean.

The T3 isn’t perfect. It’s got a nice, nice leather case, but it only uses Bluetooth 4.0. In theory, the 4.0 lag is a bit of a drawback compared to Bluetooth 5.x devices, but at least I didn’t notice any significant video/audio mismatch with my OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung S20+, so let’s pass.

If I had to point to T3’s ease of use, I would probably criticize it for not supporting NFC touch connections, connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, and not synchronizing volume with my two phones. Especially without the second feature, I had to manually press the PAIR button on the T3 control panel and then click the connection on the other phone to switch between the two phones.

Let’s put this delicately, this product function setting style is really quite “Northern European minimalism”…

However, the most important thing for Audio Pro ADDON T3 as a Bluetooth speaker is ultimately sound quality and style. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers of the same grade, which use a variety of routes designed to enhance low frequencies, the T3 has a rare combination of two 8W, 3/4-inch treble units.

So T3’s sound style is completely different from many of the big-name Bluetooth speakers we’ve been dealing with. Other Bluetooth speakers often rely on low-frequency or warm tuning to heighten the music atmosphere and “get” their users up. But when T3’s voice came out, words like “soft” and “elegant” filled my head. So much so that after holding it and listening to the first letter D soundtrack for less than two minutes, I silently picked up my phone and switched to my pure tone music list.

T3, for example, has a sound as clean as a bottle of water, and every note that comes out of it is exactly at the right point. But its cleanliness is not the same as (incidentally, also a Nordic brand) Zhen Li’s meticulous purity. T3’s voice sounds far less serious. The sound is very relaxed, and the two high pitched units are able to restore many details of the instrument well enough to be clear without stealing the show, and use it as a proper ornament to the whole sound.

How can I say it. It’s comfortable. T3’s voice doesn’t emphasize anything. It doesn’t sound like it has any strong personality. But T3 is not an emotionless reteller, but a musical narrator with just the right amount of sensibility. It’s not too much about truth or expression, so what you hear in T3 is not the speakers, but the music and the singers who perform it.

So, what music style does Audio Pro ADDON T3 fit into? The first, of course, is purely instrumental music on a smaller scale, which comes from its ability to control and retract sound with great precision. Secondly, the exquisite and smooth style is also very suitable for listening to some female singers’ lyrical works. T3’s proper emotional rendering makes it easy for people to listen to and empathize with the songs. Jazz and rock are no problem, but T3 doesn’t play well in all jazz and rock because it doesn’t emphasize low-frequency energy.

This, of course, leads directly to T3’s weaker style, which is music that emphasizes low frequencies.

T3’s low frequencies are not “flawed” or “inadequate,” of course, and even for someone like me who values their own neat rhythm, T3’s “clunk” sound is even better than many conventional Bluetooth speakers. Because T3’s low frequencies have a nice texture, and it’s as neat and crisp as the entire T3 sound style.

However, T3’s low frequency is not much, so in some pieces there is a lack of momentum. It has enough analytical power and control, but because it doesn’t have so much sense, many tunes lose their “inner flavor”. This is not a problem for me who has a light tone, but if you happen to like that kind of beaty feeling, then maybe another speaker would be more suitable for you.

The Audio Pro ADDON T3 is a Bluetooth speaker that particularly impressed me. On the one hand, it has a high degree of convenience, that is, it can be used as a bookshelf speaker or a portable Bluetooth speaker; On the other hand, its sound is a fresh stream in the Bluetooth speaker. For a Bluetooth speaker, it’s much harder to “clean and shiny,” but Audio Pro ADDON T3 chose the latter, which is one of the biggest reasons I like it.

But I like Audio Pro ADDON T3 for another very important reason – price.

Prices vary considerably between stores. At Audio Pro’s flagship store, ADDON T3 officially charges 359 dollars, but with discounts for the upcoming Black Friday shopping festival, it costs 219 dollars. At 219, the lowest paid, T3 really is good. It’s not always easy to find a good-looking Bluetooth speaker with a good sound and a long battery life that supports aux in, but Audio Pro ADDON T3 has many of these elements, so I naturally chose it over the others.

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