April 19, 2021


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“Increase quantity and decrease price”! How is the balanced all-around flagship Xiaomi 10s developed?

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I don’t know when the word “balance” has become an essential consideration for many users to buy mobile phones. Behind this is the “excess performance” environment of today’s Smartphone and reflects the change of users’ consumption concept from the side. The “sub flagship” products with all-around balanced experience have become the “backbone” in the mobile phone industry with excellent appearance design, sufficient hardware configuration, and low price.

But it is not easy to make a “balanced” product. It requires insight into user needs, control of the industry’s development direction, and industrial solid chain integration capabilities. Based on the above-mentioned essential skills, Xiaomi is one of the best. As the Redmi brand has independently transformed itself into a “friend merchant,” Xiaomi mobile phones also constantly impact the high-end market, with “big flagship” products one after another. But what if you want to buy a Xiaomi product with a limited budget but still experience the excellent design of the flagship model?

MI 10s may be your best choice.


Exquisite and high appearance in one continuous line

“To buy a mobile phone is to buy a design.”

In this face-conscious society, people make no secret of their pursuit of beauty. Behind the word “flagship” is top hardware and exquisite industrial design, and excellent quality. The official evaluation of the Mi 10S is: “Little Supreme” because it uses almost the same design as the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. The rounded texture of the eight curved surfaces on the front and back, with the same warm metal middle frame, can the classic design be enough for one use.

The front of the Mi 10S is a 6.67-inch notch design full screen, which supports a refresh rate of 90Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180Hz. As a mobile phone facade, this screen of Mi 10S is still very good in hardware parameters: 5000000:1 contrast ratio, 1120nit peak brightness, DCI-P3 display, HDR10+, and of course, the front and rear dual ambient light sensors are indispensable.  I think it is appropriate to describe the Mi 10S.

The body circumference of the Mi 10S are almost the same as those of the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. The thickness of 8.96mm and the weight of 7.32oz are indeed not very thin. But fortunately, the sleek body design has made some compensation in terms of feel and vision. Especially the four-camera module in the upper left corner of the back of the body, I like this arrangement very much. With silver decoration, it gives a high-end camera texture.


Perfect balance between power consumption and performance

Although we define Mi 10S as a “sub-flagship,” this does not mean that we have no requirements for its performance. The Mi 10S is equipped with the Snapdragon 870, which uses an enhanced version of the Qualcomm Kryo 585 CPU with a 7Nm process, a core combination of 1+3+4 deep customized super core based on Cortex-A77, with a main frequency of up to 3.2GHz. Compared with the Snapdragon 888, the Snapdragon 870 can be said to have the potential of a new generation of “God U.”

Why do you say that? The Cortex-A76 used by the Snapdragon 870 has a performance improvement of 20% compared to the previous generation. Due to the significant increase in the main frequency, the single-core performance is increased by about 12%, and the multi-core performance is increased by nearly 5%; with the enhanced Adreno 650. The graphics processor has also greatly improved in terms of graphics processing. Judging from AnTuTu’s running points, Mi 10S scored 642,632, a well-deserved flagship level.

Also, we also used Geekbench to test, the MI 10S single-core score was 4420, and the multi-core score was 11417. Although it is not the most advanced 5nm process technology, it can be seen that the strength of the Snapdragon 870 is still solid; in terms of memory read -write, sequential writing is 438.98MB/s and sequential reading is 1419.36MB/s. However, the running score is just a warm-up, and we still use the actual experience of the game to prove it.

To “squeeze out” the performance of MI 10S, we adopted the  “Yuan Shen”. Under the extremely high-quality +60 frame setting, the game is smooth throughout, and there is no lag or frame drop. The switching of the viewing angle of the screen is also very soft. Thanks to the three-dimensional heat dissipation system of Graphene and large-area graphite, the mobile phone’s heating control are also excellent. The temperature is very uniform, and there is no “hot” situation.


A feast of hearing blessed by three-dimensional double lifts

Hearing is also an essential part of bringing users a comprehensive, immersive, and enveloping experience. The Mi 10S adopts a symmetrical speaker design, with dual 1216 super linear loudspeakers placed symmetrically at the top and bottom, equivalent to a 1.2cc super-large sound cavity. Such a luxurious configuration gives people the first feeling: the volume is loud, and the sound is rich and full.

Not only that, but Mi 10S has also passed the Harman Kardon professional acoustic certification, with built-in intelligent scene recognition. This can match the corresponding acoustic curve according to different sound sources and different scenes to ensure that it can provide the best sound in various scenarios. Tuning. It can provide targeted optimization of the sound according to your use scene in simple words.

Although it is said that “sound quality” is a very subjective thing, for many non-professional players, professional tuning with a powerful acoustic system is the guarantee of quality. Since using MI 10S, I prefer to turn on my mobile phone speaker instead of wearing headphones. I feel that it also plays a protective role in my hearing.


May be the most balanced all-around flagship with the same price

In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, the MI 10S also has the same 100 MP primary camera of the MI 10, with the most significant bottom at the same price, and supports OIS optical image stabilization. With a 13 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, it can bring a 123-degree super large view.

Judging from the actual proofs, Mi 10S performed very well. The detail restoration of the picture, the distortion optimization under the wide-angle lens, and the pure night scene algorithm are all excellent. The division and cooperation of the four lenses also allows us to see Xiaomi’s imaging field’s strong strength.

As the sales champion of the 2020 $500-$700 price range and the first place in  “5G Mobile Phone Preservation List 2020”, it can be said that it is a famous and popular product. As an “upgrade” of the classic model of Mi 10, Mi 10S brings improvements in sound quality, performance, and battery life. “Adding volume and reducing price,” the Mi 10S is the most worthy product in the same price range.

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