April 19, 2021


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Intelligent Teeth Cleaning, Quiet and Refreshing: Oclean W1 Aerodynamic WaterPik

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Comments: it is very convenient to carry such a small size of product. When you go shopping, on a business trip or have dinner, you can take it out to clean your teeth anytime and anywhere. After directly pouring into the mouthwash, it can also help to get a fresh breath, which is especially suitable for white-collarers who need to go on frequent business trips.

With the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life, oral health has become more and more the focus of attention. Gingival sulcus and teeth gap are the two most the place that is not easy to clean. Daily mouthwash and brushing your teeth can only clean teeth surface besmirch. Basic cleaning cannot remove stains teeth, only through a toothpick, dental floss, tooth brush cleaning tools such as auxiliary clean. My daily use is dental floss, the floss can eliminate residual good deep between teeth, but it is still difficult to use for some teeth narrow place, especially in the back of the circus. And the appearance of the waterpik overcome the shortcomings of these tools. It has cleaning function, and takes water as the main carrier. The dental floss device also has another name of water floss. Here I want to share with you the Oulin W1 aerodynamic teeth waterpik experience.


About Oclean

If you have paid attention to the electric toothbrush brand, you will be familiar with it. The brand focuses on oral care technology innovation and research and development, which combines intelligent hardware and cloud computing, and brings users a more scientific, more comfortable and personalized use experience. Oclean with its intelligent electric toothbrush brand, has completed trademark registration in more than 40 countries including China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia, Australia, Singapore and Madrid member states. Its flagship oral products are magnetic levitation electric toothbrush and toothbrush waterpik, which are popular among consumers for their deep cleaning of teeth and effective health care of gums.

The appearance shows

The outer packing box of Oclean W1 aerodynamic tooth waterpik adopts mysterious black as the main color. In addition to the physical rendering picture of tooth waterpik on the front, there is no other information. It uses a simple style like a lot of other electronical products.

The information on the back of the package is relatively more, in addition to the product name, but also the name of the items in the standard package and charging matters needing attention and other data. From the above data, it takes about 3 hours to charge, which I personally feel is a little too long.

The packaging of the cover is upper covers the bottom. It is easy to unpacking. After a slight shake, the package can be opened easily. The fuselage and nozzle of the waterpik are placed in separate areas to prevent collision between them in the process of transportation.

Oclean W1 aerodynamic waterpik accessories are relatively simple, mainly fuselage *1, nozzle *2, travel box *1, magnetic suction charging line *1, user manual *1, quick guide *1 and other items. I hope they can give more nozzles, after all, this thing is consumable.

The fuselage of the waterpik

The body of the Oclean W1 aerodynamic waterpik adopts 3D laser fine carving anti-skid process, and there is no need to worry about sliding in the process of use, and the overall process details are done in place, it is very comfortable holding in the hand, without feeling the slightest burr; And it’s tiny, a little bigger than the average electric toothbrush. It only weighs 0.25lbs, and it won’t hurt your arms for a long time of use.

There are two solid buttons on the top of the fuselage. The top is a mode switch button, and the bottom is a water spray button with a charging breathing indicator. When the indicator lights up red, it means the battery is too low, while when the white light is on, it means the battery is sufficient.

The button below is three mode indicator light through the press mode key switch to complete three switch gears, which can choose according to their own needs corresponding gear tooth strength. The Oclean W1 aerodynamic strength is quite big, I choose second gear, it can easily remove the residue in the teeth. The third gear is needed for stubborn residue.

The fuselage of the charging interface settings below is mode lamp, using magnetic suction charging, the charging port advantage is that it can have very good water effect, after use for a long time also you don’t have to worry about because of charging interface wear cannot charge happens, compared with the traditional direct plug-in interface, it lives longer. The charging time only the charging line near the interface, charging line automatically under the effect of magnetic on the fuselage interface, complete the charging connection, which is very convenient.

Below the charging port is removable hidden water tank, a pull back gently remove the water tank, because of the limitation of waterpik fuselage volume tank volume slightly some small, the author tested the filled with water, the water in the tank can provide about 189 times of injection, for daily washing complete enough, even if not enough use, water tank and water is also very convenient, so it is not even a problem for me.

To fuselage overall beautiful, product parameters information printed in the water tank inside, which is next to a suction connection pipe, water pipe with counter weight and at the bottom of the screen, no matter when using the fuselage is in tilted or vertical position, can the water adsorption in the water tank clean, if you are not careful the groceries fell into the water tank, also don’t have to worry about completely sundry drawn into the fuselage internal cause damage to the machine.

The nozzle of the tooth waterpik

Oclean W1 waterpik adopts imported transparent PCT-G nozzle, does not contain bisphenol A, it uses the food grade entry material, you completely do not have to worry about affecting the health problems; There is a buffer silica gel on the top of the nozzle, which will not hurt the gum part when rinsing. At the same time, the shape of the top is designed to fit the mouth, and the tooth surface is better, and the cleaning efficiency is higher. It is worth mentioning that the nozzle can rotate 360 degrees, plus 45 degrees of angular radian camber design, when cleaning can go deep into the oral cavity, especially the most difficult to clean the back teeth can also be cleaned in place.

The installation of the nozzle is very simple. It can be inserted into the round hole on the top of the fuselage. The first installation needs a little effort to be inserted in place. At the same time, in order to better cleaning effect and hygiene, it is recommended to replace the nozzle every 4~6 months, but I personally think that if the nozzle is not very worn, it is still possible to take boiled water for a long time to disinfect once, after all, saving is a good trait.

Using experience

Oclean W1 aerodynamic waterpik adopts a new aerodynamic technology. When working, the wheel speed of the air pump is up to 150,000 times and the impulse can reach 140kPa. Compared with similar products on the market, the impulse can be increased by 33% under the same working conditions. And this kind of tooth rinsing device uses air as the power, the impact is strong and does not hurt the gums; Many dental waterpikes on the market use pulsed water flow. Although the impact is strong enough, it is easy to cause gingival bleeding. Through the following two dynamic pictures, you can see that the toothbrush has strong momentum, and can easily waterpik the paper towel when the first gear is turned on.

In order to demonstrate the actual cleaning effect of the waterpik, I took a simulated denture to demonstrate and tested it through three common cleaning scenes. From the test results, the cleaning effect of Oclean W1 aerodynamic waterpik is obvious. It takes 3 to 5 times to clear the green vegetables that cannot be removed by brushing teeth at ordinary times, not to mention the residue on the tooth surface. It is worth mentioning that the Oclean W1 air dynamic waterpik device has built-in precise intermittent tooth waterpik program. It sprays once and stops once, and accurately rinses the teeth without hurting the teeth. When rinsing, it is a little like massaging the gums, which is very comfortable.

Is suitable for different groups of users, the aerodynamic, Oclean waterpik fuselage comes with three block efforts to adjust, if you want to use more gear, you can download the App Lin, the App can be regulated according to different crowd into 9 gear strength and 2 kinds of massage gums scheme, for hoop teeth, sensitive crowd people, pregnant women and other special groups as applicable. In the process of waterpiking, the Oclean W1 aerodynamical waterpike device mixes a large amount of oxygen in the water flow to continuously spray a dense oxygen-containing bubble, which easily take away the residual teeth and anaerobes, and keep the fresh breath.

Life aspects, the aerodynamic, Oclean W1 waterpik built-in 1200 milliampere batteries, according to the author use a habit of every day, you can use the 30 days or so, the basic can be done in a rush, it is a pity that the dental unit does not support quick charge agreement, a full charge will need about 3 hours, which can upgrade to 1 hour late filled with perfect.

In short, the aerodynamic, I am satisfied with both Oclean W1 waterpik’s appearance level and using experience. The small size is very convenient to carry, shopping, travel, dinner, take out a clean teeth, you can use it anytime and anywhere to help get a freshen breath, particularly suitable travel frequently used white-collarers.



  1. Only two nozzles were given as gifts, two more should be given as consumables;
  2. Charging time is a little long;
  3. The volume of the water tank is small.

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