May 6, 2021

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iQOO Neo5 Picture Tour: Forge ahead and focus on the main theme of “high performance.”

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The mid-to-high-end display mobile phone market in 2021 seems to be more lively than in previous years. On the one hand, thanks to the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform’s outstanding performance, the core performance level of the mid-to-high-end market models has been improved. On the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers have adopted a “dual flagship” strategy to cover more consumer groups.

Compared with the iQOO flagship digital series, the iQOO Neo series also has a lower pricing strategy in terms of product pricing while continuing the core concept of the “born and powerful” brand.

The iQOO Neo series is a model that starts at the price of $300. It has always adhered to the flagship SOC in terms of core performance. Slightly different from the past, this year’s iQOO Neo 5 chose to carry the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform. Although there is a performance gap between this platform and the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform relies on TSMC’s mature 7nm manufacturing process. Instead, it has more advantages in terms of power consumption control and heat generation.

In addition to ensuring core performance, iQOO Neo5 also introduced the so-called “dual-core” concept because it is also specially equipped with a Pixelworks X5 Pro vision processor. With the independent display chip built, iQOO Neo5 can achieve dynamic frame stabilization. The effect allows users to obtain a more stable and lasting high frame rate gaming experience during the game and also conducts a overall reduction in the average temperature and power consumption.

Not only that, with the Pixelworks X5 Pro visual processor, iQOO Neo5 also provides an additional ALL-HDR display function. Through this image enhancement algorithm, the player can feel the HDR-like high-definition image presentation to improve the player. The look and feel of the screen in the game give players a better immersive gaming experience to a certain extent.

Besides, iQOO Neo5 can achieve a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz through its own 6.62-inch Samsung AMOLED, and because the screen uses E3 backlight luminescent material, it can bring 1300nit local peak brightness and support HDR10+ display. In actual use, even in a well-lit outdoor, this screen can indeed provide good screen brightness. To improve the game’s touch response speed, iQOO Neo5 also provides a300Hz touch sampling rate. According to the official description of iQOO, its instantaneous touch sampling rate is as high as 1000Hz, so that players can improve the control efficiency as much as possible in the game against time.

In order to ensure that users can get a stable gaming experience in long-term games, iQOO Neo5 adopts a full-coverage liquid cooling system. It is equipped with a large-area heat-dissipating graphite plate that can efficiently dissipate the core components’ heat. It is said that the heat dissipation volume is relatively large. The previous generation increased to 210%. Simultaneously, thanks to the unique Pixelworks X5 Pro visual processor blessing, this model’s temperature can be further reduced.

Considering that it is easy for users to block the mobile phone antenna when holding the game with both hands for a long time, iQOO Neo5 deliberately carries out a more reasonable side distribution of the antenna for horizontal screen games. To actively embrace more advanced Wi-Fi specifications and support Wi-Fi 6, it also supports the currently popular dual Wi-Fi intelligent acceleration technology through two Wi-Fi networks of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Connect at the same time to realize the intelligent acceleration of the network.

In terms of battery life, iQOO Neo5 uses a 4400mAh battery capacity + 66W wired flash charging combination. While ensuring a basic single battery life through wired 66W flash charging, this model can provide the fastest 30 minutes from no battery to 100 % Of the fast charging experience. It is worth mentioning that the standard charging head of iQOO Neo5 can support the PD protocol, so other devices supporting the protocol can be charged typically to reduce the user’s travel burden.

iQOO Neo5 is equipped with a 48-MP primary camera + a 13-MP ultra-wide-angle lens, + a 2-MP black-and-white lens, and a rear three-camera combination. The front camera is a 16-megapixel lens. The 48-MP primary camera sensor is the Sony IMX598, a sensor with a significant 1/2-inch photosensitive element. With OIS optical image stabilization and the coordination of Vivo’s camera algorithm, this model is weak under the light environment. You can take photos of low-light scenes that are clear and bright enough.

Also, the iQOO Neo5’s 13-MP ultra-wide-angle lens can not only take 120° wide-angle photos, but this camera can also achieve a 2.5cm macro function, which truly performs dual-reception of far and near scenes. For the pursuit of distinctive black and white pictures, this model is also specially equipped with a 2-MP black and white lens.

In terms of other functions and supporting mainstream screen fingerprints, this model also supports Face Wake facial recognition, which uses 1024 feature dimensions to perform high-precision and intelligent matching of faces. In terms of smooth experience, OriginOS for iQOO, developed based on Android 11, can give users a unique and fresh UI design, which significantly improves users’ freshness and ensures essential system stability.

To meet different consumers’ preferences for the body color, iQOO Neo5 provides three colors of night shadow black, cloud shadow blue, and pixel orange, but the lowest price, 8GB+128GB storage combination, does not provide orange color. In terms of price, the 8GB+128GB version of iQOO Neo5 is priced at $380, the 8GB+256GB version is priced at $410, and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at $460, and the primary three color and storage combinations are available in stock Yes, except for the 8GB+256GB orange color version.

Although iQOO Neo5 is a model in the price range of $310 to $460, after a mild quick hands-on experience, you can feel that this model has the potential to challenge the flagship. Coupled with the people’s inherited positioning, these model Products can have ample confidence and possibility in the mid-to-high-end market.

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