June 21, 2021


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IOS 14.5 real experience: new features are worth praising!

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I believe that some Apple fans who have been paying close attention should understand that Apple’s products in recent years are disappointing. Because from the perspective of product technology improvement, Apple’s products every year are more like a routine upgrade, challenging to bring people the original surprise. Maybe it’s because Apple’s influence is growing. It doesn’t want to make mistakes because of innovation. It just wants to use stable and mature technology. But to be sure, although products rarely have bright moments, the IOS system is still Apple’s “trump card.”

I can say that the IOS system is the “soul” of Apple’s iPhone, also known to many Apple fans. Therefore, as long as a new version of IOS is launched, it will attract iPhone users’ attention.

Now, apple IOS 14.5 beta has been released. From my analysis perspective, this version of the IOS system is still very worthy of updating. But it’s important to note that if you’re not an IOS beta user, I don’t recommend trying.

After all, the beta version has some bugs.

OK, let’s continue to talk about IOS 14.5 beta. The most crucial reason this version of the system is worth updating is that it makes a solution to inconvenient unlocking when iPhone users wear masks.

In other words, after upgrading to the iOS 14.5 beta version, the iPhone using FaceID can work with AppleWatch, and when the user wears a mask, it can directly skip the password and FaceID to unlock it.

There is no doubt that this solution is efficient for a considerable number of iPhone users.

Then let’s take a look at the specific details of unlocking the iPhone while wearing a mask after the iPhone is upgraded to iOS 14.5:

First, update your iPhone to the latest version of the iOS 14.5beta1 beta system, and then update your Apple watch smartwatch to the new watchOS 7.4 system.

The user needs to wear the Apple Watch smartwatch on the wrist first, turn on the Apple smartwatch’s wrist detection function, turn on the password simultaneously, and then set it in the Face ID and password in the iPhone settings.

After setting, if the user needs to unlock the iPhone through faceid when wearing a mask, the iPhone will be automatically unlocked through the apple watch. When the iPhone is unlocked, a tactile feedback notification will be received on the apple watch, informing that it has unlocked the iPhone. Similarly, the user can also lock the iPhone through the apple watch smartwatch.

Of course, after the iPhone is upgraded to the new IOS 14.5 operating system, you can only unlock the iPhone through the apple watch. However, you can’t perform other operations, such as using apple pay. You still need to enter a password to complete the task.

I want to reemphasize that the condition for iPhone to wear a mask to unlock the phone is to upgrade to the new IOS 14.5 system, which needs to be used with the apple watch smartwatch, and the apple watch smartwatch needs to be upgraded to the new watchOS 7.4 system. Of course, after the iPhone is upgraded to the latest IOS 14.5 operating system, you can only unlock the iPhone through the apple watch. However, you can’t perform other operations, such as using apple pay. You still need to enter a password to complete the task.


Therefore, to use this function, we must meet the following conditions:

  1. Upgrade iPhone and apple watch to the latest IOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 beta
  2. Face ID needs to detect that the user has worn a mask
  3. Apple watch must be worn on the wrist;
  4. Apple Watch is unlocked, and the password is enabled.

After the iPhone is upgraded to the iOS 14.5 beta system, enter Settings-Face ID and Password, you will see the new “Unlock with Apple Watch” option.

Besides, it’s worth mentioning today that after iOS 14.5 is updated, Apple will start to implement its app tracking transparent privacy function, requiring app developers to ask for and obtain user permission to obtain random ad markers named IDFA track user activities on apps and websites. It is understood that IDFA is the only advertising symbol in Apple system and plays an essential role as a “bridge” in alliance advertising.

Later, when the application wants to access IDFA, the user will see a prompt with the option of “allow tracking” or “ask the application not to track”. These features have been implemented in IOS 14 and used by developers, but in IOS 14.5, they are necessary rather than voluntary.

IDFA, choosing “require application not to track” will prevent application developers from accessing users and respect the user’s tracking preferences. Failure to comply with this rule may cause the application to be removed from the app store. You can manage tracking preferences by entering Settings > Privacy > tracking.

Also, Since there is the development with the fastest 5g network construction, and many people have two SIM cards simultaneously. The IOS 14.5 update caters to domestic consumers’ needs, which is the biggest reason why the iPhone 12 will be loved by domestic consumers after it is release.

By the way, today, according to foreign media reports, a new framework called “FinHealth” appeared in the iOS 14.5 Beta code, which means that iOS 14.5 may introduce new financial health functions to remind users to improve their financial situation.

According to reports, the new FHSmart function will be using the machine learning function associated with the “wallet” application. It helps automatically analyze the user’s expenses according to the business, recurrent payments, irregular purchases, and other information, and make suggestions for users based on this To help users better manage their financial affairs.

Although many IOS functions protect the privacy and financial health, these functions are currently only used for Apple card. If Apple provides financial health for all iPhone users through its wallet app, it will have a more significant role.

Also, IOS 14.5 supports game controllers, and Siri will become smarter. OS 14.5 system supports iPhone 12 series, but all previous iPhones that support face ID can upgrade and use these functions. For example, the iPhone X series and the iPhone 11 series. And such a new function has been praised by Apple fans, who have said that happiness is too timely.

The official version of iOS 14.4 has been pushed to the iPhone before. I don’t know if your iPhone is upgraded to the official version of iOS 14.4. Now Apple has officially closed the verification channel of the iOS 14.3 system. iOS 14.4 cannot be downgraded to iOS 14.3.

The official version of IOS 14.4 system has pushed the upgrade to the iPhone before. I don’t know if your iPhone has been upgraded to the official version of IOS 14.4. Now Apple has officially closed the verification channel of IOS 14.3 system, and IOS 14.4 can’t be downgraded to IOS 14.3.

The IOS 14.4 system upgrade fixes some security vulnerabilities, so it is recommended that you upgrade. The official version of the IOS 14.4 upgrade also adds a camera detection function. If the iPhone 12 is not using an officially certified camera, there will be a warning prompt. You can see the warning prompt in the settings of the iPhone. Of course, this will not affect your use, It will only increase the difficulty of third-party maintenance.

Also, I have experienced the latest beta version of IOS 14.5:


After updating the IOS 14.5 beta, I have also looked at the updated introduction and then found that its mobile phone can turn on a dual 5g. However, its daily use is still 4G traffic and wireless network; after all, 5g can’t stand it.

Then there is the signal and battery life this time. The signal does not seem to be a big problem, and it took a day to find no interruption.

In terms of battery life, this beta version’s power consumption is high when used in the morning. However, after it is fully charged at noon, it will last longer in the afternoon than in the morning, and it is not much different from the previous version. Perhaps it is a new system. Maybe it is a common problem becaue of the new system update.

Upgrade suggestions. At present, I don’t recommend you to upgrade. After all, it is still a beta version.

Finally, I also want to say: As far as it is concerned, Apple Watch unlocking iPhone provides users with a new unlocking method and helps promote Apple Watch sales, and demonstrates the strength of the iOS ecosystem.

There have been rumors that this year’s new iPhone may be equipped with under-screen fingerprint recognition technology. Now that Apple has launched the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone, does it mean that the iPhone’s under-screen fingerprint version is gone? First of all, we must first understand that the rumors do not mean that they are true. Secondly, even if Apple launches an under-screen fingerprint version of the iPhone, there is no conflict with the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone. This is the same as the Android smart lock. They are more like auxiliary Unlock function

Of course, the question is, will you choose an apple watch for this function?

Finally, as everyone knows, in addition to being well-known for its hardware and industrial design, Apple has a strong software ecology and privacy security, which has much attracted the favor of many users. iOS 14.5 started to rectify privacy. Mingmei is not surprised at all. After all, Apple has always advertised itself and put user privacy first. As an ordinary user, I hope that Apple will balance openness and ease of use and privacy protection.

The above is the whole content of this issue. Do you have any other expectations for IOS 14.5? Please let us know in comments.

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