April 20, 2021


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Innovative Technology: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Folding Screen Review

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The screen of smart phone cannot be enlarged indefinitely, while tablet PC is not convenient enough to carry around despite its strong multitasking office capability. The birth of fold-screen mobile phone perfectly combines the advantages of smartphone and tablet PC, bringing users diversified interactive experience.

After hands-on experience with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 ($3499) 5G, I found that folding screen mobile phones are not just a simple combination of mobile phones and tablets. In terms of product process design and software interaction, the software and hardware can be continuously polished to achieve mature experience. The design of the new product is intended to be practical for the masses, not a gimmick.

Samsung supply chain exclusive technology to support industrial design more mature

The product has a dazzling design, you will have the impulse to use. The overall design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has a luxurious feel and the workmanship is exquisite.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G adopts the folding mode with simple body lines and curved edges, which not only looks tough, but also is more suitable for one-handed operation. It can be easily tucked into a pocket when folded and turned into a flat plate when unfolded.

The new machine has two screens. First, the outer screen is 6.2 inches, with a resolution of 2260*816, and the inner screen is 7.6 inches after expansion, with a resolution of 2208*1768. The inner screen supports 120Hz high dynamic refresh rate and HDR10+ display.

The machine’s polishing of detail is not only about the surface, but also about the technical difficulty of screen folding. The new internal screen uses Samsung ultrathin flexible glass (UTG), and the new material has higher light transmittance and excellent visual effect compared with other folding phones on the market that use CPI film. It also has a longer life span.

In addition, Samsung has accumulated experience from its W series flagship. In the Galaxy Z Flip at the beginning of this year, Samsung innovatively added the built-in microfiber bristles to the shaft structure, so that the shaft will be cleaned automatically every time it opens and shuts, effectively avoiding the ash problem.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G further introduces dust-proof fiber technology to better solve the ash problem. In addition, the new application of ultra-fine cutting technology, with the unique CAM brake technology, can be closed, spread and multi-angle rotation stop.

Samsung is currently the only manufacturer in the industry with the ability to independently develop and produce screens, memory, circuit boards and chips. The advantage of the whole industry chain ensures that the design of new products is more mature.

New ways of software interaction which is the key to keep users

The novelty of design is only one aspect of users’ interest in folding screen models. What will ultimately retain users is the software functional experience.

In the industrial design part, we talked about the new machine adopts the multi-angle rotary stop invisible hinge design, which supports the hover at any angle of 75°-115°, so that it can cooperate with the adaptive split screen mode, which brings newer ways for taking photos.

When we take photos, if you want to see your photos, all you need to do is to change or withdraw from the camera view interface. Based on the multiple perspectives to stop and adaptive windowing function, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G main screen pictures can be “split” interface, at the same time of taking the pictures of the upper part, the lower part can be directly through photos, pictures operation is flexible and convenient.

In addition, Samsung fully explores the advantages of dual screen interaction, taking photos can realize the dual preview function. For example, taking a photo of your girlfriend, two people can see the screen at the same time. Of course, the dual preview feature allows us to take a selfie with the rear camera, using the outside screen as the viewfinder, and the image quality of the selfie with the rear camera will be better.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G also offers a significant boost in multitasking, allowing you to split the screen between three apps at once. For example, you can watch videos and respond to friends’ messages while watching videos, which is more efficient and doesn’t require you to switch apps back and forth.

When dealing with work, you can open three Office software at the same time, you can drag and drop between the three applications of the text, table or image that you are processing. You don’t need to save as a file first but directly sent it to the boss. Its multi-task operation can even compare with PC, tablet and other large-screen devices.

The folding screen fits a larger screen into a smaller body, which can meet users’ needs of playing games and watching videos with a larger screen for entertainment. Folding screens, on the other hand, blur the lines between smartphones and tablets, making mobile apps more versatile in how they interact.

Write in the last

Folding screen is a mobile phone, which unfolds and turns into a tablet. This kind of differentiated innovative product undoubtedly adds vitality to the mobile phone market. In folding screens on a new track, Samsung is not only going fast, but also very stable. With upstream the whole industrial chain advantage, Samsung makes new work more mature, such as material, screen, frame and hinge, etc. Powerful hardware does the guarantee for the user experience, arguably, Samsung Galaxy Fold2 5G Z is comprehensive experience a near perfect folding screen of mobile phones on the market.

Hardware is the basis of software interaction, and interactive experience makes the product truly practical to the public expectation. Mass production of new products cannot be achieved without Samsung’s investment in research and development in this field. As early as 2019, Fold series launched mass production models, and then introduced new ones. The completion degree of this generation of new models is enough to be regarded as a global leader. The new flagship integrates innovative technologies that far exceed industry standards. At 2,599 dollars, it is worthwhile to get a differentiated experience by buying “a mobile phone + tablet”.

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